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Условные обозначения:
  • CAPITALS: active vocabulary words and collocations students have used
  • Underline: elements that have been corrected by the tutor
  • Underline and Delete: superfluous erroneous elements that have been corrected by the tutor
  • Italics: where appropriate, elements which explain the corrected mistakes
  • Dotted underline: elements not graded for various reasons (e.g. dubious or erroneous statements, vague in meaning).
  • [numbers in brackets]: grades students have accumulated by the time of this post (include grades for word tests)
  • [(number in parenthesis inside the brackets)]: grades the student has received for this particular post
  • [underlined numbers in brackets]: mid-term grades (include grades for word tests, class attendance, posts, as well as deductions in fines)
  • [numbers in brackets in bold type]: total number of grades students have accumulated throughout the semester (continuous assessment)

EVU Upper-Intermediate/ Business VU Intermediate / ECU Intermediate

4th year of study: SPRING 2017

EVU 94 / BVU 65

A few days ago I RAN INTO an old friend on my HOME GROUND. Amanda came to my office as part of a NEGOTIATING TEAM. I offered coffee and SMALL TALK to her, and I tried to create a RELAXED ATMOSPHERE. I asked her about her fiancé and she said that her patience has RUN OUT and she TURNED DOWN his proposal. She has been LET DOWN so many times in the past, he BROKE HER HEART on numerous occasions. Amanda said that she is trying to TURN OVER A NEW LEAF this year.

EVU 95 / BVU 66

Mike: My BIKE’S been stolen! It cost me 200 QUID. Can you believe it? Now I have to go by TUBE.
Rose: I heard on the TELLY that there is a gang of KIDS that steal bikes and exchange it for BOOZE.
Mike: Really? I hope their MUMS and DADS are proud. Anyway, can I use your MOBILE to call a CAB? I need to take my cat to the VET.

EVU/BVU 96-67

Mary: I’ve got a terrible BELLY ACHE!
Claire: I think that you should make an appointment with the QUACK.
Mary: Are you a PRAT? I was LEGLESS last night! My mother shouldn’t know about it. The party was a TOP-HOLE!
Claire: Does anyone even say it these days? My grandma used to say such words back in the 30s. Anyway, how was the BOOZE?
Mary: It was alright, I only drunk PLONK anyway. It was such a crazy night. In the middle of the night came in the COPS. They even took a few guys to the NICK.
Claire: What for?
Mary: Apparently there was some GRASS involved.

J.K. [(15) 71]

EVU 88, Business 59

- Hey, Granny! I've got some good news for you! Next month we are going to have a PRESS CONFERENCE, where our chief executive will INTRODUCE me to journalists as his partner. It's a great success, isn't it?
- Has he already told you about it?
- No, but he will choose the senior partner next week.
- But I'm a good worker indeed. I work 6 days a week. Before my last STAND-UP PRESENTATION I prepared well: found out about the AUDIENCE, the VENUE, the FACILITIES, planned the CONTENT and STRUCTURE, prepared VISUAL AIDS, REHEARSED a lot. My TALK was really prosperous.
- So what? ONE SWALLOW DOESN'T MAKE A SUMMER. And why has you prepared alone? MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK.
- TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH. And also I wanted to stand out among the others.
- I would advice you not to PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET.
- But I also gave LECTURES and held SEMINARS, different WORKSHOPS, etc.
- Okey-okey, do more, speak less. And do remember - TAKE CARE OF THE PENCE AND THE POUNDS WILL TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES.
- Oh, thank you, my wise Granny!

EVU 89, Business 60

- Granny, I had a recording of Joe Madler's performance!
The speaker tried to GAIN THE AUDIENCE'S ATTENTION by telling an ANECDOTE. Then he didn't DIGRESS and started to present his speech.
- Do turn on your recording! I'm intrigued!
"So, I think we are not going to wait for LATECOMERS. Ok, TO BEGIN LET'S LOOK AT such thing as a trust. Hmm... Our life is full of trusts, isn't it? What do you MAKE OF IT? We always ought to DO OUR BEST: in our childhood we had to DO OUR HOMEWORK after school, to MAKE AN EFFORT in our education, OF COURSE all of us MADE MISTAKES... *rasp*
- Is that all? Did you just MAKE OFF in the middle of the speech?
- No, my voice recorder is seemed to be broken...

