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2nd year of study: Spring 2018

1. A CHARGE OF HERESY was brought AGAINST Tanchelm of Antwerp in the beginning of 12th century.
2. Martyrs and righteous deserve THE CELESTIAL GLORY.
3. Metropolitan Kallistos is an ELOQUENT PREACHER.
4. An INTEMPERATE person almost isn't able to fight against sins.
5. The official history of THE PAPACY covers a period of 1700 years.
6. SAINT JOHN THE ALMSGIVER was born to a noble family in 6th century.
7. My family has already been doing CHARITABLE WORK for 7 years.
8. John the Baptist WITHDREW FROM SOCIETY and lived in the DESERT.
9. Some clergymen were in DISGRACE with Ivan IV.
10. The elders possess SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT.
11. The Byzantine emperors were considered VICEGERENTS OF GOD.

Э.К. [(5) 28,75]

WITHDRAWAL FROM SOCIETY into the desert might be essential for some of us.

E.З. [(0,5) 69,5]

My first long PILGRIMAGE was to Diveevo a few years ago.

А.Т. [(0,5) 66,75]

1. Baptism contributes to the REDEMPTION of original sin.
2. Confession FAVORS the spiritual growth of a person.
3. Everyone who commits sin is in the BONDAGE OF SIN.
4. Through the Eucharist we can ACHIEVE UNION WITH GOD.
5. We confess that the three Persons of God are CONSUBSTANIAL.
6. Theophan the Recluse is a worthy example of a man who led an AUSTERE lifestyle.
8. Bishop Theophan has been proving the INCORPOREAL nature of the soul.
9. God's grace is UNCIRCUMSCRIBED.

Э.К. [(4) 19,75]

1. Not only THE CLERGY should take care of the material support of various Orthodox projects, but also all THE FAITHFUL.
2. Even if our methods of fighting against sins sometimes are INTEMPERATE, we should not give up so that demons are ultimately DISGRACED.

1. There is a pigeon-house on the territory of my gymnasium. And we have a tradition of releasing pigeons on THE ANNUNCIATION.
2. THEOPHANY is the REVELATION of all Persons of the Holy Trinity.

1. The vessel with the Theophany water, icons, blessed PUSSY WILLOW branches are stored in AN ICON CORNER.
2. There are three types of monastic life: THE EREMITIC LIFE, THE COMMUNITY LIFE and the SEMI-EREMITIC LIFE.

А.Т. [(5,5) 51,5]

1) All people have FALLEN NATURE, but it doesn't mean we can't DISCERN our SHORTCOMINGS and guard ourselves from evil.
2) Every "OLD MAN" has a possibility to change his or her mind and be RELEASED FROM any SINS here on the Earth.
3) We can prove our RIGHTEOUSNESS in our ZEAL to make our souls be CLOSELY-KNIT with God and ASPIRATION to Him.

M.O. [(3) 68,5]

1) It's wonderful and important for all Christians TO LEAD A LIFE OF CONTEMPLATION feeling the UNCEASING love, GENEROSITY and ASSISTANCE of God.
2) In Church History classes we learn new information about MATTERS OF various DOCTRINES, CASES of EXCOMMUNICATION of people for their HETERODOXY and ESTRANGEMENT from some true and undeniable things and other events which influenced the life of LATTER-DAY CHRISTIANS.
3) To follow the idea of VIRTUE is a great LABOUR for anyone, but we all should try to UNDERTAKE this important WORK to get closer to the HEAVENLY COURT.
4) Yesterday I read about Saint Ignatius who wrote, that especially strong UNSEEN and SPIRITUAL WARFARE is revealed in us when we try to live according to the Gospel.

M.O. [(6) 54,5]

1. ANOINTING WITH OIL is an act of God's mercy on us; we achieve RECONCILIATION with God by participating in it.
2. Just because a priest has read A PRAYER OF ABSOLUTION, it does not mean that sins, deliberately hidden by you, are forgiven.
3. It still remains a mystery to me why the deacon holds THE ORARION in his hand when he recites the litany.
4. The image of THE GOOD SHEPHERD in the Orthodox texts is taken from the New Testament.
5. One of the reasons why many Orthodox theologians recognize that the Pope is THE SUCCESSOR OF PETER in a special sense is the fact that even when FALLING INTO HERESY, generally, the Roman Empire was noted for the purity of its faith.

1. AN ALB is a liturgical GARMENT of a priest or a Bishop, which they wear when they CELEBRATE THE LITURGY.
2. From the 16th to the 17th centuries A CHASUBLE has been made of heavy BROCADE, so that its top rises above the priest's shoulders.
3. In gymnasium attending the Law of God lessons we studied the history of the Great SCHISM, ARIANISM, Monophysite and MONOTHELITE HERESIES.
4. I know that there are mosques for the representatives of the MOHAMMEDAN religion in Moscow, but the fact that there are pagan temples for INFIDELS here is a discovery for me.
5. According to the Apostle Paul, the epigonation symbolizes "the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God" (Eph. 6:17).

1. The hegumens of monasteries on Mount Athos also have the right to wear PANAGIA.
2. A distinctive feature of the Russian STAFF is vexillum – double handkerchief hanging from the pommel to protect the hand from the cold.
3. When I was a child I was impressed by the Bishop's MITRE because it reminded me of the Royal crown.
4. THE ICONOCLASTS mistakenly believed that THE ICONODULES were LATENT IDOLATERS; rejecting icons, the Iconoclasts thereby denied that MATTER CAN BE REDEEMED.

1. A MEMORIAL SERVICE (PANIKHIDA) is served in front of A MEMORIAL TABLE where you can light candles and pray for THE DEAD.
2. When the relics of the saints are brought to our church, they are placed in special SHRINES around the church, and the PARISHIONERS always PROSTRATE THEMSELVES before them.
3. We should always pray for THE DECEASED in order to beg the Lord to grant them LIFE EVERLASTING.

1. THE GREAT FAST is considered to be the strictest fasting in the Orthodox Church.
2. In Orthodox Church TWELVE GREAT FEASTS are divided into movable and immovable.
3. Christmas and THEOPHANY are my favourite feasts from the twelve great feasts, because I really like All-night Vigil on Christmas night and the Theophany PROCESSION.

А.Т. [(4,5) 46]

1. It is a widespread opinion that Many people say: "If I were rich, I would have had a BOUNTIFUL HAND, but I'm an average person with little money in my pocket, so I don't give alms". That is not right! TRUE GENEROSITY is when you give someting not from an excess of money, but because of love to the neighbour.
2. I believe that when my naughty little niece was nearly hit by a car, THE GUARDIAN ANGEL saved her.
3. The SUPPLICATORY CANON TO THE MOTHER OF GOD is so consolatory. That's why it is the Canon that I try to read when I am ASSAILED BY TEMPTATIONS.

1. My parish doesn't consist of a lot of PARISHIONERS. Thus our PARISHIONERS form a closely knit family.
2. Truth be told, I really like singing THE HOURS FOR HOLY PASCHA.
3. Actually, I don't want to be a LATTER-DAY CHRISTIAN because it is enormously hard and I'm such a weak person (in the spiritual life).
4. Sometimes I can't bear this UNSEEN WARFARE that takes place in my inner world. In this case, I don't despair but try to say the Jesus prayer attentively.
5. At times I have a thought to leave everything and to start LEADING A LIFE OF CONTEMPLATION in a monastery. But I cast aside this idea because I have to practise in GOOD WORK by obedience to my beloved parents.

M.A. [(5) 91,1]

1. The ESTRANGEMENT between western and eastern MEDITERRANEAN WORLD was due to politics, economics and theological factors.
2. Cardinal Humbert was accompanied by two other LEGATES OF THE POPE.
3. The first step in the separation of the parts was the placing of BULL OF EXCOMMUNICATION upon the altar in Hagia Sophia.
4. The cause of the great SCHISM was caused in the 1054.
5. During the service the bread of the Holy Gifts is CARVED UP for the Holy Communion.
6. The unity between Greek East and Latin West was destroyed by barbarians and has never been RESTORED. So it was very difficult to BRIDGE THE GULF BETWEEN these two religious centers.
7. The SEVERANCE took place in the 11th century.
8. The RISE OF ISLAM was the reason of large parts of the Mediterranean being under Arab control.
9. This estrangement was CONDITIONED BY cultural, political and economic factors.
10. The BULL is the part of the Catholic vest.
11. Eight COUNCILS were SUMMONED in the duration between first and eleventh century.
12. Priests are CENSING THE ALTAR during the service.
13. THE CELEBRATION OF EUCHARIST is my favorite service.
14. The Emperor was the VICEGERENT OF GOD.
15. THE PRIESTHOOD was a very respected job.

А.К. [(4,5) 42,25]

1) Yesterday my friend INTERFERED in my dialog with his sister and started to reject VIGOROUSLY really true judgments about the Orthodox faith and to CHAMPION pagan vision of the world. We saw a kind of DUPLICITY in some of his IMPLICATIONS so, his condemnation of our opinion was UNWARRANTABLE.
2) One of my friends is really unique in her humility, maximum restraint and even SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT. If she DISCERNS some SHORTCOMINGS in someone's SECULAR LIFE, she will never ACCUSE them or show her PREEMINENCE. She would better accept a person as he or she is and just URGE to different good causes.
3) During the VESPERS a strange woman entered the church and started to sigh, to say aloud a prayer for the forgiveness of sins and to crouch to reach the floor with her hand after MAKING several SIGNS OF THE CROSS. It was a great TEMTATION for other parishioners not to start to explain that nothing depends on the number of ENTRY or DEPARTURE BOWS and to advise her to read about some RULES OF PIETY before JOINING THE COMMON PRAYER in the Church building.

M.O. [(5,5) 48,5]

1. Many people don't consider reading the PREFACE of the book necessary.
2. My uncle is a man of exceptional GENEROSITY.
3. PIETY lives in the souls of the righteous.
4. Strong people do UNCEASING efforts to achieve their aim.
5. The average time given over to my CONTEMPLATION is estimated at one hour.

Э.К. [(1,5) 15,75]

1. In my view, IT ISN’T JUST to condemn other people as we are all sinners, the only judge in our world is God.
2. Saint John Chrysostom PREACHED eloquent, long-lasting SERMONS so for this reason he is often called “John of the Golden Mouth”.
3. The Pope of Rome is considered to be A VICEGERENT OF GOD in Catholicism.

1. When we commit sins we ESTRANGE ourselves from God but, unfortunately, most of us not always give attention to this.
2. THE GREAT SCHISM of the Christian Church into Roman Catholic and Orthodox happened in 1054.
3. If a Christian commits a great sin, he IS EXCOMMUNICATED from participating in Church sacraments for some time.

М.Ч. [(2,5) 69,75]

1. When I am ASSAILED by TEMPTATIONS that everything is bad, I always try to read the AKATHIST HYMN to SWEETEST JESUS to VANQUISH them. Also it always brings me happy tears.
2. One day I read CALENDAR of the LITURGICAL COMMEMORATIONS and discovered that my name might be Tatyana.
3. When I was a child I was allowed to read only the CANON to JESUS before the confession.

И.M. [(2,5) 75,65]

1) My classmate Margarita is an extremely talented photographer; some time ago she posted an amazing photo of newly-wed MAN AND WIFE holding the WEDDING CANDLES.
2) Girls and I were very excited about our friend’s BETROTHAL; now she is wearing her wedding ring on THE RING FINGER.
3) As I know, at THE wedding LITANIES FOR THE COUPLE are being said before THEY ARE CROWNED with the MARRIAGE CROWNS.

1) Of all the 12 GREAT FEASTS my favourite ones are THE NATIVITY of Christ and THE ANNUNCIATION.
2) It’s also a part of our MINISTRY to observe A CYCLE OF FEASTS AND FASTS and prepare ourselves to celebration of feasts by fasting.
3) After fasting is over, SPIRITUAL JOY SPILLS OVER INTO A BODILY FEAST, and I feel it especially during ADVENT and LENT.
4) I believe it’s not quite CUSTOMARY to PROSTRATE ONESELF before SHRINES with icons nowadays.

