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ECU Advanced, EVU Advanced (Group 553 - FALL 2014)

UNITS 57, 20, 14, 19:

Hi, I`ve heard that you have been to America. How was it? - Goodness, NEWS TRAVELS FAST! Well, it was unbelievable.
I`M always UP FOR a challenge.
It is a real talent TO HOLD A CONVERSATION.
It`s A FOREGONE CONCLUSION that hard work gives good fruits.
Frankly, I don`t have ingenious plan what to do after university, but I`ve got a ROUGH IDEA.
My uncle usually comes on a FLYING VISIT.
I would like to have a SURPRISE PARTY.

EVU Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate (Group 453 - SPRING 2014)

Upper-Int. UNIT 86:

Many people like to give other people A TALKING-TO, but no one likes to have A STERN REPROACH.

Upper-Int. UNITS 86, 82:

Well, TO PUT IT IN A NUTSHELL I`m AS GOOD AS GOLD, I`m always TOP OF THE CLASS, but I`m a bit SLOW OFF THE MARK, because I am sleepy.


Upper-Int. UNIT 63:

I don`t agree with literary critics who MAINTAIN that Iago has no motives for his revenge, pace Coleridge and his followers.
I`m CONVINCED that evil can`t exist without reasons.


Upper-Int. UNIT 100:

We came to that little sea-town in the middle of the night and all the hotels were full of tourists. At every door we could see «NO VACANCIES». So, we had to sleep at someone’s back porch – like real TRESPASSERS.


I hurried home; because I wanted asap to watch the news about the referendum in Crimea on BBC Channel. Actually, I am an Englishman and, you know… an MP. I have been living in UK since my childhood, but I have relatives who live there. But my TV-set was broken, so I used my PC for finding news on the Internet.


Upper-Int. 83:

It was yesterday. I was A BIT UNDER THE WEATHER and at the same time I could EAT A HORSE. Perhaps, it was all about my illness, but I was thinking I was AT DEATH’S DOOR.


Many people hide their evil deeds and thoughts behind outward PROPRIETY.
PRUDENCE and DILIGENCE are very good qualities of character.
My mood changes very quickly. Sometimes I`m LIKE A BEAR WITH A SORE HEAD and sometimes I`m IN HIGH SPIRITS.
CLEARANCE SALE is a grand occasion for girls!


Upper-Int. UNITS 79, 83:

TALKING OF Moscow, it is a very big city. WHAT WITH ONE THING AND ANOTHER millions of different people come here from other big and little towns; that’s why Moscow is too crowded and noisy. However, IF YOU ASK ME, I do love our capital – it’s my native city.


I feel very sorry for people who STUTTER OR STAMMER.
I have good SIGHT, quite good SMELL but bad HEARING.


Upper-Int. Unit 97:

It was late FALL. There were many LORRIES on the MAIN ROAD. They were full of PETROL. Drivers were eating BUISCUITS and FRENCH FRIES, while they were looking on the road. They were going on HOLIDAY after working days.


Upper-Int. UNITS 97-98, 66-67:

1. Suddenly several men went out of a dirty LORRY and bagan to THREATEN.
2. We were very frightened and began SCREAMING.
3. When the Police arrived we COMPLAINED to them.


Upper-Int. UNITS 51, 53:

I didn`t know that FROGS HIBERNATE.
I don`t understand anything in agriculture. I don`t know how to PLANT and FERTILIZE wheat.


Upper-Int. Unit 51:

Yesterday I went for a walk into the FOREST. It was a sunny day in the middle of summer. Great OAKS were beautiful with their long BRANCHES, there were green LEAVES on them. Their old BARK was black and brown. There were other trees, though (WILLOWS or PINES). Somewhere in the forest, among the trees, HEDGEHOGS or SQUIRRELS were running.


Upper-Int. Unit 55:

I like HOLIDAYS. And I experience them in different ways. For example, CHRISTMAS, for me, is a BREATH-TAKING holiday. We all wait for some miracles at that time, decorating MIGHTY Christmas-tree. The Day of our Victory (the 9th of May) is very LEGENDARY.


Upper-Int. Units 47-48:

I was ROASTING some TURKEY, when suddenly I heard HEAVE METAL. I was given a fright. But it was just a mobile ringtone of my brother. I went to find him. Of course, when I returned, my turkey was OVERDONE.