Business 61

Last week I was on the training seminar "How to make an effective presentations" and there I learnt some important things about BODY LANGUAGE. FIRSTLY, you should MAKE AN EYE CONTACT with the audience, also you should use GESTURES and avoid MANNERISMS. The KEY PHRASES are also very important. As for the VISUAL AIDS, such things as FLIPCHART, WHITEBOARD or BLACKBOARD, PROJECTOR and SCREEN can be very useful for you.

EVU 90

- All these meetings BRING ABOUT the public commotion. The aim of Mr Provalniy is to BRING DOWN the government. We are sure he is not able to BRING IT OFF and TAKE CONTROL of the situation. Those who TAKE PART IN demonstrations should be immediately seized.
He's just a fraud who TAKES IN the citizens. Why did they just TAKE TO him so fast? We ourselves should BRING our people ROUND that he won't TAKE OFF.
His ideas will never be BROUGHT INTO FORCE. Don't let him think that his investigations which he seemed to TAKE PRIDE IN, TAKE people's BREATH AWAY!
- But he BROUGHT TO LIGHT so many facts about the flagrant corruption...
- It doesn't matter. There would be no opposition in our country.

П.П. [(27) 34]

EVU 97


Д.К. [(46) 85]


Shean's French isn't that good but Shean LOOKS ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, he's an optimist. He'S LOOKING FORWARD TO improving his language skills. To achieve it, he LOOKS UP all unknown words in the dictionary. He says he'll never LOOK DOWN HIS NOSE AT those who don't speak French.

Everyone agrees how important it is to SEE TO the wedding in advance! Sometimes it's hard TO SEE THE WOODS FOR THE TREES but it is important not to get too distracted by small details.

Lola and Josh agreed to meet up but Lola's phone RAN OUT of battery. Thankfully, they eventually RAN INTO each other and thus were able to RUN OVER the plans again to make sure they'd thought of everything. Josh was completely exhausted because he RUNS his own business where he regularly RUNS OFF HIS FEET.

At first everyone thought Rihanna would have TURNED DOWN the offer to sing in Rybinsk but she actually TURNED UP. There was a very large TURNOUT at the concert. Everyone agrees she did such a GOOD TURN and TURNED OVER A NEW LEAF for the city of Rybinsk.

Olga acted as if she had LET IT SLIP that she had cheated on her boyfriend. He felt LET DOWN but wouldn't want TO LET GO OF her despite her LETMEBES.

- Hello, how's life?
- Terrible! Last week our car BROKE DOWN, burglars BROKE INTO our house and, it seems, we BROKE THE RECORD for misfortunes.
- Does your mother know?
- No, it would BREAK HER HEART.

Д.К. [(12) 39]

EVU 95

Mr. and Mrs. Rabinovich were consuming ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES while their OFFSPRING were running round and round the ABODE. The couple was saying ultimate GOODBYE to their RESIDENCE because their shares HAD GONE AMISS, or, as Mr. Rabinovich put it: "Everything's WENT PEAR-SHAPED".
Meanwhile little Tom and Sarah Marvins were having a lemonade DRINK and in their tiny FLAT. They needed a rest after they'd tried to teach the cat walk on two legs and time to discuss what WENT WRONG and how to improve the training technique. The CHILDREN weren't going to say BYE-BYE to the wonderful idea.
Laura Demi was too young to have KIDS. She was one of those college girls who always kept BOOZE in their PLACE and flirtatiously said CHEERIO instead of BYE.