E.З. [(10) 62]

1) It was an OUTBREAK in our joint reading of the religious book when my friend stood up and started to RESENT and DEFEND VIGOROUSLY his opinion about IDOLOTARY and to CONDEMN everything I said to him, UPHOLDING the author's words.
2) ULTIMATELY he realised that his view was PREDOMINANTLY INFIDEL, CEASED TO STRUGGLE and sat down.
3) As people were singing PRAYERS FOR THE DEPARTED and there was a COFFIN in the center of the church, I understood, it was a FUNERAL SERVICE.
4) When my friend from Kazakhstan UNINTENTIONALLY learnt I wasn't a MOSLEM, it SUSPENDED our communication for some time.
5) In Greece we met a former CHURCH ATTENDANT who had lived in an UNDERGROUND DWELLING a half of his life and reached the state of SPIRITUAL JOY.

M.O. [(5,5) 43]

1. Once I heard that in some rare cases it may even happen that the HOLY EUCHARIST is brought to the monk or NUN who remains perpetually alone.
2. The humble beginnings of the Konevsky MONASTIC HOUSE, where I want to make a PILGRIMAGE, can be found in the faith and determination of the BROTHERHOOD and in Arseny Konevsky, the great PIONEER.

1. I often remind myself that I should offer THANKSGIVING to God for all the blessings He BESTOWS upon me.
2. Once I read a very interesting interview and caught a wonderful unusual phrase: «Let’s live in such a way that all may know that we have been REDEEMED, in other words, let's live each day in freedom and joy.
3. At «The Church history» we were told that Constantine entrusted the Church with substantial amounts of tax revenue to use for CHARITABLE WORK.
4. I believe, the Great Feast of the ASCENSION, which this year we celebrate on Thursday, May 17, is the FULFILLMENT of Easter, and a movement upward toward the Kingdom of Heaven.

И.M. [(5,5) 57,75]

1. It is common knowledge that not everyone is able to lead the LIFE OF STRICT ENCLOSURE, but sometimes I wish I could find myself on an uninhabited island where there would be only me and God.
2. It is utterly salutary for our SPIRITUALITY, in my opinion, to LEAD THE SOLITARY LIFE at times as WITHDRAWAL AND SOLITUDE help THE FAITHFUL to make themselves "SPIRIT - BEARING".
3. I love travelling very much but I prefer PILGRIMAGES TO DIFFERENT MONASTIC HOUSES to secular travelling.
4. Spiritual life of a monk needs the GUIDANCE OF AN ELDER, and so lay people require the guidance of a spiritual father.
5. Unfortunately it is prohibited for women to visit ATHOS, but I was glad to visit the ATHOS metochion.

M.A. [(5) 69,5]

1) Each August I'm a little bit sad AT BEING PARTED FROM my parents for 4 months until the end of ADVENT.
2) To my mind, pious parishioners are DESTINED to CHRIST'S MINISTRY just like THE HIGH PRIESTS were DESTINED a long time ago.
3) I consider DEPARTING IN PEACE during sleep to be the best death for a virtuous Christian. I imagine it this way: a heavenly LIGHT SHINES IN THE DARKNESS and a soul leaves the body.
4) THE DWELLING PLACE OF GOD is everywhere: in each home, inside of us, and especially in church; THE PRESENCE OF GOD may be felt, for instance, during THE SERVICE OF VESPERS.
5) THE FEAST OF THEOPHANY is one of the twelve great feasts on which we celebrate the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ, who IS glorified. St. JOHN THE FORERUNNER baptized the Son of God, who was sinless. When He was coming out of the water, the Holy Spirit descended as a DOVE upon Him, and a voice from Heaven said: "Thou art My beloved Son; in Thee I am well pleased".

1) On the 7th of April my family and me celebrate two feasts: THE ANNUNCIATION and my birthday. And for me, this day is like THE CLIMAX of a year.
2) At PASCHA we traditionally DYE eggs and DISTRIBUTE them; most people don't ROAST A LAMB anymore though.
3) We break THE BOND OF OUR SINS by the WILLING ACCEPTANCE of the Holy Communion.
4) Every year on the fortieth day of PASCHA we celebrate the Feast of THE ASCENSION of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are OVERCOME WITH AWE just like Apostles were when the MESSIAH ascended into Heaven.
5) On the Sunday before PASCHA, the so-called PALM SUNDAY, we DISTRIBUTE branches from the PUSSY WILLOW in order to reverence the MESSIAH and celebrate His ENTRY into Jerusalem.

1) Even though we MOVED HOUSE ages ago, we haven't had a HOUSE BLESSING and BLESSINGS of our BELONGINGS, and it's very bad.
2) THE ICON CORNER is the center of worship in our house. There we have icons, an oil lamp, branches of THE PUSSY WILLOW from PALM SUNDAY and A SUPPLY OF HOLY WATER, which we usually drink ON EMPTY STOMACH and SPRINKLE on our BELONGINGS sometimes.
3) In order to receive a BLESSING from a priest we CUP RIGHT HAND OVER LEFT. In my opinion, BLESSINGS are GIFTS FROM GOD, which we receive (for instance, when we ARE TAKEN ILL) from His BOUNTIFUL HANDS.
4) This PASCHA my mother and me didn't BREAK OUR FAST right away after the Paschal Vigil; we ate Easter cakes and DYED EGGS ON EMPTY STOMACH in the morning.
5) When visiting a nunnery I find it impressive how ABBESSES and nuns are SET APART IN GOD'S SERVICE AND IN HIS CARE.
6) Each Lent we praise not only Jesus Christ, but also God for the BOUNTY He bestowed upon us through THE PASSIONS of His Son.

E.З. [(15) 52]

1. Not everyone can LEAD THE MONASTIC LIFE, only those who are strong in spirit can be SET APART from society in order to FULFILL A PROPHETIC and ESCHATOLOGICAL MINISTRY.
2. My cousin is making A PILGRIMAGE to Jerusalem along with her parish this spring.
3. Seraphim of Sarov who led THE SOLITARY LIFE in his CELL is one of the most REVERED MONKS in the Russian Orthodox history.

М.Ч. [(3,5) 53]

1. The emperor Alexios I Komnenos made compulsory not only the wedding, but the BETROTHAL along with the civil contract for the full establishment of the MARRIAGE.
2. It is really awesome when the CROWNING COUPLE holds WEDDING CANDLES and stands in front of the ICONOSTASIS, it reminds me of a King and a Queen.
3. The married couple should realize that exchange of rings represents ETERNAL PROMISE to love and respect each other.
4. We carefully studied the essence of THE DOCTRINE OF THE TRINITY and THE DOCTRINE OF INCARNATION in the theology course.
5. Truth be told, a lot of non-Christians don't make A JUST INTERPRETATION of Orthodox views.

А.Т. [(4,5) 27,5]

1. In the first centuries of the Christianity there was a movement of the ICONOCLASTS.
2. ICONODULES won in the struggle against iconoclasts.
3. It was considered that veneration of icons is the latent idolatry.
4. The most debatable MATTER during the earliest centuries was veneration of icons.
5. We kiss the symbol of the “THE PRECIOUS AND LIFE GIVING CROSS” during the services, after confession etc.
6. The CHIEF CHAMPION OF THE ICONS was ST. John of Damascus.
7. Venerators of icons were mistakenly considered to be GUILTY OF IDOLATRY.
8. He devoted his life to WORSHIPING GOD.
9. People MAKE OBEISANCE during services in honor to the God.
10. INCORPOREAL and UNCIRCUMSCRIBED God DEIGNED to descent to the perishable people and gave us the gift of eternal life.
11. The priest CENSES the church during the services.

13. All the parishioners were SPINKLED during the service which commemorated the event of the Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem.
14. The PUSSY WILLOWS are the alternative version of the symbol of the palms which grow in Jerusalem.

А.К. [(6) 33,75]

1) I remember my family and I were in our favourite church after THE LENT, OVERCAME WITH AWE, GLORIFYING THE TRINITARIAN GOD and rejoicing that PASCHA has come.
2) Our spiritual joy intensified, when the bishop SPRINKLED US WITH some BLESSED WATER with aspergillum in his BOUNTIFUL HAND.
3) When we came home after THE LITURGY it was time to thank God for His grace and love, so we stood in front of our ICON CORNER and after several special prayers went to the kitchen to BREAK THE FAST together.
4) It was a difficult period for me two weeks ago as I WAS TAKEN ILL, but the help of my best friend was like a GIFT OF GOD, which allowed me to overcome this problem and TO RECOVER by the PALM SUNDAY.

M.O. [(5,5) 37,5]

1. In the Chapel of Archangel Michael near Moscow I know one nun who has a great SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT, and everyone can feel it when having a dialogue with her.
2. Every clergyman who lives in a MONASTIC HOUSE should bring up young boys to make them the SUCCESSORS of monks who live in that place.

1. Nowadays undoubtedly THE COMMUNITY LIFE is an integral part of our existance, and as a rule we obey A COMMON RULE of morality living among the people.
2. MOUNT SINAI is a Mountain located in Egypt that was often mentioned in the Bible and it is an historically important place that is used for PILIGRIMAGE.

1. If someone read the book 'The Wind In The Willows', these people likely mentioned that Mr. Toad was an INTEMPERATE and ACRIMONIOUS person.
2. Today people have many digital resources that help the willing to do CHARITABLE WORK if they want to.

М.К. [(4) 24,5]

1. PASCHA, or, as it is often called, the Feast of Feasts, and Triumph of Triumphs, is considered to be THE CENTRAL Christian FEAST in THE CHURCH CALENDAR as it symbolizes the victory over death and the gift of eternal life to people.
2. THE MESSIAH, our Lord Jesus Christ became man and sacrificed himself on the cross for the sake of human salvation.
3. People who GREETED Jesus Christ riding on a donkey into JERUSALEM WERE OVERCOME WITH AWE before him.
1. In AN ICON CORNER in addition to icons we have A SUPPLY OF consecrated oil that we use when someone of our family IS TAKEN ILL.
2. After a long and difficult fast our family gathered together to BREAK OUR FAST with an EASTER cake and dyed eggs.
3. At the end of the Passion Week I went to the church and during the service together with other parishioners VENERATED THE ICON of the Annunciation and after that was anointed with oil by the priest.

М.Ч. [(4,5) 49,5]

1. Nowadays we can look at photos of the child in the WOMB.
2. After this vacation my studies begin IN EARNST.
3. Some prayers give me shivers and standing in church with AWE.
4. A week ago on Palm Sunday lots of PUSSY-WILLOWS were consecrated.
5. I had a plentiful SUPPLY of clothes that I even didn't wear.
6. I disapprove of plastic surgery because I think it's wrong to DEPRIVE yourself of being yourself.
7. The main road traffic is SUSPENDED throughout our city on the Day of Victory.
8. Each service in church should be an occasion for REJOICING.
9. My younger brother has a RADIANT smile.
10. People become ICONOCLASTS because of their spiritual weakness and remoteness from God.

Э.К. [(4) 14,25]

1. We have to pray for the DECEASED every day.
2. The FUNERAL SERVICE was attended by mourners.

3. The MEMORIAL SERVICE made me sad.
In the candle desk they advised me to pray for the dead at the MEMORIAL TABLE.
I take Holy communion to inherit the EVERLASTING LIFE.

 6. The Glorious Sun of Righteousness gives this world the feeling of hope.
7. The voices of sinners are crying in the WILDERNESS.
8. The LEPER was healed by the power of Christ.
9. The KINSHIP between image of God and people is obvious.
10. Every person has his own DESOLATED part of the soul with emptiness which is killing him.
11. Christ BESTOWED upon people eternal life and their souls are perishable.
12. The heaven is a large HOUSEHOLD of our great Father.
13. The example of Christ's courage LED THE MANKIND TO REPETANCE of their sins.
14. God BESTOWS THE REMISSION of sins upon every child who is repenting.
15. The Holy Gospel tells us how Christ SUMMONed his disciples to spread the faith among the people.
16. The MOURNING march is a traditional secular action.
17. People are becoming SUPERFICIAL these days.
18. All righteous people will be REWARDED in the heaven by their Lord.

А.К. [(7) 27,75]

1. When we celebrate the BAPTISM OF CHRIST, it is customary in our dormitory to ask Father Phillip to BLESS our rooms by SPRINKLING them throughout with HOLY WATER.
2. I always pray to God when I’m going to ASK FOR A PRIEST’S BLESSING.
3. IN a week's time we are COMMEMORATING PALM SUNDAY so during this week PUSSY WILLOW is supposed to be bought and then blessed in the church.