Upper-Int. Units 47-48:

One day I went to the restaurant. There were a few musicians who played FOLK or, maybe, JAZZ tones. The melody sounded familiar to me. Maybe, it was a SOUNDTRACK from a famous film. Anyway, I sat at the table and took a menu. I decided to order a VEGETABLE SALAD, a piece of CHICKEN with CURRY and a cup of coffee.


EVU Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate (Group 453 - FALL 2013)

Upper-Int. UNIT 38-39:

When I was a teenager I thought that I was an OPTIMISTIC and EASY-GOING person, but now I understand that I'm a PESSIMISTIC, ARGUMENTATIVE and SENSITIVE person.

I`d like to mention several aspects in grammar that exist in English and Russian languages. FIRST OF ALL it is UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS such as INFORMATION, PAPER, ADVISE. (unit 28-29) Secondly, there are words that can occur only in plural for example GOGGLES, SHEARS, PYJAMAS. (unit 30) IN CONCLUSION I WHOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT THAT these languages are rather similar in some respects. (unit 28)

Jim's day didn’t start well for the morning. First, he broke a cup of hot coffee and now he had a stain on his expensive white shirt. There had been no electricity during the day, and the lights weren't working nearly into the night. After leaving for work, he missed the bus. That is why he was in a bad mood.

It was the worst day of my life. Definitely, I got out of my bed on the wrong side. My T-shirt was ruined after the last party. I dropped all fragile things in my room. Everything was getting worse, and to crown it all I broke my leg!

EVU Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate (Group 353)

He had just finished reading a newspaper, so he stood up from the sofa and put it on the coffee table. Before going to bed he went to the kitchen and took a yogurt from the fridge. After eating it he went to the bedroom, then took pyjamas from the wardrobe. Then he went to bed and switched on the lamp to read a book.

Pre-Int. Units 53-54, Upper-Int. Unit 13:

Jim lives on the outskirts of town and his office is far away from home. It is situated in the city center, near a block of flats. Jim doesn't want to be late for work, that's why he sets himself a strict routine of the day. He usually wakes up at 7:00 a.m.; he has breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Then he gets to the office by 8:30 a.m.

Pre-Int. Units 50-52, Upper-Int. Units 11-12:

In a crowd of people pushing each other she waved me goodbye. It was my lovely sister, whom I hadn't seen for two years, and who came to visit me. Three years ago she was a teenager. Now she is in her early twenties. She is twenty one years old.

1. In old times a young girl was named as a damsel.
2. Platonism is the teaching of the Greek philosopher Plato about the existence of things which correspond to their abstract forms.

Government has always been very influential at all times. And sometimes it does not play a positive role in the life of ordinary people. To my mind, it is very important - to keep the balance between despotism, influence and assistance.

Units 47-49:

My sister Lucy is 20 years old. She has a curly blond hair and a straight chin, she is very tall, and of medium build. She is very friendly and pleasant, but sometimes she is boring.

Units 43-45:

Earthquakes, torrential floods. The weather in February is like the weather in March. There is a dangerous drought in summer. All of that are the results of wrong interaction of humans with nature.

There are many people round the world who have a great interest in outdoor activity. Some people enjoy diving, others prefer mountain climbing. These people find their lives boring without danger. A Nepalese has climbed Mount Everest for 17 times. It is known that such activities form the human character.

I`d love to travel round the world and to go into space. There are so many wonderful natural phenomena, such as thunder and lightning, snow and ice, sunlight and rainbow.There are so many wonderful animals and insects in the wild such as tiger, giraffe, zebra, elephant, ant, spider and butterfly. Thanks be to God for our wonderful world!

Units 41—44:

Last year my father had a vocation, so we went to the sea cost of the Red Sea. Well, we very much liked the weather, my father said, it was quite similar to the weather in Greece during the summer. In the afternoon it was hot, but in the morning we felt beautiful gentle breeze near the sea. In the night we were able to see lightning during the thunderstorms.

A friend of mine, Tony, who is very similar to me, comes to visit me one day. We have a lot in common, because of our similar interests in literature, in movies and in politics. He decided to visit me because he got a ticket which allows him to go on a journey round the world. He wanted to see me before he leaves for the USA.

Units 37—40:

Carolina had a serious operation last month. But despite the numerous doctor’s apprehensions she got better as soon as it was possible for her youthful organism. Soon she could easily walk along the seaside without someone’s supporting. And her friends could hardly believe their eyes.