Lucy had spent 2 QUIDS on SPUDS. She wanted to cook something for her MUM AND DAD. While she was in the store, someone stole her BIKE. She chose not to get a CAB and went home by TUBE. In there she came across her sister who worked as a VET. She complained about shortage of equipment in her LAB. They agreed to PHONE each other more often. Later in the evening Lucy was watching TELLY and flipping through a PAPER when she heard an ADVERT by The Lost and Found. Maybe someone thought the bike was lost and took it to the lost property office? She grabbed her MOBILE and dialed the number.

Д.К. [(14) 27]

EVU 96

- Look at the PIGS down the road!
- Do you mean COPPERS, you JERK?
- I have no respect for the FUZZ after they sent my brother to the NICK for the DOPE.
- What GRASS was it?
- SNOW, I think? He's always HIGH.
- But who acted as a NARK?
- Some WANKER. The DICKHEAD will get it when I've identified him.
- I know people who can help you find him. But you'll need DOUGH for it.
- Deal! I've got lots left of the last LOOT.
- I've had a BEVVY but I want to get PISSED. I've got DOSH to buy BOOZE. How about you?
- I have READIES but I'd rather we had A FIX in the BOG.
- You're ARSEHOLD already!
- No, I'm just PIE-EYED after PLONK, PRAT.
- ACE.

Д.К. [(13) 13]

EVU 90, 91, 96

- I can't GET RID OF this thought that while your HUBBY is sitting in the NICK for his CROOK you have to make DOUGH and PUT UP your flat for his relatives. Moreover, they appear to SET SIGHTS on your property. I suppose you should GET RID OF these people if you don’t want to be TAKEN IN.
- Our conversation GOT OFF TO A BAD START. As I can see, news GET ROUND too fast… Well, this situation really GETS ME DOWN but I’m sure I will GET ON. You can’t BRING ME ROUND to GET OUT OF my moral duties. These people are unable to GET BY and I’m gonna help them until we GET AT another solution.

EVU 88, 92, 93, 94

1) He was sure that he thoroughly thought this plan through and PUT THE WORLD TO RIGHTS with the whole department but the result didn’t live up to his expectations – that’s why they say not to COUNT CHICKENS BEFORE THEY ARE HATCHED. Moreover, it's better to have different plans in case one of them doesn’t work out. As the saying goes, DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET.
2) The first time I saw her she was wearing so weird clothes that I didn’t even want to talk to such a peculiar person. Later I learnt by experience that she was A GOOD EXAMPLE of the rule "NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER".
3) - I don’t need these tickets to the theatre, why should I GO TO GREAT LENGTHS to take them? - DON’T LOOK A GIFT-HORSE IN THE MOUTH. You got them for free!
4) THE STORY GOES THAT when you start your business don’t expect to become a millionaire at once, MAKE A GO OF it step by step. TAKE CARE OF THE PENCE AND THE POUNDS WILL TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES.
5) - I hope our boss doesn’t return too soon. We deserve some freedom from his supervision. - I’m afraid such freedom is harmful. If there is nobody LOOKING OUT workers become so lazy! It is true indeed that WHEN THE CAT’S AWAY THE MICE WILL PLAY.
- But you will probably agree that his tactics are imprudent. He is so SET IN HIS WAYS. He wants us to play his own game and never asks for opinions. He just forgets that YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE IT DRINK.
6) - Congratulations to you! You have finally passed this exam! I suppose we should celebrate it. - Well, yes, but there are five more of them. My work is good AS FAR AS IT GOES. I don’t see reasons to feel happy – ONE SWALLOW DOESN’T MAKE A SUMMER.
7) I didn’t believe what they said about him. I thought they were just envious of his accomplishments. But as it turned out, THERE’S NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE. The whole story he told about himself was just A PUT-UP JOB. He himself LET IT SLIP. But still there is no sense in bullying him – who doesn’t make mistakes? When it comes to it, I PUT MY FOOT DOWN that PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULDN’T THROW STONES.
8) - I need to concentrate on this work! Just LET ME BE, you are PUTTING ME OFF. After all, TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH.
- We are sorry, we just wanted to do you A GOOD TURN so you could have a rest. You have been ON THE GO all day! As they say, MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK.
9) - I can’t PUT UP WITH them! They are always LOOKING DOWN THEIR NOSES at anyone they think is inferior to them.
- Try to SET ASIDE their behavior, just LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, at least you don’t have to have business with them.
10) - Don’t make a fool of me! I’m not SEEING things, I’ve already returned your money. -I’m dreading BREAKING THE BAD NEWS to you but you haven’t.
11) I’m LOOKING FORWARD TO graduating from university. I hope I can TURN OVER A NEW LEAF and start something new. Now I SET MY SIGHTS on becoming a doctor. That’s all I’m PUTTING MY MIND TO. Maybe I’ll be able to GO FAR in my career if nothing COMES BETWEEN.