И.M. [(3) 52,25]

1. To my mind, it is not correct to VENERATE ICONS during the service because it distracts other people from praying.
2. CHARITABLE WORK is a very important component of Christian life. You cannot be a Christian in the full sense of the word if you do not BESTOW UPON those who are in need even a small part of your wealth. For Christ said in His sermon on the Mount, "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy".
3. We all must be the ALMSGIVERS for it is our duty to give the needy a share in what God BESTOWS UPON us.
4. My little niece does not like at all when the priest SPRINKLES her with HOLY WATER when she kisses the Cross.
5. Sometimes I think of those people who do not even think of their SALVATION and ACHIEVING UNION WITH GOD. It turns out that they close for themselves the way to the bridge which was formed between God and man by the INCARNATE CHRIST.

M.A. [(4) 64,5]

1. It's hard to see one's relatives in the COFFIN.
2. I believe that it's possible to receive the ABSOLUTION of many sins doing one great good deed.
3. The soul can't be DECEASED.
4. All the participants of the event had their own ANTICIPATIONS.
5. People bring and put food on the MEMORIAL TABLE in many temples.
6. Usually a small sin SPILLS OVER INTO the gratest.
7. I always try to AVOID conflict by seeking a compromise.
8. I've never been to a WILDERNESS.
9. My friend PROSTRATED herself with frustration.

Э.К. [(3,5) 7]

1. Svetlana Vitalievna told us that PENTECOST is called an apocalyptic day, which means the day of final REVELATION. 2. After the midnight PASCHAL service in my parish it is traditional to gather together to receive our reward holding festival and to share the full-laden table. Our Father Eugene lets no one go away hungry.

И.M. [(1,5) 26]

1. Last year I was in the monastery near Ilovaiskaja Street on THE ANNUNCIATION where I saw the tradition of the release of DOVES into the wild.
2. 'CHRIST IS RISEN!' - what significant words they are for every person, though, lamentably, not everyone realises their significance.
3. When I was a child I didn't like DYEING EGGS in onion husk.
4. THE TRANSFIGURATION is a feast which shows and vows that our bodies as well as souls will be transfigured if we are faithful to Christ the Saviour.
5. PALM SUNDAY is one of my favourite feasts because we meet our Lord with branches of pussy-willow which are blessed on this day.

M.A. [(2,5) 31,5]

1. On February 15th we, the Orthodox, celebrate the great feast of THE MEETING OF our LORD, Jesus Christ.
2. Some non-Orthodox celebrate THEOPHANY, but the cause for which this feast was established they do not know, so missionaries at our church in Krasnoyarsk explain to them that it’s a great feast when Christ made Himself known to all through baptizing.
3. THE SERVICE OF VESPERS prepares us for the sleep of the night and the dawn of the new day to come.
4. When I was on my winter holidays I was heard that ADVENT services make the indisputable point that we should not pride ourselves with external fasting because the devil also never eats.
5. My ex-roommate was a historian and she told me that THE NATIVITY began to be celebrated as such on the twenty-fifth of December in order to compensate the PAGAN festival of the Invincible Sun which occurred on that day.

И.M. [(3) 24,5]

1. If an Orthodox PROSTRATES HIMSELF in church or during his PERSONAL PRAYERS at home, it means that he shows humility and REVERENCE to God.
2. It is really hard to keep THE FAST, but FASTING is very necessary for every ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN as it leads up to SPIRITUAL JOY that SPILLS OVER into A BODILY FEAST.
1. CHRISTMAS is one of the central TWELVE GREAT FEASTS, THE FEAST when with the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ LIGHT SHONE IN THE DARKNESS.
2. The Virgin Mary was only three years old when she ENTERED THE TEMPLE and WAS PARTED FROM her parents in order to serve God.

М.Ч. [(4) 23]

1. I admire those people who become monks at a young age. The thing is they love God so much that they are not SAD AT BEING PARTED FROM THEIR PARENTS and relatives taking their monastic vows.
3. People ARE DESTINED to the joyful life but not on earth. Unfortunately most people do nor realise it, that's why they live the life to the fullest measure and do not even think of THE RECONCILIATION WITH GOD.
4. MEETING OF THE LORD is the feast which COMMEMORATES the meeting of Simeon in the Temple. I wish every living person has his own meeting with the Lord. It is immensly important for MAN'S SALVATION.
5. A few people today, I believe, love IN EARNEST. I mean modern generation does not know what true love is IN ACCORDANCE WITH the Gospel. True love SPRINGS FROM God, for He is Love. True love is the OFFERING, I mean, you sacrifice yourself for the sake of the one you love.

M.A. [(5) 29]

1. The most solemn blessing that God gave to every person in the world is the ability of our body to be SPIRIT-BEARING, and based on this fact, we can consider our fleshly matter to be A VEHICLE OF THE SPIRIT.
2. There is a part of the Divine Liturgy called The Liturgy of the FAITHFUL, because only the faithful were allowed to be present during its celebration, only already baptized people.

М.К. [(1,5) 11]

1. Most Orthodox people believe that the FEAST of NATIVITY of THE MOTHER OF GOD is also a celebration of human history, a celebration of faith in man, a celebration of man.
2. I’ve recently read that in celebrating the birth of THEOTOKOS we find ourselves already on the road to Bethlehem, moving toward the joyful mystery of Mary as the Mother of God.
3. I know that the CROSS of the Lord was the instrument by which He saved the world after the fall into sin. Now the Sign of the Cross is made at all the MYSTERIES and prayers of the Church.
4. The Holy Church solemnly glorifies the honorable DORMITION or translation of the Mother of God from earth to heaven, but before it a fortnightly strict fast takes place.
5. The holy FORERUNNER, John, was born six months before Christ.

И.M. [(2,5) 21,5]

1. THE IDOLATRY was the basis of the Vikings’ customs, and first of all, they MADE OBEISANCE to Odin, Thor and other ancient Scandinavian gods.
2. One of the main worship distinctions between pagans and Christians is that the Christians’ main path of life is THE WORSHIP DUE TO GOD ALONE.
1. THE ISAURIAN EMPERORS were successful in defending the Empire against the Caliphate after the onslaught of the early Muslim conquest.
2. The Icon of “THE TRIUMPH OF ORTHODOXY” was purchased by the British Museum in 1988, and its height was 38 centimetres.
1. THE RISE OF ISLAM was the period when the Muslim community spread through the Middle East through conquest.
2. The word INFIDEL is a Catholic term used to describe a person with any other religious connection beside that of Christian Catholicism.

М.К. [(2,5) 5,5]

1. The Christian idea concerning THE SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE that MAN and WIFE BECOME ONE FLESH, A UNION, where one person DENIES HIMSELF FOR the other seems to me really wise and important to found a strong family.
2. From the moment when my parents WERE CROWNED, they made AN ETERNAL PROMISE to be true to each other.
1. When my grandfather was sick we CALLED FOR THE PRIEST to PRAY OVER him, ANOINTING WITH OIL, to HEAL him physically and spiritually.
2. Preparing for the exam I found out what items are used in THE SACRAMENT OF HEALING, these are: seven CANDLES, seven COTTON BUDS, WHEAT, A DISH and A CUP in which oil and wine are mixed.
3. When we studied the seven SACRAMENTS OF THE ORTHODOX CHURCH at the lectures in the liturgical tradition we were shown some video materials about THE ORDINATION TO THE PRIESTHOOD.
4. THE DEACON is the first DEGREE OF THE PRIESTHOOD in the Church; he is A SERVANT who has A MINISTRY to THE CLERGY and to the people of THE PARISH.
1. THE VESTMENTS of THE PRIESTHOOD show their rank and title and distinguish them from the laity.
2. A PRIEST’S VESTMENTS are richer than a deacon has; his special clothes consist of AN ALB, A STOLE, A CHASUBLE, A GIRDLE and AN EPIGONATION.
1. THE BISHOP has a central place in THE DIOCESE; he is compared to THE GOOD SHEPHERD, who looks after his FLOCK, all priests and people of this DIOCESE.
2. Although VESTMENTS OF A BISHOP and of a priest are very similar, A BISHOP in contrast to a priest also wears A SAKKOS, AN OMOPHORION, A PALITSA, A MITRE and A PANAGIA.
1. I understand perfectly well that DEATH isn’t the end of a person’s life but BIRTH INTO A NEW LIFE, that there is no need for SORROW as EVERLASTING LIFE will come where a person will unite with GOD, but still it’s very hard for me to accept this.
2. My family very often commemorates our DECEASED relatives and PRAYS for them in order to show that we remember them and want them to ENTER INTO A PLACE where there is NO SIGHING, SORROW NOR PAIN.

М.Ч. [(19) 19]

1. The priest says the PRAYER OF ABSOLUTION at the end of the FUNERAL SERVICE, during which he proclaims that the sins of the DEPARTED are forgiven.
2. There is no requirement in the Orthodox Church that those in MOURNING must wear black. At FUNERALS the CLERGY wear white rather than black to show our hope we hold in the RESURRECTION and the EVERLASTING life.
3. There are five Saturdays during the course of the year dedicated to the DECEASED. On these Saturdays it is customary to celebrate the Divine Liturgy followed by a «PANIKHIDA» for all the faithful departed.

И.M. [(4) 19]

1. Sometimes PERFORMING the OFFICES BISHOPS take off their MITRES and hand them to the nearest altar-boy.
2. The person who obeys Christ and follows his way loves God and accomplishes his WILL.
3. Jesus Christ took on our nature and entered into the world in order to deliver mankind, through his death and RESURRECTION.
4. Orthodox Christians also believe that, in addition to asking God for FORGIVNESS in our PRIVATE prayers, we should CONFESS our sins sacramentally, thereby being REUNITED to Christ and to the faith COMMUNITY with whom we have broken communion through sin.
5. The DIVINE LITURGY is indeed the center of the Orthodox CHRISTIAN life.

И.M. [(5) 15]

1. I feel sorry for those people who do not live a church life with its CYCLE OF FEASTS AND FASTS.
2. They celebrate public holidays gathering together and eating. So they are not familiar with this great inexpressible feeling when THE SPIRITUAL JOY SPILLS OVER INTO A BODILY FEAST in celebrations of the СHURCH FEASTS.
3. Nowadays FASTS are in trend and, thus, many people are just on a VEGAN DIET. But it is not a fast. The aim of the true fast is a struggle against the pride, vanity, gluttony and other sins, not just losing weight.
4. THE GREAT FAST OR LENT is my favourite of all fasts. The thing is I love these long Lenten services during which you PROSTRATE YOURSELF many times saying the words of the prayer of Saint Ephraim.
5. God gives every person in the world his own MINISTRY. However, when a person finds out that he is better at something than others, he has a risk to fall into pride, though there is nothing to be proud of because we are granted with our talents by God to HAVE A MINISTRY TO our neighbours.

M.A. [(3,5) 24]

1. We Christians believe that our Merciful God accepts our prayers for the departed and that this may help THE DEPARTED to enter the place where is "NO SIGHING, SORROW AND PAIN, BUT LIFE EVERLASTING".
2. I feel sorry for people who mourn over a person's death instead of feeling joy, for even PRIEST'S VESTMENTS SIGNIFY THE JOY OF THE RESURRECTION.
3. To be honest, I like to sing MEMORIAL SERVICES very much. The thing is that the chants for THE DECEASED touch me greatly. They make one think about one's prime concern - to reach THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.
4. It happened (historically in our country, I believe) that THE FUNERAL SERVICE is a lamentable event, but I dare to say that it is a feast day, if a person has lived with Christ and taken part in the sacraments. For in this case Christ, THE 'SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS', will meet him in the JOY OF EVERLASTING LIFE.
5. VENERATION OF ICONS is the essential feature OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. I am given comfort when I PROSTRATE MYSELF in front of icons with prayers.

M.A. [(7) 20,5]

1. We can notice that colour of VESTMENTS depends on church celebration.
2. Such things as MITRE, EPIGONATION and the right to wear the second PANAGIA are ecclesiastical awards.
3. VESTMENTS are mainly made of BROCADE and silk.
4. The Theotokos covered everyone with her OMOPHORION.
5. My ancle healed from bad DISEASE after I diligently prayed to St. Seraphim of Sarov.