Units 33-36:

This summer I visited Germany. I couldn't do it without some knowledge of German, so I attended German courses last winter. After it I felt like going to Germany and my dreams came true. And this trip was marvellous in all respects.

After putting on my sunglasses and light trousers, I went for a walk on the beach. The weather was fine, but it was getting hotter and hotter. Very small waves were hitting the sandy beach. People were walking towards me and smiled. So did I. I was smiling at them.

Yesterday morning my sister and I went shopping. We bought sunglasses for our brother, a pair of trainers for our granny and new special scales for our mother. So, after our shopping I didn’t feel like going home and I offerd my sister to enjoy ourselves in park. She didn’t mind. Our evening was terrific.

Units 28-31:

We will be together, let’s catch the moment.
It's getting colder on the beach, I led
Behind you to your house,
Drops of that rain
Are grey like a mouse.
When we are getting closer, face to face,
After that raining race,
You are saying: "Don't leave me alone".
My answer: "I will not". We are drinking tea
And our conversation is going on in a cafe.

Yesterday morning I got up, washed myself, had a breakfast, got dressed quickly and left my home at 8 a.m. as usual. It was November outside and it was getting cold, so, I decided to catch a bus and went to the University. In the bus I was listening to the Radio and I heard very good news about elections in the USA.

I got a message from my friend yesterday that she wanted to come and visit me. I didn`t mind visiting with her. But two hours later she left another message that she had caught a cold.

Unit 27:

I hope that you'll never break my heart.
You see, I love you, so can we start
Our conversation, lady, young and smart?
Sunny day on the beach, summer shadows
On the sand...
I will keep your hands in my hands, I'll give you a hug.
Then you'll understand
That I love you so much
More than anyone in this land!

I broke a record last year. I had not been in touch with my friend for three weeks. But one day when we met at last she simply gave me a push and then a big sunny smile. I saw what she meant and gave her a conciliatory hug. It is very difficult not to keep in touch with your old friends for so long.

Yesterday on Monday Scarlett gave me a ring and asked me to give her a hand. She said that it was January and it was very cold outdoors. She kept freezing. So, I saw what she meant and promised to give her a down-padded coat and a fur-cap that would keep her body and head warm.

From a girl’s diary:
Well, my main aims for this year are:
1. Break my previous record, because I’m the fastest and the best.
2. Keep fit!!!!!!! Running helps me to do it.
3. Do not break anybody’s heart.

Everyone knew that John was breaking the law. Honestly speaking, his brother Sam tried to give him a hand after the incident and give some advice too, but it didn’t help at all. He kept ignoring his aid and they have not kept in touch anymore; unfortunately people could not see the reason of his behavior.

Units 23-26:

Caroline was looking after her little brother when their parents weren’t at home. She made up an interesting game for Peter and turned the TV on to enjoy herself. Suddenly Caroline heard a great noise. Peter fell over and hurt his hand. At the same time parents arrived and the girl had a problem.

We were driving the car, when suddenly the car broke down. Mark had a look at all parts of the car without results. All my friends and I tried to sort it out but ineffectually. We had a think what we could do in this situation. Ann suggested: “Mark, maybe you will have a try to start the engine again?” And, what do you think??? The engine began working and we continued along our way. So it took us half an hour to solve the problem.

I like doing shopping. It takes me 6-7 hours to make the round of a shopping centre like "Mega", and if I want to have a rest I go there. I like "Mega" because it has got a skating-rink, restaurants, hairdressing salons, etc. If you are hungry or thirsty you needn`t go out of the shopping centre because you can have a meal there. If you find a good pair of shoes in the morning you can have a think whether it is worth to buy them. Or if you make a mistake and buy a pair of shoes in the morning, you can take them back in the evening. If you run out of money you can get through to your friend. He will join you and lend you some. Also you can make friends with other buyers. If you`ve made a decision to do the shopping don`t put it off, take a taxi to a shopping centre and have a nice time!

I get on well with my little niece, so, one Sunday, I picked her up from the kindergarten, and was at home looking after her; suddenly I got an idea to go to the dolphinarium. I was trying to find out some information about dolphins to tell my niece who they are, I even looked it up in the dictionary. When I found the tickets on the Internet, I told her : «Don`t sit down, hurry up, put on your coat! now we are going to the dolphinarium!» So, we went to the dolphinarium and had really great time there. All of the animals and the handler did well!

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