Ю.Г. [(26) 69]

EVU 88 / ECU 59

I decided to enter the Oxford University. That was the only place where I wanted to study. My mother said that it was a bad idea and that I shouldn’t PUT ALL MY EGGS IN ONE BASKET. She thinks that the College in our town is not that bad and that I shouldn’t JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. But people say a lot of nasty things about this College, I believe that THERE’S NO SMOKE WITHOUT THE FIRE. I was in a high spirit all summer, waiting for the results to come. I told all of my friends about my plans for the September in Oxford University. But my best friend Alexa told me to not COUNT MY CHICKENS BEFORE THEY ARE HATCHED.

EVU/BVU 89-60

I’m so busy lately. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to catch a breath. OK. TO BEGIN, LET’S LOOK AT the reason behind my misfortune. It all started with my promotion. Since then my life has become a living ANECDOTE. Now I have a lot of responsibilities and sometimes it feels like the whole world depends on me. I can’t DO a day WITHOUT a coffee. I always worry what my boss MAKES OF me. I try to DO MY BEST. My responsibilities are: to MAKE ARRANGMENTS, PHONE CALLS and if needed A CUP OF TEA.

EVU/BVU 90-61

Rachel: Yeah I said the same, but I wish I could TAKE BACK what I said. Let’s just say he didn’t take it well. I’m still afraid to MAKE EYE CONTACT with him.
Jake: It sounds awful, to be honest. We should have BROUGHT it INTO THE OPEN, so no one says it to him. Anyway, how is your boss? Is he still as demanding as he used to be? Don’t let him TAKE ADVANTAGE OF you! I know that HE TAKES YOU FOR GRANTED. Just let him see that you really do BRING THE BEST OF that company. Don’t TAKE everything IN YOUR STRIDE.

EVU/BVU 91-62

Paul: Have you heard the news about the robbers that GOT AWAY with 1 million?
Sarah: What? No, lately I’ve GOT TERRIBLY BEHIND with the news. I have no idea what is going on in the world.
Paul: You should GET AT it! I don’t know how you GO ON with your day without knowing anything. Sarah: Well, bad news always GET ME DOWN.
Paul: I think that you’re just trying to GET OUT OF reality. You’ll GET OVER your depression in some time, but not knowing the news is unallowable luxury. You’re a part of this society so you should know everything.
Sarah: THAT’S A FAIR POINT. I’ll do my research.
Paul: Are you saying this just to GET RID OF me?
Sarah: Certainly not! But I’M AFRAID we have RUN OUT OF TIME. See you next week.

EVU/BVU 92-63

Kate: Have you heard the news about Sam?
Jim: No, what about her?
Kate: She PUT her name FORWARD for election to the sorority committee. Her best friend Alicia also PUT IN proposal forms. They both are very good at PUTTING their IDEAS ACROSS. But Sam has a talent of PUTTING her opponents DOWN and PUTTING IN a remark just at the right time. Sometimes Sam is unbearable and Alicia has a hard time PUTTING UP WITH her rudeness.
Jim: Well, Sam has always been SET IN HER WAYS. I think that Alicia should apply to the other sorority too and not PUT ALL HER EGGS IN ONE BASKET. Samantha is a tough competitor.