Э.К. [(3,5) 3,5]

1. MONASTICISM is GIVING UP LIFE IN THE WORLD AND DEVOTING IT COMPLETELY TO GOD. People choose THE MONASTIC LIFE in order to save not only their souls but souls of their relatives and actually all people around the world. However, it is a very important step in a man's life. Not everyone can do it. A person must feel THE CALLING to this way of life. I always admire those people who arrive at such a decision, and sometimes wish to join them. But, to be honest, I'm too selfish to leave everything in the world including my family, though, it would be more beneficial with regard to the future eternal life.
2. Liturgies which are celebrated by BISHOPS are always solemn and magnificent.
3. Many saints led an AUSTERE LIFE relying entirely on God. But for us - people of little faith - this lifestyle seems to be amazing and incomprehensible.
4. Last Friday I sang THE FUNERAL SERVICE. I realized the fact that it is a trial singing THE PRAYERS FOR A DEPARTED PERSON whom you know very well.
5. Although DEATH IS BIRTH INTO A NEW HAPPY (unfortunately not for everyone) LIFE, most of the Orthodox weep over the body instead of being glad for the departed. These tears are very selfish because when people weep over the body, they mourn for themselves.

M.A. [(4,5) 13,5]

1. During the last week of Lent priests change dark vestment to A WHITE GARMENT.
2. Babies wear BAPTISMAL ROBES.
3. Throughout life we have to maintain our PURITY.
4. Priests wear vestments made of BROCADE.
5. Blue vestments are worn in honor of the Theotokos, such as the GIRDLE.
6. I like to visit church and TO CELEBRATE Sundays and feasts.
7. Deacons wear ALBS.
8. Priests wear CHASUBLE during the service.
9. EPIGONATION is a part of vestments which symbolize the weapon of the God’s word.
10. We used to CELEBRATE THE LITURGY on Sundays but it also can be on the other days of the week.

А.К. [(4) 17]

1. I can not imagine our churches without THE HOLY ICONS. So I do not understand how Roman Catholic people pray without them. From my point of view, THE HOLY IMAGES are the integral part of our Christian life. When it happens that I have woes and griefs, when I need help and a piece of advice, I by all means come to my ICONS and pray with tears to get everything that is burdening me at the moment off my chest. Truth be told, I always feel relieved after that.
2. Once I was fortunate enough to immerse in the JORDAN. It was an unforgetable experience.
3. I believe that we should not busy our mind thinking of what we should do in the future, we just need to pray to God and He will show us our CALLINGS, for we will not confuse our calling with fleeting desires.
4. There are many examples in our lives that the GOOD SHEPHERD goes and brings back to the FLOCK a lost sheep, as it happened to my grandmother.
5. I happened to attend the Liturgy during which a man WAS ORDAINED A DEACON. I was very happy because during ORDINATION YOU WITNESS THE APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION.

M.A. [(4,5) 9]

1. Traditionally the Orthodox understand everything in the Church to be SACRAMENTAL.
2. I have read that along with most of the other reforming CLERGY, Nikon at first was a firm believer in Moscow as the third Rome - as the guardian of the full PURITY of the Orthodox Faith.
3. Jesus Christ took on our nature and entered into the world in order to deliver mankind from sin through his death and RESURRECTION.
4. Orthodox Christians also believe that in addition to asking God for FORGIVNESS in our PRIVATE prayers, we should CONFESS our sins sacramentally, thereby being REUNITED to Christ and to the faith COMMUNITY with whom we have broken communion through sin.
5. The DIVINE LITURGY is indeed the center of the Orthodox CHRISTIAN life.

И.M. [(4,5) 10]

1)During the CELEBRATION OF THE LITURGY the priest was dressed in an ALB made of white SILK with yellow GIRDLE and a CHASUBLE made of golden BROCADE.
2)During our trip in Greece we visited a church built IN HONOR OF St. John the FORERUNNER, where a very clever and wise man who was LOOKING AFTER ITS PARISH told us several stories about various maricles that happened there with him.
3)I read in a book that white colour of a BAPTISMAL ROBE symbolizes PURITY of the baptised person's soul.

M.O. [(4,5) 32]

1) They told us when they entered the DESOLATE SYNAGOGUE they felt certain mystical POWERS which was a bit confusing for others during the pilgrimage.
2) Sometimes it's too hard to be HUMBLE and to stay FIRM and LOYAL TO THE TRUTH so, to my mind, is such situations it's better TO APPEAL FOR PRIEST'S GUIDANCE.
3) I believe that a person who first REPUDIATED Christ has a possibility to stop to WAVER and to ACKNOWLEDGE THE PRIMACY OF HIS HONOR.
4) Last year after partaking in ANOINTING WITH OIL, I was healed and changed my VIEWPOINT on this important Christian ACT and also realised that my life is IN GOD'S HANDS.
5) I was learning about different parts of DEACON'S VESTMENTS for a long time last year and now I know what A STOLE, AN ORARION AND CUFFS look like.

M.O. [(6) 8]

1. There is a crown on the top of the Vatican City State, a symbol of PAPAL AUTHORITY.
2. In relation to other bishops, a DIOCESAN BISHOP may be a metropolitan (if he is an archbishop).

М.К. [(1) 3]

1. Our Father Konstantin found his ORDINATION to the PRIESTHOOD to be the happiest moment in his life.
2. We have to try to live in OBEDIENCE to the church’s teachings.
3. There is one Vadim in our church. He used to be an opera singer. But not so long ago he was ORDAINED DEACON.
4. After making a full CONFESSION I feel myself HEALED.
5. Everyone can be an educated and intelligent BELIEVER without abandoning the APOSTOLIC rule of FAITH and life.

И.M. [(3,5) 5,5]

1. At the end of the confession the priest says the PRAYER OF ABSOLUTION.
2. Every person can carry the APOSTOLIC SUCESSION.
3. We the whole PRAYING COMMUNITY is being anointed with oil.
4. The healing of the sins is PERFORMED BY A BISHOP.
5. THE MINISTRY TO PEOPLE is the hardest part of the priest’s duties.
6. THE GOOD SHEPHERD is the symbol of the Christ in the New and Old Testament.
7. VESTMENTS of the priest differ from those of the deacon.
8. The deacon has the STOLE worn over his shoulder.
10. The man healed by Christ was POSSESED BY A DEMON.
11. Without God the soil is like WILDERNESS.
12. St. JOHN the FORERUNNER IMMERSED people in the water – baptized them, this was the preparation of the Jews was for the coming of Christ.
13. There is KINSHIP of the Forerunner to the Christ.
14. DESOLATE parts of the heart must be filled with God's blessing.
15. WELL TRODDEN PATHS don't mean that it's the way for the Christianity.

А.К. [(6) 13]

1. In the sacrament of marriage two persons BECOME ONE FLESH.
2. One of the most important parts of the service of marriage is the BETROTHAL.
3. Drinking COMMON CUP OF WINE the two people joined their lives together.
4. Witnesses are holding MARRIAGE CROWNS above future spouses at the beginning of the service.
5. WEDDING CANDLES are usually beautifully designed.
7. There is a tradition that the COUPLE have TO DRINK THREE TIMES the wine from the same cup.
8. When persons have intention to be together they have to understand that MARRIAGE INVOLVES DENYING ONESELF FOR the OTHER.
9. At the end of the marriage ceremony their HANDS ARE joined TOGETHER.
10. In the spouses the CHRIST'S LOVE CAN BECOME COMPLETE due to their efforts.
11. At the BEGINNING OF THE SACRAMENT the couple is standing near the church’s entrance.
12. HUMANITY has to understand the importance of the sacrament of the Marriage.
13. After the service the spouses kiss the PRIEST’S HAND CROSS.

А.К. [(7) 7]

1. As a rule, I take part in the ANOINTING WITH OIL once a year during the Lent.
2. I was very glad when I heard that our friend DEACON WAS ORDAINED PRIEST during the Christmas night service.
3. THE LIVING CONTINUITY OF A PRAYING COMMUNITY is especially felt during the LITURGY when I perceive the presence of all saints, the Theotokos and our God just there, in our small church.
4. The fact that MARRIAGE INVOLVES DENYING ONESELF FOR THE OTHER is so important that without realizing it people won't create a happy and strong family. The thing is that Christ agreed to be sacrified for us due to His immense love and so a MAN AND a WIFE sacrifying themselves for the other will be able to discover precious love, FOR THROUGH CHRIST LOVE CAN BECOME COMPLETE.
5. I always feel sorry for people who deny the following,"OUR LIFE IS IN GOD'S HANDS, NOT OUR OWN". Defenitely it does not mean that we should not work on ourselves. On the contrary, we must do our best to achieve RECONCILIATION WITH GOD but for everything that happens to us we should be grateful, realising that God knows much better what is beneficial for us.

M.A. [(4,5) 4,5]

1. The Bible never says that THE VIRGIN MARY was anyone but an ordinary human whom God chose to use in an extraordinary way. Yes, Mary was a righteous woman and graced by God, and then became THE MOTHER OF GOD (THEOTOKOS).
2. CHALCEDON was an early centre of Christianity located in Asia Minor (today’s Turkey).

М.К. [(2) 2]

1. My best friends from Irkutsk Misha and Nastya arranged their BETROTHAL in winter and their MARRIAGE soon followed in July.
2. I believe that every day each priest helps to DEFEND the Orthodox FAITH against HERESY.
3. I read a book by Vladimir Moss and there I knew that Aelfwald was certainly involved with Northumbrian ECCLESIASTICAL developments.

И.M. [(2) 2]

2) I personally find the Holy Resurrection Cathedral (the main cathedral of THE ORTHODOX CHURCH IN JAPAN) to be very unusual outside and incredibly beautiful inside: AROUND THE WALLS there are big icons with subtle golden LAMPS in front of them and a small, but PROMINENT ICON SCREEN with THE ALTAR behind it.
1) When I entered the church during the Divine liturgy THE SERVERS were PASSING THROUGH THE SIDE DOORS, some of the parishioners were buying candles at THE CANDLE DESK in order to LIGHT THEM later, some were VENERATING THE ICONS of different SAINTS, PROPHETS and FEASTS.
2) Once when I was a child I stood in awe in front of an icon screen, looking at figures in it such as THE ARCHANGELS MICHAEL AND GABRIEL, the Theotokos, John the Baptist etc, then my eyes flitted over to THE HOLY DOORS where THE ANNUNCIATION and also THE EVANGELISTS: MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE and JOHN were depicted; after a brief inner prayer to all of them I MADE THE SIGN OF THE CROSS.
1) One of the fellow parishioners gave my grandmother in addition to Easter cakes and eggs A TRYPTICH ICON and A lovely DECORATIVE TOWEL for her ICON CORNER for Easter.
2) I personally have strong REVERENCE for the Orthodox ICON-PAINTERS as it is so hard to depict ETERNITY in two-DIMENSIONal space, so those ICONOGRAPHERS must have been very FERVENT in their faith.

E.З. [(16) 37]

Recently I took a photo in which a man and a woman receiving THE SACRAMENT in the Orthodox Church hold WEDDING CANDLES in their hands and there are MARRIAGE CROWNS on their heads which mean they are WITNESSES TO CHRIST.

