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Условные обозначения:
  • CAPITALS: active vocabulary words and collocations students have used
  • Underline: elements that have been corrected by the tutor
  • Underline and Delete: superfluous erroneous elements that have been corrected by the tutor
  • Italics: where appropriate, elements which explain the corrected mistakes
  • Dotted underline: elements not graded for various reasons (e.g. dubious or erroneous statements, vague in meaning).
  • [numbers in brackets]: grades students have accumulated by the time of this post (include grades for word tests)
  • [(number in parenthesis inside the brackets)]: grades the student has received for this particular post
  • [underlined numbers in brackets]: mid-term grades (include grades for word tests, class attendance, posts, as well as deductions in fines)
  • [numbers in brackets in bold type]: total number of grades students have accumulated throughout the semester (continuous assessment)

2nd year of study: Autumn 2017

Our new PROTODEACON was ordained PRIEST on feast of Holy Trinity.
Due to taking part in HOLY COMMUNION a person can join the HOLY MYSTERY.
During one's lifetime a person can take part in five MYSTERIES: BAPTISM, CHRISMATION, CONFESSION, HOLY COMMUNION, ANOINTING WITH OIL, and other two are not so necessary and common – MARRIAGE and ORDINATION INTO PRIESTHOOD.
Light of Orthodoxy was brought to the country by Russian missionary priest monk, after that ORTHDOX CHURCH OF JAPAN began its development.
The influence of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH upon history is more than of any other organization.
The CHURCH OF SINAI consists of no more than the monastery on Mount Sinai, and due to efforts of THE ARCHBISHOP OF THE SINAI it enjoys independence.
We visited CHURCH OF CYPRUS and took part in Divine Liturgy on our holidays three years ago.
Before starting the journey to the Holy Land, pilgrims from Russia are present at an audience with HIS BEATITUDE PATRIARCH OF THE HOLY LAND AND ALL PALESTINE, and receive his blessing.
THE CHURCH OF GREECE is one of the churches which make up the communion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.
Jesus' right hand in Icons is shown as being raised to make A GESTURE OF BLESSING.
In our Church, the most common form is the so-called THREE-BAR CROSS, consisting of the usual crossbeam, a shorter crossbeam above that and another crossbeam below, the last one is slanted.
Accepting a feeble and sick body that ties you to one place and steals your many joys - that means that you ARE TAKING up YOUR CROSS.
I take my first step towards ETERNITY by receiving Holy Communion.
We can simply explain CHRIST's NATURE - Jesus is not half God and half man. He is fully divine and fully man.
VENEARATE his name and obey him in all things.
I'm standing in the centre of the NAVE in front of the SANCTUARY.
I used to make THE SIGN OF THE CROSS casually as a nice gesture for beginning and ending my prayers.
What is the significance of the HOLY DOORS?
We prayed before the ICON OF THE MOTHER OF GOD beseeching her to grant forgiveness for our sins.

А.К. [(13) 16,75]

1. My mother always says that everyone has their own CROSS and they should TAKE it UP and PRAY WITH THE WHOLE BEING.
2. Sometimes I can get easily irritated. When it happens, I ask God TO GRANT love in my heart and BLESS my DEEDS AND THOUGHTS. Then I BOW and TOUCH THE GROUND three times.

И.M. [(3) 32]

1) One of my friends, who is a very religious person, FREQUENTLY uses phrases FROM THE LETTER TO THE CORINTHIANS written by THE HOLY APOSTLE PAUL and prefers to say "KING OF GLORY" speaking about JESUS CHRIST.
2)Several days ago the priest of our cathedral in Lipetsk during his PREACHING after SERVING THE DIVINE LITURGY, developed the theme about THREE PERSONS OF THE TRINITY - FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT - and about the symbolical meaning of WEARING SMALL CROSSES AROUND OUR NECKS, as this understanding helps us in BEING ONE and FOLLOWING CHRIST together.
3) To be honest, only studying at St. Tikhon`s Orthodox University gave me an opportunity to know more about HUMAN AND DIVINE NATURES OF CHRIST who "TRAMPLED DOWN DEATH BY DEATH" as, unfortunately, I wasn't knowledgeable about it before.

M.O. [(6,5) 39,25]

1. I always try TO VENERATE THE ICONS when entering the Church.
2. Recently, I have begun reading THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW.
3. On the SIDE DOORS to the sanctuary the first Martyr, deacon Stephen is depicted.
4. My friend has a birthday in the day of the ANNUNCIATION of the Mother of God.

