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Religious Vocabulary
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Условные обозначения:
  • CAPITALS: active vocabulary words and collocations students have used
  • Underline: elements that have been corrected by the tutor
  • Underline and Delete: superfluous erroneous elements that have been corrected by the tutor
  • Italics: where appropriate, elements which explain the corrected mistakes
  • Dotted underline: elements not graded for various reasons (e.g. dubious or erroneous statements, vague in meaning).
  • [numbers in brackets]: grades students have accumulated by the time of this post (include grades for word tests)
  • [(number in parenthesis inside the brackets)]: grades the student has received for this particular post
  • [underlined numbers in brackets]: mid-term grades (include grades for word tests, class attendance, posts, as well as deductions in fines)
  • [numbers in brackets in bold type]: total number of grades students have accumulated throughout the semester (continuous assessment) by the end of semester

4th year of study: Autumn 2017

А.Д. [() ]

"Orthodox Quote of the Week"

Ю.К. [() ]

"Orthodox Quote of the Week"

М.К. [() >]

А.C. [() ]

"Orthodox Quote of the Week"

А.Щ. [() ]

"Orthodox Quote of the Week"

М.П. [() ]

"Orthodox Quote of the Week"

С.Ф. [() ]

В.К. [() ]

А.М. []

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