M.O. [(2) 2]

А.Т. [23]

А.Г. [3]

2nd year of study: Autumn 2017

1. On the Feasts of the Nativity of Christ, the Epiphany, on Lazarus Saturday, on Easter and on Pentecost, instead of Trisagion, it is sung: "AS MANY AS HAVE BEEN BAPTIZED INTO CHRIST HAVE PUT ON CHRIST".
2. THE PRAYER OF ABSOLUTION is read after confession over the PENITENT, so that he will be RELEASED FROM HIS SINS.
3. Baptism should be conducted with The GODFATHER and GODMOTHER.
4. The NON-ORTHODOX have no right to PARTAKE IN THE MYSTERIES of the Orthodox Church.
5. THE COMMUNICANTS should listen to the thanksgiving prayers for Holy Communion in the temple or read them at home.
6. THE CHERUBIC HYMN is the first musical chant to be heard at the Liturgy of the faithful.
7. The belief in Christ's RESURRECTION from the dead is the basic doctrine of Christianity.
8. During the Orthodox service one must stand with REVERENCE.
9. The meaning of the colors of temple DOMES in any religion has a symbolic significance.
10. During the sacrament of baptism, the baby is IMMERSED in a FONT three times.
11. AN ALTAR LOAF consists of two parts, which symbolizes two natures of God, the Divine and the Human.
12. THE VARIOUS DEGREES OF THE PRIESTHOOD were established by the apostles.
13. At THE CANDLE DESK you can buy candles, books, prayer books and akathists.
14. Orthodox people have a COMMEMORATION BOOK in which the names of their living and dead Orthodox friends and relatives are written. The laity pray for them at home during the morning prayer, the priests do this in the altar.
15. During the PREPARATION SERVICE the priest dips a particle of AN ALTAR LOAF into the wine and the sins of the person whose name is mentioned are cleansed.
16. THE LAST RITES are performed by a priest on the third day after the death of an Orthodox Christian.
17. On the fiftieth day after Easter, the Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of THE LIFE-GIVING TRINITY.
18. The Orthodox ASK THE PRIEST FOR THE BLESSING for their deeds, trips, studies.
19. Orthodox people try to keep their BAPTISMAL ROBE all their lives.
20. Our church can fit up to about four hundred PARISHIONERS.
21. Our church is painted by the great renovator and ICONOGRAPHER Alexander Gormatyuk.
22. The STOLE is put on the head of the PENITENT after his confession.
23. At the graduation party in my Orthodox school I was given a TRYPTICH and I usually take it on a trip.
24. THE THRONE is the most sacred place in every church.
25. My brother became a SERVER when he was eight years old.
26. The deacon comes out on the solea to RECITE LITANIES.
27. When THE HOLY DOORS are open, the SEVEN-BRANCHED CANDLESTICK is seen in the ALTAR.
28. The Orthodox saints are in the INVISIBLE DIMENSION.
29. On the DOME of the church there should be a THREE-BAR CROSS.
30. A SPEAR in the ALTAR symbolizes a spear by which the Body of Jesus Christ was pierced.
31. Church CHOIR choosing chants for the service should listen to the opinion of the prince of the church.

М.Т. [(15) 39]

1) THE SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE, during which MAN AND WIFE ARE COMING TOGETHER after being BLESSED BY THE CHURCH, is one of the most important and touching ORTHODOX MYSTERIES.
2) THE BETROTHAL starts when RINGS ARE FETCHED FROM THE ALTAR and the couple is ready to give ETERNAL PROMISE putting them on their RING FINGERS.

M.O. [(4) 118]

1. It's very easy to go A SIDE-TRACK but TO CONFESS YOUR SINS, try not to repeat them and to SEEK WAYS TO IMPROVE it is not easy.
2. I was so happy when I realized that we were studying MONOPHYSITISM and the Definition of CHALCEDON even a year ago.

А.Т. [(2) 98]

1. I didn't even know that ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM was nicknamed due to the fact that he was A FLUENT AND ELOQUENT PREACHER.
2. I don't remember my niece's Baptism, I only remember, as the GODFATHER said prayers OF RENUNCIATION of THE EVIL ONE AND TURNING TO GOD.
3. I don't know where is my BAPTISMAL ROBE, my BAPTISMAL CROSS I've purposely left at my family home because I'm very afraid of losing it.
4. When my niece was IMMERSED into THE FONT she cried a lot, but then THE NEWLY BAPTISED quickly calmed down.
5. I've always wondered where the priests keep TONSURED TUFTS OF HAIR.

А.Т. [(5,5) 52,75]

1. Our priest likes when the laymen and THE CHOIR sing THE CHERUBIC HYMN together but our choirmaster believes that people should sing only THE CREED and THE "OUR FATHER".
2. After THE FINAL PRAYERS people kiss the cross, take ANTIDORON and sometimes congratulate the communicants.
3. Unfortunately, SINFULNESS is the part of our human nature, but we need to work on ourselves a lot to have the opportunity TO ATTAIN FULL SALVATION.
4. You should be very careful interpreting THE DOCTRINE OF THE TRINITY, because in case of misunderstanding you can DEVIATE INTO ERROR AND HERESY very quickly.
5. I remember our teacher on the Law of God read to us excerpts from THE REVELATION but it was much more easily to understand THE EPISTLES than this book.

А.Т. [(5) 47,25]

1. I was asked by the lecturer about the deep sense of THE COMMUNION, one of THE SACRAMENTS OF THE ORTHODOX CHURCH, at the exam in the liturgical tradition.
2. During the Liturgy parishioners OF THE CHURCH and I UNITED WITH CHRIST and received grace of God through SHARING IN THE COMMUNION to get rid of sin and save the soul.

1. Until recently, I didn’t know what special PREPARATIONS were made by THE CLERGY for the Liturgy within THE SANCTUARY.
2. AT THE TABLE OF OBLATION are placed such items as THE CHALICE, THE SPEAR to cut the five loaves, THE DISKOS, THE STAR, THE SPOON and SMALL VEILS and THE AER.

1. When I was about five years old my grandmother taught me THE «OUR FATHER» and explained THE SHAPE OF THE CONFESSION and THE COMMUNION because then was my first conscious visit to the Liturgy.
2. I very much like the part of the Liturgy when THE PEOPLE PRESENT IN THE CHURCH sing THE CREED all together confirming in that way their faith in the Holy Trinity.

2. THE BAPTISMAL CROSS that every Cristian always wears is a sign of FOLLOWING CHRIST.

1. Every time when I have a big day I ASK THE PRIEST FOR A BLESSING.
2. When I was just a child, unfortunately, I didn’t take THE CONFESSION seriously, only now I begin to understand the value of true REPENTANCE, that really CHANGES OUR HEART, LEADS IT TO FORGIVENESS and HEALING.

М.Ч. [(14) 80]

1. If I had been NAMED ON the eighth day after birth, I would have been called Ulyana.
2. My mother is a GODMOTHER of my cousin.

1. For seven years, beginning from 2001, I was a PARISHIONER at St. Sergius Church in Irkutsk.
2. Our priests place their STOLES over PENITENTS’ heads not only while saying the PRAYERS OF ABSOLUTION but also while penitents CONFESS their SINS.

И.M. [(2,5) 94]

1. The MARRIAGE is an important and exciting sacrament because it is the ETERNAL PROMISE AND UNION.
2. Each action during the sacrament is a symbol, e.g. MARRIAGE CROWNS symbolise the MAN AND his WIFE as the king and the queen of their family.
3. To be married means DENYING ONESELF FOR THE OTHER and not just having fun with each other.
4. The fact that the Greak word "WITNESS" means "MARTYR" amazed me because there is something significant hidden beneath it.
5. Actually, in Russian there was the equivalent for the English word "THE RING FINGER" - "the Golden Finger"(златоперст). But I don't know why it has become the "unnamed" one.

M.A. [(3,5) 111]

Fasting and praying are traditional preparations for being a GODFATHER and a GODMOTHER.
ON THE BEHALF of his godparents the child gets God's blessing.
The priest child in the FONT.
The FONT is filled with holy water.
My grandma sewed me THE BAPTISMAL ROBE.
During the Chrismation the person is being anointed with the CHRISM.
After baptism the person has a SEAL OF THE GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.
The NEWLY BAPTISED have to take communion on the next days after the sacrament.
I have kept the BAPTISAL CROSS since my childhood.
The author of the EPISTLE OF JAMES identifies himself as a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.
One theme of the PETER 1 is duties of spouses.
Only in the first verses of the epistle of JOHN the writer indirectly makes himself known as a witness and eyewitness of the events of the earthly life of the Lord Jesus Christ.
PRIEST'S HAND CROSS is usually kissed after the preaching.
GODFATHER and GODMOTHER have to be separated persons.
The text of the EPISTLE OF THE HEBREWS is traditionally attributed to Paul the Apostle.

А.К. [(4) 34]

One of the three chief furnishings of the Holy of the Tabernacle and the Temple - the SEVEN-BRANCHED CANDLESTICK.
Priests use ALTAR LOAVES in the sanctuary to prepare Holy Communion.
The SPOON is a liturgical implement used to give Holy Communion to the laity during the Divine Liturgy.
We use COMMEMORATION BOOKS to remind God about alive and deceased baptised people.
Our church owns several RELICS of revered SAINTS.
The STAR is the object of church utensils which symbolizes the star of Bethlehem.
TWO SMALL VEILS - two small cloth covers which cover the chalice and diskos separately.
The name of a large cloth board which covers the Chalice and the diskos together is the LARGE VEIL.
The TABERACLE is a portable chalice for the storage of the Holy Gifts.
There are seven OIL LAMPS which are on the communion table in the sanctuary.
The table of oblation is a place in the church where the proskomedia takes place.
In the first part of the Liturgy, PROSKOMIDIA, a sacrifice is being prepared for the celebration of the Eucharist: bread and wine.
The CHALICE is an important piece of church's utensils.
The sacred vessel which looks like a dish for the bread, the Body of Christ, is called DISKOS.
The veil with a part of the relics of an Orthodox holy martyr sewn into it and the signature of the ruling bishop is called ANTIMINS.

А.К. [(6,5) 50,75]

1. The main purpose of the COUNTER-REFORMATION was to restore the position and prestige of the Roman Catholic Church and also, in those days, such movement as SCHOLASTICISM was present side by side.
2. THE FESTAL MENANION contains the variable texts for all the services of the Twelve Great Feasts of Christ and the Mother of God.

1. THEOLOGICAL COLLEGES were very widely developed in the 19th century in Europe and America.
2. THE LEVANT is a historical area in the Middle East, located along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and its name takes origins from the French phrase Soleil levant – “the rising Sun”.

1. "Jacobite" Church or Church of Syria was one of the five MONOPHYSITE Churches which were the result of the Church separation in the 5th and 6th centuries.
2. THE undertaking OF MISSIONARY WORK was a very influential process in the 9th century that spread to such countries as Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia.

1. One of the most important aspect of the Orthodoxy is the UNITY IN THE FAITH AND COMMUNION IN THE SACRAMENTS.
2. The Orthodox Church is not just an organization of Orthodox people, first and foremost it is THE CHURCH OF CHRIST ON EARTH.

1. THE DAY OF PENTECOST is one of the most solemn and beautiful services of the year that is performed in Orthodox churches.
2. Saint Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, who had traveled to Rome to be martyred in the 2nd century, wrote that THE CELEBRATION of THE EUCHARIST is "THE MEDICINE OF IMMORTALITY".

1. THE PONTIFICAL LITURGY is served according to the Roman rite, but with elements of the Byzantine rite, and earlier it included the old millennial ceremony of the Papal coronation.
2. Before the Church became “ESTABLISHED”, for some time, in the 3rd century it had been SUFFERING PERSECUTION from the pagans.

1.The purpose of THE COUNCIL OF JERUSALEM, according to Acts, was to resolve a disagreement in Antioch, which had wider effects than just circumcision, since circumcision is the eternal sign of the Abrahamic Covenant.
2. As the story goes, the first Roman Emperor who EMBRACED THE CHRISTIAN FAITH, was Constantine, and it happened as a result of his vision in the sky.

1. Most expressions of PAGAN RITES are magical, which is to say, they promote the use of individual or communal ritual practices to effect personal and environmental change, particularly changes in consciousness.
2. One purpose of THE COUNCIL OF NICAEA was to resolve disagreements arising from within the Church of Alexandria over the nature of the Son in his relationship to the Father.

1. To the deep regret, THE DEVIATION INTO ERROR AND HERESY had been often happened among the people during THE FIRST SIX COUNCILS.
2. THE SALVATION OF MAN was the most important issue discussed at the Councils in the centuries from the 4th to the 7th.

1. Originally spread in the eastern provinces of the Late Roman Empire, ARIANISM became the state version of Christianity under the successors of Constantine the Great until the end of the reign of Valentine II.
2. Archimandrite Eutychius, the creator of MONOPHYSITE doctrine, was condemned for heresy by the Council of Constantinople in 448.

1. TRINITARIAN DOCTRINE means that there is one God who eternally exists as three distinct Persons – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
2. The Eastern Orthodox Church commemorates SAINT JOHN CHRYSOSTOM as a "Great Ecumenical Teacher", with Basil the Great and Gregory the Theologian.