А.Т. [(2) 26,75]

1. There is an ICON CORNER in each room in our dormitory; as a result everyone has their WINDOW ONTO ETERNITY. ICONS which I have in my room DEPICT saints, the Mother of God and even our Lord’s baptism.
2. My family has TRYPTICH ICONS even from Diveevo. They DEPICT our Lord Jesus Christ, the icon of Theotokos named «Tenderness» and reverend father Seraphim of Sarov. So we often GATHER FOR PRAYER to VENERATE THE SAINTS, the Mother of God and to WORSHIP GOD.

И.M. [(3,5) 9,5]

1) After the Divine Liturgy our family usually GATHERS in the corner of THE NAVE and reads prayers with REVERENCE and gratitude to Christ DEPICTED in the icon in front of us.
2) Several days ago I met a very kind-hearted and shiny person who UNDERTAKES MISSIONARY WORK in Italy and works as an ICONOGRAPHER in the monastery and I was really touched when he presented me the icon of Christ with golden letters IC XC which I SURROUNDED BY white DECORATIVE TOWEL and put in an ICON CORNER in my flat.
3)It makes me relaxed when I notice TRIPTICH ICONS attached to the glove compartment in a cab as I believe it can be the MEDIUM OF MY PRAYER in any case.

M.O. [(4,5) 18]

1) It's very important for all CHRISTIANS to read what EVANGELISTS MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE AND JOHN wrote about the life of Christ from THE ANNUNCIATION to THE RESURRECTION, as HOLY SCRIPTURE contains a lot of ILLUMINATING things.
2) During the trip I had an opportunity TO KISS various ICONS OF SAINTS AND PROPHETS whom I haven't known before, but who are very much VENERATED in CHRISTENDOM.

M.O. [(6,5) 13,5]

1. It was rather curious for me to see the HOLY DOORS without icons of the ANNUNCIATION and the EVANGELISTS in the church of the Gethsemane Skete.
2. I was told that young and unmarried ladies are not allowed to read the book SONG OF SOLOMON.

M.A. [(2) 30,5]

1. Thrice he VENERATED the sacred remains.
2. SONG OF SOLOMON is the canonical book of the Old Testament, written in Biblical Hebrew by king Solomon.
3. THE HOLY DOORS are the central doors of the iconostasis, directly in front of the altar in an Orthodox Church.
4. In the New Testament ARCHANGEL MICHAEL leads God's armies against Satan's forces in the Book of the Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan.
5. THE BOOK OF DANIEL is an account of the activities and visions of Daniel, a noble Jew exiled at Babylon.

М.Т. [(2,5) 12,5]

1. SONG OF SOLOMON influenced me very strongly at a certain moment of my life.
2. My father is a PRIEST, so he can PASS THROUGH THE HOLY DOORS.
3.I didn't know before that we should MAKE THE SIGN OF THE CROSS TWICE before we KISS THE ICON.

Э.К. [(2,5) 10,75]

1. In the first months of the existence of our PARISH sanctified in honour of Sergius of Radonezh ordinary curtains served us as the HOLY DOORS.
2. We have been recently told that the EVANGELIST JOHN described events of the initial period, from Christ’s baptism to the departure for Galilee.

И.M. [(1,5) 6]

2. In my opinion, it does not matter whether we LIGHT THE CANDLE BOUGHT AT THE CANDLE DESK before or after kissing the icon.
3. Initially it was rather confusing for me to LOOK UPON saints, such as AUGUSTINE OF CANTERBURY OR PATRICK, not as strangers but as members of our own Church.
4. Sometimes it seems that our priests are VOICES CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS because many people listen to their words, however, do not embody them into reality.

M.A. [(3,5) 8,5]

When we go to CHURCH, first we get to THE NARTHEX, then to THE NAVE, where we can see THE ICONOSTASIS, behind which is THE ALTAR.
THE PATRIARCH OF CONSTANTINOPLE has been designated THE ECUMENICAL PATRIARCH since the sixth century.

М.Т. [(3) 3]

1. When we studied at the Exegesis classes in the first course, we made a study of THE FIRST and THE SECOND SAMUEL.
2. At the Religious Vocabulary class our lecturer told us that the ORTHODOX CHURCH IN AMERICA was founded by emigre clergy from Russia.

М.К. [(1) 19,75]

1. Saint Panteleimon IS venerated by the Russian Orthodox Church as the Great Martyr and Healer.
2. My Christian faith WAS STRENGTHENED even more when I obtained the grace of God.
3. I LIGHTED A CANDLE in front of the icon of the Mother of God.
4. Miraculous healing of the sick person happened through the COMMON PRAYER and faith of his relatives.