М.К. [(12) 60]

1. We don't cross ourselves when the priest give us A GESTURE OF BLESSING during the service.
2. Everyone is trying to achieve ETERNAL life of the soul in Heaven.
3. One of the most terrible sins is to take the Holy Communion without ASKING THE PRIEST FOR A BLESSING.
4. My mother stores the BAPTISMAL BOX from my childhood.
5. It's a big event for me to be a COMMUNICANT.
6. We read The Acts written by the Christ's DISCIPLES.

Э.К. [(2,5) 34]

1) My grandfather and me were BAPTISED and given STRENGTH FOR LIVING OF A CHRISTIAN LIFE at the same time, so two FONTS for our IMMERSION were near to each other, so in this way, I believe, there is a strong connection between me and him, as we DEDICATED our lives TO GOD together.
2) Unfortunately, some people think CONFESSION is just a kind of talk between an ordinary person and the bishop, so they even don't realise the importance of REPENTANCE and FORGIVENESS, they really believe the bishop is like a psychologist who can listen and then give a piece of APPROPRIATE ADVICE.
3) When you CONFESS YOUR SINS being a PENITENT in a church and then hear the bishop reading PRAYERS OF ABSOLUTION, you feel something like HEALING of your soul.
4) After my grandpa dressed in a special BAPTISMAL ROBE, was washed with water BLESSED IN A FONT, took his BAPTISMAL CROSS and became a NEWLY BAPTISED, his CHRISMATION started: he was ANOINTED WITH CHRISM from the BAPTISMAL BOX and CARRIED THREE TIMES AROUND THE FONT.
6) Several days ago I was in a church during one child's BAPTISM and saw he was BROUGHT FOR SACRAMENTS and PRAYERS OF NAME-GIVING WERE SAID, and in that moment the bishop IMMERSED HIM THREE TIMES IN WATER with important words: "IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT", - and then, DRIED the CHILD WITH A TOWEL.

M.O. [(12) 82]

1. After confession the priest puts the STOLE on the head of the penitent.
2. The PENITENT has to prepare for the confession.
3. Сonfession helps to RELEASE PEOPLE’s SINS.
4. We receive INSTRUCTIONS during our confession.
5. The priest says the prayer of ABSOLUTION at the end of confession.
6. The Christ has the HUMANITY and DIVINITY in one nature person.
7. If person wants to inherit the Heavenly Kingdom he must lead righteous life.
9. Some Bibles use words in ITALICS to show the specific translation of these words.
10. The Resurrection of Christ shows Him to be the TRUE GOD.
11. When we want to speak with our friend during the service we go to the NARTHEX.
12. The NON-ORTHODOX can’t understand some traditions of the religion.
13. I have the TRYPTICH ICONS in my car.
14. The LAST RITES were given by the Christ before his Ascension.
15. HIS BEATITUDE blessed us after the service.

А.К. [(5) 44,25]

1. My favourite prayer in the everyday evening rule is number 7 which was written by THE BISHOP OF CONSTANTINOPLE, SAINT JOHN CHRYSOSTOM, "JOHN OF THE GOLDEN MOUTH".
2. I feel an inexpressible feeling of gracious relief when the priest PLACES HIS STOLE OVER MY HEAD, AND SAYS THE PRAYERS OF ABSOLUTION by which I am RELEASED FROM MY SINS.
3. It is so hard to fulfil REPENTANCE in the full meaning of this word: changing of your mind. People often only weep over their sins during CONFESSION but unfortunately several days later (or even the next day) they cease to control themselves and repeat everythig they have just wept over.
4. I have read recently that the tradition to KISS THE HAND CROSS AND THE GOSPEL after CONFESSION dates back to the times when people swore an oath doing the same thing. We are making the promise not to sin and to follow Christ while we are touching these SACRED things. 5. DEIFICATION is not something unachievable and impossible for us - God is merciful and is willing to save everybody, the only thing He needs is our faith and our agreement to live according to His will.

M.A. [(5,5) 60]

1. To be a GODFATHER or a GODMOTHER is an utterly important mission as you are responsible for your godchild before God.
3. I've read an interesting fact that A BABY'S BAPTISMAL ROBE is considered to be a relic and some mothers put it under the baby's pillow when he/she is ill.
4. My godchild didn't cry despite the fact that she was only over a month old when the priest IMMERSED HER THREE TIMES IN THE WATER IN THE FONT.
5. My little niece always WEARS THE BAPTISMAL CROSS despite that her mother is told that she feels uncomfortable or she can hurt herself with the cross.

M.A. [(3,5) 54,5]

1. The MATTHEW Gospel was written by one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.
2. In the ACTS disciples showed us how Jesus Christ little by little shared with them how he looked at life.
3. According to Christian tradition MARK is one of the four Evangelists.
4. JOHN was the favorite disciple of the Christ.
5. The life of Christ in the Gospel of LUKE is described mainly on the historical side: the story is characterized by a thoroughness and detail.
6. COMMUNICANTS were staying in queue waiting for their turn.
7. After taking holy communion the MOUTH is usually WIPED BY CLOTH.
8. Our church is supported by the CONGREGATION.
9. We have to cross our hands on the breast before Communion in order not to UPSET THE CHALICE.
10. We are taking the PRECIOUS BODY in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
11. This evening after service a large amount of people LINED UP in order to confess their sins.
12. People are addressing their PETITIONS to the God in prayer.
13. The most EXPEDINT prayer for all cases of life is Psalm 50.
14. The church was CENSED by spiritual fragrances from Jerusalem.
15. The 12 disciples and Jesus Christ came together in the UPPER ROOM to celebrate the Easter.
16. We are singing the CHERUBIC HYMN every Liturgy.
17. We can see the RANKS OF ANGELS in the icons of the Last Judgment.
18. Sometimes I forgot to read PRAYERS OF THANKSGIVING.
19. During Easter time the HOLY DOORS are opened at all the services.
20. A SERMON in our parish is usually preached after the liturgy of catechumens.
21. The RELEVATION is the last book of the New Testament.
22. Both epistles of PETER – the first and the second are addressed to a wide circle of the Christians.
23. Although the author of the epistle does not call himself by name, there is almost no doubt that it was written by the author of the Gospel of JOHN.
24. The EPISTLE OF JAMES has a purpose of the message to teach and encourage believers, reproach and awaken to merciful actions.
25. JUDE is the shortest epistle of all in the New Testament.
26. The EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS does not mention in the first verses of the author of the epistle, so the traditional version assumes the authorship of the apostle Paul.
27. Andrew Rublew depicted the amazing image of the LIFE GIVING TRINITY.
28. "Our Father" is the most important conversation with God.
29. I am used to reading EPISTLES thrice a week since my childhood.
30. CORINTHIANS 1 and 2 are written by St. Paul.

А.К. [(13) 39,25]

1. I get goose bumps when I hear the CHERUBIC HYMN in the church.
2. I often mention THE LIFE-GIVING TRINITY in my prayers.
3. ULTIMATELY, I can't chose where I'd like to live : in Moscow or in Krasnodar.
4. The CONDEMNATION must begin with ourselves, not others.
5.I have been present at СHRISMATION only 2 or 3 times in my life, unfortunately, I do not even remember how it was.
6.I know THE SHAPE OF THE LITURGY well because I sang in the church choir.
7. I know a lot of LITANIES of Liturgy by heart.

1. Many priests wrote PETITIONS for my father to be ordained.
2. I'm a MEMBER OF THE CONGREGATION of the Protection of the Theotokos temple.
3. I cannot always keep the fast.
4. Our thoughts are not always appropriate during the service.

1.I have the CONVICTION that every soul can be saved.
2. In BAPTISM my name is Maria.

Э.К. [(4) 16,75]

1) After bishop's SERMON about LIFE-GIVING TRINITY the CHOIR started to sing "OUR FATHER" as it was time for reading PRAYERS OF THANKSGIVING after the Liturgy of the Presanctified GIFTS.
2) When I entered the room, I saw my mother who said "ALLELUIA" trice after reading of PSALMS and then we together started to sing "THE CREED" and felt we WERE BLESSED by God.
3) Last time I partook in the mysteries I saw a woman who was handing out antidoron to all COMMUNICANTS and telling one girl that HOLY SPIRIT CAME UPON this kind of bread after the LAMB had been removed from it, so everybody should always be very careful with this holy object.

M.O. [(2,5) 70]

1. I ENTERED the CHURCH through BAPTISM and CHRISMATION when I was six years old.
2. Every day I OFFER PRAYERS for my parents, relatives and all Orthodox Christians.
3. Through CONFESSION and COMMUNION we achieve UNION with God.

И.M. [(3) 47]

1. It is a rather peculiar thing that every priest in our church can preach a SERMON very well. I mean that their words make clear the meaning of the feasts, encourage parisheners to keep Christ's commandments and seek help from God.
2. My favourite chant of the CHERUBIC HYMN is Obikhodny. Every time I hear it goose bumps start running over me.
3. Today there was an unforgetable service in the memory of St. Tichon. The huge CHOIR which consisted of the students from all faculties ascended a soul of every faithful to the heavens.
4. An inexplicably magnificent feeling pervades me when all people in the church are singing the prayer "OUR FATHER".
5. Truth be told, I do not understand how the non-Christians can live without the LIFE-GIVING TRINITY. I believe that it is rather difficult.

M.A. [(3) 51]

1) When I was a child I thought RECEIVING COMMUNION is just an EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE as everything is so beautiful, solemn and ceremonial (and LOAVES and wine are very tasty), but now I know it's the CENTRAL MYSTERY OF THE CHURCH which has a DEEP SENSE OF UNITY WITH CHRIST who established this HOLY EVENT in the UPPER ROOM surrounded by his DISCIPLES.
2) My grandmother who is a nun bakes bread for THE LITURGY and after it's consecrated with Holy water she brings it every morning to MEMBERS OF THE CONGREGATION with a strong belief that HOLY SPIRIT has been SENT DOWN ON it.
3) I remember being a child and LINING UP FOR THE COMMUNION I CROSSED MY ARMS OVER THE CHEST strongly pressing them to each other as I was afraid of UPSETTING THE CHALICE.
4) It took a lot of time to teach my godson to pronounce his name properly before the priest would GIVE COMMUNION WITH A SPOON TO HIM, but eventually he did everything in the right way and even didn't forget to KISS THE CHALICE after his MOUTH WAS WIPED WITH A CLOTH.

M.O. [(7) 67,25]

1) Two weeks ago after I PARTOOK IN THE MYSTERIES a bishop gave a LOAF from which several pieces were taken during the PROSKOMIDIA IN THE MEMORY OF THE DEPARTED and of those who were the first FOUNDERS of the Church.
2) On the 1st of November my friend Mary became a wife of a man who just a year ago was a NON-ORTHODOX, but after changing his VISION and RELIGIOUS CONVICTION and SHARING IN such SACRAMENTS as BAPTISM, CHRISMATION and COMMUNION he agreed to PARTAKE in the MYSTERY OF MARRIAGE.

M.O. [(6) 60,25]

1. It's hard to ask God TO FULFIL not only what we want but what will be EXPEDIENT for us.
2. As COMMUNICANTS, we have to be careful approaching the priest not TO UPSET the chalice.

А.Т. [(2) 42,25]

1. «CHRIST IS RISEN» we sing full of joy. The joy that I feel in this service makes me cry softly, because I am INCLINED TO BE IMPRESSED by such things.
2. Last year we were lucky to study all the Church’s teaching upon the FUNDAMENTAL DOCTRINES of the CHRISTIAN FAITH at our university.
3. Our parish has its own traditions so it is really significant to CARRY them through years.

И.M. [(1,5) 44]

1. I try to receive ANOINTING every year during HOLY WEEK, after that I necessarily receive Holy Communion.
2. A few days ago I conducted the choir at the service, and after that the priest gave me THE LOAF, PARTICLES from which were taken FOR THE LIVING.

А.Т. [(2,5) 40,25]

1. By God's grace I was in Jerusalem several years ago. There were lots of tourists when we entered the UPPER ROOM but nevertheless we felt the grace of the place where the central MYSTERY of the Church - COMMUNION - had been established by Christ Himself.
2. Once I have read an amazing story about the Lanchansky miracle. The story tells about a priest who doubted that the bread and wine become the PRECIOUS BODY and PRECIOUS BLOOD of Christ as outwardly they remain unchanged. So God showed the miracle: during the CONSECRATION OF THE GIFTS the priest saw that the bread visibly became a thin section of Flesh, reminding muscle tissue of the human body, and the wine turned into thick red liquid - Blood.
3. One day I was asked by my priest to WIPE the COMMUNICANTS' MOUTHS WITH A CLOTH as our only SERVER was ill.
4. In our parish PROSPHORAS are not on sale at the CANDLE DESK but they are given to the parishioners after KISSING THE CROSS.
5. It is important to understand that God does not fulfil all our PETITIONS as they may not be EXPEDIENT for us.

M.A. [(6,5) 48]

1. In our family no single member IMPOSES his/her WILL upon the rest. We are UNITED in love, HARMONY and UNAMITY.
2. After a Church service the world seems to me TRANSFIGURED.
3. The Christmas is coming only in two months but I already ANTICIPATE what it would be like this year.
4. Especially during the great Lent it is important to me to PARTAKE IN MYSTERIES such as COMMUNION, ANOINTING WITH OIL and CONFESSION. I VENTURE to speak with the confidence that I FREE myself from my EVIL DESIRES when I’m in PENANCE AND REPENTANCE.

И.M. [(6) 42,5]

1. JUDAS ISCARIOT betrayed the Jesus Christ.
2. In Judaism ABRAHAM is the founding father of the special relationship between the Jewish people and God.
3. It was prophesied to the patriarch Abraham that he would have a son and that his name should be ISAAC.
4. ELIJAH was a prophet and a miracle worker; God performed many miracles through him.
5. According to Holy Scripture JACOB agreed to work seven years for Rachel, so he worked seven years for the hand of his true love.
6. All Christians know the story in the Bible where Jesus is TRANSFUGERED and becomes radiant in glory upon a mountain.
7. We are studying THE SACRAMENTS OF the CHURCH at our theological classes.
8. Now we’re taking part in the translation of the book about ORDINATION TO THE VARIOUS DEGREES OF THE PRIESTHOOD.
9. ANOINTING WITH OIL is often used as a symbol for the Holy Spirit in the Bible as in the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins.
10. Christianty has plenty of RITES which are passed from generation to the generation.
11. There are too many deep CONVICTIONS among parishioners of old generations about church rules, some of them are wrong according to the words of priests.
12. The priests demand from their “children” one very necessary thing - SHARING IN THE SACRAMENTS.
13. God has declared that our sins have separated us from Him so we need to make RECONCILIATION with God.
14. Mere mortals can't foresee the future but we know that prophets own this blessed gift.
15. Every HOLY WEEK members of the church are trying to partake in the mysteries with reverence.

А.К. [(7) 26,25]

CENSING is performed by priests in the most solemn places of worship.
SOLEA was usually decorated with elegant and expensive marbles.
The HOLY OF HOLIES was constructed as a perfect cube, it contained only the Ark of the Covenant, the symbol of Israel’s special relationship with God. The HOLY OF HOLIES was accessible only to the Israelite high priest.
Although different religions may PREACH similar moral standards and values, differences between religions can be very real and distinct.
The DIVINE LITURGY begins with the priest lifting THE GOSPEL BOOK high and making the SIGN Of CROSS with it over the ALTAR.
DEUTEROCANONICAL is the term is used in contrast to the "protocanonical books", which are contained in the Hebrew Bible.
The term CHRISMATION comes about because it involves ANOINTING the recipient of the sacrament with CHRISM.
MARRIAGE in a CHURCH, in front of God, is very important.
The most important surviving version of 1 MACCABEES is the Greek translation contained in the SEPTUAGINT.
The PENTATEUCH was translated from Hebrew into Greek as part of the SEPTUAGINT, the Greek OLD TESTAMENT. This was the Bible of the early Christian CHURCH.

М.Т. [(9) 24]

1. PARTAKING IN THE SACRAMENT of Eucharist is a miracle for me as sometimes I decide to prepare to the Holy Communion spontaneously and after the Liturgy I feel inexpressible happiness and God's Mercy on me.
2. ANOINTING WITH OIL is a wonderful sacrament during which I feel as if I am gradually being healed by the Grace of God.
3. Everyone is called to prepare themselves for TRANSFIGURATION by repentance, fasting and prayer.
4. Is is extremely important to understand that THE DEPARTED need our prayers for them greatly.
5. JACOB was merciful to his brother who was angry with JACOB. That was one of the reasons for their RECONCILIATION. We should tend to be as merciful and wise as JACOB.

M.A. [(3) 41,5]

1. Very likely I won’t be able to forget our sleepless nights last June when we were preparing for our LITURGY exam. We learnt by heart the names of the items which are kept on THE HOLY TABLE AND THE TABLE OF OBLATION, also the names of the ALTAR LOAVES.
2. I would desire to have a look at seven-branched candlesticks.

И.M. [(2,5) 36,5]

1) When the love to God PREVAILS in your soul over other feelings, you become ENDURING and ready to UNDERGO a MULTITUDE of spiritual and physical difficulties, to struggle with EVIL DESIRES and SUFFER TOIL IN PENANCE and REPENTANCE.
2) Recently I read in a book about THE SERVICE OF PREPARATION and learnt that it's impossible to start CELEBRATING THE SERVICE holy Liturgy without placing an ANTIMINS or ANTIMENSION over THE HOLY TABLE as it symbolises THE BURIAL OF CHRIST, Who sacrificed Himself for us, and without, of course, THE GOSPEL BOOK, THE CROSS, A SEVEN-BRANCHED CANDLESTICK and THE TABERNACLE.

M.O. [(8) 54,25]

1. To my shame, I don't remember the name of the Saint whose RELIC is sewn into the ANTIMENSION at the altar of our Church.
2. The PROSKOMIDIA is served by a priest or Bishop at the altar on THE TABLE OF OBLATION.
3. On the table of oblation next to the SMALL VEILS there are the COMMEMORATION BOOKS, but now priests use sheets of paper with the names of laymen written on them.
4. Since there are a lot of people in our Church, the priests usually use three CHALICES for the Eucharist.

А.Т. [(3,5) 37,75]

1. In many churches the sermon is preached immediately after the READING OF THE GOSPEL and then the deacon RECITES THE LITANY.
2. At Christmas in our Church there are always two Christmas trees in front of THE SOLEA, and the priest leaves the altar and goes to THE AMBO, where he PREACHES, standing between these trees.
3. Truth be told, I like when the priest or deacon CENSES the Church, because I can smell a pleasant FRAGRANCE emanating from THE CENSER.

А.Т. [(3,5) 34,25]

1. When I start to complain about my life, I remember that I should TAKE UP MY CROSS AND FOLLOW CHRIST.
2. In the prayer of Saint Ephrem the Syrian, we ask God TO GRANT us the spirit of chastity, humility, patience and love, and make 3 prostrations at the beginning of the prayer, 12 BOWS in the middle and 1 prostration at the end.
3. If we don't ASK GOD TO BLESS OUR THOUGHTS AND DEEDS, and to help us cope with life's difficulties, in the end we can PERISH.
4. I feel bad when I read about THE CHRIST'S DEATH ON THE CROSS, nevertheless I know that then will be THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST and everything will be fine.
5. We know that CHRIST has TWO NATURES: DIVINE AND HUMAN, while the Monophysites believed that Christ has only the DIVINE NATURE.

А.Т. [(4) 30,75]

VESPERS is traditionally served in the early evening.
A church was filled with the smell of INCENSE.
A SWEET SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE in the church that will conjure up relief.
The TABLE OF OBLATION is a table in the altar area of the church building which is used for the preparation of the bread and wine used at the liturgy.
Every morning we RECITE THE LITANIES for salvation and then prayers for the peace.

А.К. [(2,5) 19,25]

1. There is always A TRYPTICH ICON in our family’s car. It protects our way during different journeys.
2. When I had obedience in A CHURCH last year I helped to clean and LIGHT LAMPS.
3. I MADE THE SIGN OF THE CROSS and VENERATED THE RELICS of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Tikhon not long ago.

1. A priest who BLESSED ME WITH THE SIGN OF THE CROSS after the Divine Liturgy heard me out very carefully and put on the straight and narrow in my THOUGHTS AND DEEDS.
2. When I was about a year old I was baptized and WORE A SMALL CROSS AROUND THE NECK.
3. I, like other ORTHODOX CRISTIANS, ask God TO GRANT LOVE IN MY HEART in order to lead a righteous and godly life.

1. When I entered the temple I breathed A SWEET SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE of INCENSE and forgot about all worries and troubles of the worldly life.
2. A fervent PRAYER of my mother helped me miraculously to cope with some difficulties.
3. A friend of mine was reciting PRAYERS RISING UP TO GOD at VESPERS when I suddenly met him after many years.

1. My aunt made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and brought our family A CONSECRATED CROSS depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with the particle of THE HOLY land.
2. Last summer when my family and I were in THE HOLY place which is called Kurskaya Korennaya Pustyn we TOOK COMMUNION of THE HOLY mysteries during THE LITURGY and also visited all sacred springs there.
3. I learnt about ITEMS which are kept ON THE HOLY TABLE and ON THE TABLE OF THE LITURGY during exam preparation for Liturgical Tradition.

М.Ч. [(6,5) 29]

1. There is an icon of Saint Nicholas with A RELIC OF the saint.
2. My little niece likes ALTAR LOAVES very much. Our priest nearly always gives her a big ALTAR LOAF from the altar.
3. In my opinion, every person should have a COMMEMORATION BOOK, but, to tell the truth, I do not usually use it as I commemorate their names by heart.
4. My mother told me that I CENSED our flat using a thing which was similar to a CENSER.
5. As for me, AN ICON CORNER is the most important thing in our flat. I take care of it with REVERENCE.

M.A. [(3,5) 38,5]

1. I often tried to look to the INNERMOST place of the SANCTUARY in my childhood during the SERVICE in the temple, because women are forbidden to go there and I always wondered what was there.
2. My favourite FRAGRANCE of INCENSE is Jerusalem.

Э.К. [(2) 12,75]

1. When I was a child, I was always interested in a CENSER: how does it work? What RELEASES THAT PERFUMED SMOKE INTO THE AIR? As a result I always tried to look inside when Father Eugene CENSED THE CHURCH.
2. Our priest allowed one of our woman-cleaners and helpers to go into «THE HOLY OF HOLIES».

И.M. [(2) 34]

1) Yesterday, during the CELEBRATION OF THE LITURGY I saw a SERVER burn a piece of CHARCOAL, place some INCENSE on the top of the CENSER and give it to the PRESBYTER.
2) When the priest in our local CHAPEL went out of the SANCTUARY and started TO CENSE THE CHURCH during the WORSHIP, all the parishioners felt a wonderful and sweet FRAGRANCE of trees and flowers.
3) After the RECITING of LITANIES the priest went out of THE ALTAR to read the GOSPEL standing on the AMBO and then returned to THE TABLE OF OBLATION to CONSECRATE THE BREAD AND WINE for CELEBRATING THE EUCHARIST.

M.O. [(7) 46,25]

1. Everyone knows the words of Christ: "TAKE UP your CROSS AND FOLLOW ME", but actually not many people do it without complaining.
2. It is impossible to get to know the mystery of THE THREE PERSONS OF THE TRINITY, despite lots of attempts.
3. LAMENTATIONS is a really inspiring book, I mean Jeremiah's love of people.
4. There is a captivating moment in DANIEL about the statue.
5. The union of THE TWO NATURES OF CHRIST: DIVINE AND HUMAN is the mystery for us, sinners.

1. I like very much the moment of CENSING during services.
2. FRAGRANCE OF INCENSE always helps me during my praying.
3. There is a deacon in my town who RECITES LITANIES in a magnificent voice.
4. A candle is our small OFFERING to God.
5. Truth be told, FERVENT prayers always happen at night.