М.Ч. [(1,5) 22,6]

2. I like standing at church right under the DOME OF HEAVEN where the Lord is depicted, because this way I easily LIFT MY MIND UP INTO PRAYER and feel God’s blessing.

И.M. [(2,5) 4,5]

1. The ICON SCREEN of our church is made by the best artists of Togliatti.
2. A lot of icons presented to our archpriest are in the NARTHEX of our Church.
3. We don't often hear what the priest says because the choir is too far from the ALTAR.
4. We tried to study the SCHOLASTICISM at school, but it was very difficult.
5. To my shame, I've never read the book of NEHEMIAH.

А.Т. [(2,5) 5]

1) When I entered the CHURCH I smelled a wonderful fragrance of INCENSE and saw a gorgeous ICON SCREEN, burning LAMPS and parishioners, LIGHTING CANDLES.
2) I remember that being in Cyprus I visited an old church BUILT IN THE SHAPE OF OCTAGON with one ONION and grey DOME.

M.O. [(3) 7]

1. It took some time for me to realise that everything in Orthodox churches is made to LIFT THE MIND UP INTO PRAYER.
2. I understand that praying to God is the most important deed when we visit churches but LIGHTING THE CANDLES in churches is also of great importance to me.
3. Truth be told, our Merciful God granted me the PARISH which is indeed a SECOND HOME FOR OUR MEMBERS and me, WHERE IT IS EASY AND WELCOMING TO COME.
4. To my mind, NEHEMIAH is a rather touching book of THE OLD TESTAMENT due to the descriptions of his care about those returned from the captivity.

M.A. [(3) 5]

When I was only five years old my grandmother brought me to the CHURCH of Alexander Nevsky where for the first time in my life I received COMMUNION.
All members of my family were BAPTIZED and ANOINTED WITH chrism at a very young age.
Not long ago I went to CONFESSION to my spiritual father.

М.Ч. [(2) 2]

1. I've already learnt all THE SACRAMENTS OF THE CHURCH at school.
2. Yesterday the deacon brought to the choir a whole bunch of Orthodox SERVICE BOOKS.
3. Today in the Liturgy it seemed to us that one of our choir members was allergic to INCENSE.
4. Last year we managed to study only 12 BOOKS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT.
5. A few years ago we met HIS HOLINESS PATRIARCH OF MOSCOW AND ALL RUSSIA KIRILL in our school.

А.Т. [(2,5) 2,5]

1. My mother and I were stunned by the beauty and the uniqueness of THE CHURCH of St. Simeon the Canaanite, which is located near the town of New Athos.
2. The Diocese of Saratov and Volsk (with its center in the city of Saratov, which is the administrative center of my region/oblast) is headed by METROPOLITAN Longin.
3. I was surprised that initially in ancient times THE BETROTHAL and THE MARRIAGE were separate since there were people of high moral standards with a very strong faith.
4. My favorite part of the Divine LITURGY is when everyone is singing The Creed (The Symbol of Faith), which follows THE GREAT ENTRANCE.

E.З. [(3) 16,3]

1) My grandmother, who was a nun, taught me how TO MAKE the SIGN OF THE CROSS in my early childhood.
2) Being a parishioner I understood that all Christians should know THE SHAPE OF THE LITURGY, which is a very important and special form of WORSHIP in our religious life.
3) Recently I read the interview with a PRIEST who noted that, unfortunately, nowadays a lot of young people don't realize the high importance of the BETROTHAL and the MARRIAGE at all.
4) There is one ASSISTANT BISHOP in our ARCHDIOCESE in Lipetsk whose name is Euthymius.
5) In June 23, 2013 the ARCHBISHOP of Lipetsk and Elets, whose name was Nikon, was elevated to the rank of METROPOLITIAN during the Divine LITURGY in Trinity Laura of St.Sergius.

M.O. [(4) 4]

1. Our METROPOLITAN of Krasnoyarsk became a MONK in the first week of the LENTEN period receiving the new name of Panteleimon.
2. After receiving the HOLY COMMUNION we should always listen to the THANKSGIVING PRAYERS.

И.M. [(2) 2]

1. In my opinion, THE MARRIAGE is a great Gift from our Merciful God.
2. Being at THE FUNERAL SERVICES of my relatives some time ago, I could not really comprehend how FUNERALS can be comfort and joy for the relatives of the deceased and how important it is to say PRAYERS FOR THE DEAD.

M.A. [(2) 2]

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