M.A. [(4,5) 35]

Our new PROTODEACON was ordained PRIEST on feast of Holy Trinity.
Due to taking part in HOLY COMMUNION a person can join the HOLY MYSTERY.
During one's lifetime a person can take part in five MYSTERIES: BAPTISM, CHRISMATION, CONFESSION, HOLY COMMUNION, ANOINTING WITH OIL, and other two are not so necessary and common – MARRIAGE and ORDINATION INTO PRIESTHOOD.
Light of Orthodoxy was brought to the country by Russian missionary priest monk, after that ORTHDOX CHURCH OF JAPAN began its development.
The influence of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH upon history is more than of any other organization.
The CHURCH OF SINAI consists of no more than the monastery on Mount Sinai, and due to efforts of THE ARCHBISHOP OF THE SINAI it enjoys independence.
We visited CHURCH OF CYPRUS and took part in Divine Liturgy on our holidays three years ago.
Before starting the journey to the Holy Land, pilgrims from Russia are present at an audience with HIS BEATITUDE PATRIARCH OF THE HOLY LAND AND ALL PALESTINE, and receive his blessing.
THE CHURCH OF GREECE is one of the churches which make up the communion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.
Jesus' right hand in Icons is shown as being raised to make A GESTURE OF BLESSING.
In our Church, the most common form is the so-called THREE-BAR CROSS, consisting of the usual crossbeam, a shorter crossbeam above that and another crossbeam below, the last one is slanted.
Accepting a feeble and sick body that ties you to one place and steals your many joys - that means that you ARE TAKING up YOUR CROSS.
I take my first step towards ETERNITY by receiving Holy Communion.
We can simply explain CHRIST's NATURE - Jesus is not half God and half man. He is fully divine and fully man.
VENEARATE his name and obey him in all things.
I'm standing in the centre of the NAVE in front of the SANCTUARY.
I used to make THE SIGN OF THE CROSS casually as a nice gesture for beginning and ending my prayers.
What is the significance of the HOLY DOORS?
We prayed before the ICON OF THE MOTHER OF GOD beseeching her to grant forgiveness for our sins.

А.К. [(13) 16,75]

1. My mother always says that everyone has their own CROSS and they should TAKE it UP and PRAY WITH THE WHOLE BEING.
2. Sometimes I can get easily irritated. When it happens, I ask God TO GRANT love in my heart and BLESS my DEEDS AND THOUGHTS. Then I BOW and TOUCH THE GROUND three times.

И.M. [(3) 32]

1) One of my friends, who is a very religious person, FREQUENTLY uses phrases FROM THE LETTER TO THE CORINTHIANS written by THE HOLY APOSTLE PAUL and prefers to say "KING OF GLORY" speaking about JESUS CHRIST.
2)Several days ago the priest of our cathedral in Lipetsk during his PREACHING after SERVING THE DIVINE LITURGY, developed the theme about THREE PERSONS OF THE TRINITY - FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT - and about the symbolical meaning of WEARING SMALL CROSSES AROUND OUR NECKS, as this understanding helps us in BEING ONE and FOLLOWING CHRIST together.
3) To be honest, only studying at St. Tikhon`s Orthodox University gave me an opportunity to know more about HUMAN AND DIVINE NATURES OF CHRIST who "TRAMPLED DOWN DEATH BY DEATH" as, unfortunately, I wasn't knowledgeable about it before.

M.O. [(6,5) 39,25]

1. I always try TO VENERATE THE ICONS when entering the Church.
2. Recently, I have begun reading THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW.
3. On the SIDE DOORS to the sanctuary the first Martyr, deacon Stephen is depicted.
4. My friend has a birthday in the day of the ANNUNCIATION of the Mother of God.

А.Т. [(2) 26,75]

1. There is an ICON CORNER in each room in our dormitory; as a result everyone has their WINDOW ONTO ETERNITY. ICONS which I have in my room DEPICT saints, the Mother of God and even our Lord’s baptism.
2. My family has TRYPTICH ICONS even from Diveevo. They DEPICT our Lord Jesus Christ, the icon of Theotokos named «Tenderness» and reverend father Seraphim of Sarov. So we often GATHER FOR PRAYER to VENERATE THE SAINTS, the Mother of God and to WORSHIP GOD.

И.M. [(3,5) 9,5]

1) After the Divine Liturgy our family usually GATHERS in the corner of THE NAVE and reads prayers with REVERENCE and gratitude to Christ DEPICTED in the icon in front of us.
2) Several days ago I met a very kind-hearted and shiny person who UNDERTAKES MISSIONARY WORK in Italy and works as an ICONOGRAPHER in the monastery and I was really touched when he presented me the icon of Christ with golden letters IC XC which I SURROUNDED BY white DECORATIVE TOWEL and put in an ICON CORNER in my flat.
3)It makes me relaxed when I notice TRIPTICH ICONS attached to the glove compartment in a cab as I believe it can be the MEDIUM OF MY PRAYER in any case.

M.O. [(4,5) 18]

1) It's very important for all CHRISTIANS to read what EVANGELISTS MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE AND JOHN wrote about the life of Christ from THE ANNUNCIATION to THE RESURRECTION, as HOLY SCRIPTURE contains a lot of ILLUMINATING things.
2) During the trip I had an opportunity TO KISS various ICONS OF SAINTS AND PROPHETS whom I haven't known before, but who are very much VENERATED in CHRISTENDOM.

M.O. [(6,5) 13,5]

1. It was rather curious for me to see the HOLY DOORS without icons of the ANNUNCIATION and the EVANGELISTS in the church of the Gethsemane Skete.
2. I was told that young and unmarried ladies are not allowed to read the book SONG OF SOLOMON.

M.A. [(2) 30,5]

1. Thrice he VENERATED the sacred remains.
2. SONG OF SOLOMON is the canonical book of the Old Testament, written in Biblical Hebrew by king Solomon.
3. THE HOLY DOORS are the central doors of the iconostasis, directly in front of the altar in an Orthodox Church.
4. In the New Testament ARCHANGEL MICHAEL leads God's armies against Satan's forces in the Book of the Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan.
5. THE BOOK OF DANIEL is an account of the activities and visions of Daniel, a noble Jew exiled at Babylon.

М.Т. [(2,5) 12,5]

1. SONG OF SOLOMON influenced me very strongly at a certain moment of my life.
2. My father is a PRIEST, so he can PASS THROUGH THE HOLY DOORS.
3.I didn't know before that we should MAKE THE SIGN OF THE CROSS TWICE before we KISS THE ICON.

Э.К. [(2,5) 10,75]

1. In the first months of the existence of our PARISH sanctified in honour of Sergius of Radonezh ordinary curtains served us as the HOLY DOORS.
2. We have been recently told that the EVANGELIST JOHN described events of the initial period, from Christ’s baptism to the departure for Galilee.

И.M. [(1,5) 6]

2. In my opinion, it does not matter whether we LIGHT THE CANDLE BOUGHT AT THE CANDLE DESK before or after kissing the icon.
3. Initially it was rather confusing for me to LOOK UPON saints, such as AUGUSTINE OF CANTERBURY OR PATRICK, not as strangers but as members of our own Church.
4. Sometimes it seems that our priests are VOICES CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS because many people listen to their words, however, do not embody them into reality.

M.A. [(3,5) 8,5]

When we go to CHURCH, first we get to THE NARTHEX, then to THE NAVE, where we can see THE ICONOSTASIS, behind which is THE ALTAR.
THE PATRIARCH OF CONSTANTINOPLE has been designated THE ECUMENICAL PATRIARCH since the sixth century.

М.Т. [(3) 3]

1. When we studied at the Exegesis classes in the first course, we made a study of THE FIRST and THE SECOND SAMUEL.
2. At the Religious Vocabulary class our lecturer told us that the ORTHODOX CHURCH IN AMERICA was founded by emigre clergy from Russia.

М.К. [(1) 19,75]

1. Saint Panteleimon IS venerated by the Russian Orthodox Church as the Great Martyr and Healer.
2. My Christian faith WAS STRENGTHENED even more when I obtained the grace of God.
3. I LIGHTED A CANDLE in front of the icon of the Mother of God.
4. Miraculous healing of the sick person happened through the COMMON PRAYER and faith of his relatives.

М.Ч. [(1,5) 22,6]

2. I like standing at church right under the DOME OF HEAVEN where the Lord is depicted, because this way I easily LIFT MY MIND UP INTO PRAYER and feel God’s blessing.

И.M. [(2,5) 4,5]

1. The ICON SCREEN of our church is made by the best artists of Togliatti.
2. A lot of icons presented to our archpriest are in the NARTHEX of our Church.
3. We don't often hear what the priest says because the choir is too far from the ALTAR.
4. We tried to study the SCHOLASTICISM at school, but it was very difficult.
5. To my shame, I've never read the book of NEHEMIAH.

А.Т. [(2,5) 5]

1) When I entered the CHURCH I smelled a wonderful fragrance of INCENSE and saw a gorgeous ICON SCREEN, burning LAMPS and parishioners, LIGHTING CANDLES.
2) I remember that being in Cyprus I visited an old church BUILT IN THE SHAPE OF OCTAGON with one ONION and grey DOME.

M.O. [(3) 7]

1. It took some time for me to realise that everything in Orthodox churches is made to LIFT THE MIND UP INTO PRAYER.
2. I understand that praying to God is the most important deed when we visit churches but LIGHTING THE CANDLES in churches is also of great importance to me.
3. Truth be told, our Merciful God granted me the PARISH which is indeed a SECOND HOME FOR OUR MEMBERS and me, WHERE IT IS EASY AND WELCOMING TO COME.
4. To my mind, NEHEMIAH is a rather touching book of THE OLD TESTAMENT due to the descriptions of his care about those returned from the captivity.

M.A. [(3) 5]

When I was only five years old my grandmother brought me to the CHURCH of Alexander Nevsky where for the first time in my life I received COMMUNION.
All members of my family were BAPTIZED and ANOINTED WITH chrism at a very young age.
Not long ago I went to CONFESSION to my spiritual father.

М.Ч. [(2) 2]

1. I've already learnt all THE SACRAMENTS OF THE CHURCH at school.
2. Yesterday the deacon brought to the choir a whole bunch of Orthodox SERVICE BOOKS.
3. Today in the Liturgy it seemed to us that one of our choir members was allergic to INCENSE.
4. Last year we managed to study only 12 BOOKS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT.
5. A few years ago we met HIS HOLINESS PATRIARCH OF MOSCOW AND ALL RUSSIA KIRILL in our school.

А.Т. [(2,5) 2,5]

1. My mother and I were stunned by the beauty and the uniqueness of THE CHURCH of St. Simeon the Canaanite, which is located near the town of New Athos.
2. The Diocese of Saratov and Volsk (with its center in the city of Saratov, which is the administrative center of my region/oblast) is headed by METROPOLITAN Longin.
3. I was surprised that initially in ancient times THE BETROTHAL and THE MARRIAGE were separate since there were people of high moral standards with a very strong faith.
4. My favorite part of the Divine LITURGY is when everyone is singing The Creed (The Symbol of Faith), which follows THE GREAT ENTRANCE.

E.З. [(3) 36]

1) My grandmother, who was a nun, taught me how TO MAKE the SIGN OF THE CROSS in my early childhood.
2) Being a parishioner I understood that all Christians should know THE SHAPE OF THE LITURGY, which is a very important and special form of WORSHIP in our religious life.
3) Recently I read the interview with a PRIEST who noted that, unfortunately, nowadays a lot of young people don't realize the high importance of the BETROTHAL and the MARRIAGE at all.
4) There is one ASSISTANT BISHOP in our ARCHDIOCESE in Lipetsk whose name is Euthymius.
5) In June 23, 2013 the ARCHBISHOP of Lipetsk and Elets, whose name was Nikon, was elevated to the rank of METROPOLITIAN during the Divine LITURGY in Trinity Laura of St.Sergius.

M.O. [(4) 4]

1. Our METROPOLITAN of Krasnoyarsk became a MONK in the first week of the LENTEN period receiving the new name of Panteleimon.
2. After receiving the HOLY COMMUNION we should always listen to the THANKSGIVING PRAYERS.

И.M. [(2) 2]

1. In my opinion, THE MARRIAGE is a great Gift from our Merciful God.
2. Being at THE FUNERAL SERVICES of my relatives some time ago, I could not really comprehend how FUNERALS can be comfort and joy for the relatives of the deceased and how important it is to say PRAYERS FOR THE DEAD.

M.A. [(2) 2]

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