J.K. [(19,5) 19,5]

EVU 89

Every weekend we DID SHOPPING with my friend, but last time we had to DO WITHOUT it, because my friend was short of money. So, our old custom was DONE AWAY WITH in a moment and we MADE A DECISION to stay at home and DO THE HOUSEWORK. We MADE AN AGREEMENT that he would MAKE the house UP and I would DO SOME GARDENING, DO COOKING and WASHING UP. Three hours later I MADE OFF MAKING FOR the park for a walk. I MADE my SUGGESTION but my friend was very tired, I MADE AN ATTEMPT to MAKE UP TO HIM but it was useless, so I had to MAKE a PHONE CALL to my sister and she agreed to go with me. This wonderful stroll with her MADE UP FOR the failed shopping.

EVU 94

This day RAN HER completely OFF HER FEET. In the early morning she WENT TO SEE her mother OFF at the airport and RAN INTO her boyfriend who was with another woman who seemed to be LOOKING DOWN HER NOSE AT EVERYONE. Firstly she thought that she might be SEEING THINGS because her boyfriend RAN BUSINESS and should have been in another city. She GOT EVERYTHING at once. Although she WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO GETTING MARRIED to him and had even SEEN ABOUT arrangements for her wedding a year in advance, now she knew that it was over. He BROKE HER HEART. She was at least LET DOWN but tried to LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE. She came up to her car and tried to start it, but it didn't work, it had BROKEN DOWN. A man nearby wanted to do her a GOOD TURN and offered a lift but she TURNED DOWN his offer, she didn't want to talk to anyone she just wanted that everybody LET HER BE for an eternity or at least for that day. She LOOKED UP a taxi service number in a phone book and finally got home. But it was not all THE BAD NEWS BROKEN TO her that day. She discovered that her house had been BROKEN INTO. That day BROKE all the RECORDS for the most terrible day.

А.Я. [(18,5) 58]

М.С. [6]

Н.Т. [2]

Е.З. [16]

А.К. [36]

4th year of study: AUTUMN 2016

BVU (57), EVU (83)

Whenever I try to PROVE MY POINT, it’s very difficult for me to remain COURTEOUS and not to LOSE MY TEMPER if people have DIFFERENCES OF OPINION with me. Maybe I become LIKE A BEAR WITH A SORE HEAD, because sometimes people seem to SHAKE IN THEIR SHOES. However, it depends on my mood: when I am IN HIGH SPIRITS, I don’t GET CARRIED AWAY by the argument and KEEP A COOL HEAD.

EVU 82, 84, 85

Have you ever met a SLOWCOACH? A person who is always SLOW OFF THE MARK, may be a bit of AN ODD-BALL, and appears such a LAZY BONES? If you try to GET A GRASP of what’s happening inside this person you eventually GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THINGS. You may discover a person who is AS GOOD AS GOLD. He HAS A WAY WITH different AWKWARD CUSTOMERS, because he has GOT THE GIFT OF THE GAB and is capable of POURING OIL ON TROUBLED WATERS. Besides, he can be a TOP-NOTCH psychologist. You see, IT WOULD GO A LONG WAY to recognize his inner strength.

EVU 80, 83

There are some days when the bed is AS HARD AS AN IRON and you wake up on the wrong side of it. Then to feel AS SICK AS A PARROT is AS EASY AS FALLING OFF A LOG. Almost everything in your eyes is LIKE A RED RAG TO A BULL, you go around LIKE A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP and in addition you’ve got a BRAIN LIKE A SIEVE! However there are other days when you SLEEP LIKE A LOG, your brain is AS QUICK AS A FLASH and it seems that you HAVE EYES LIKE A HAWK. In those days your plans WORK LIKE A DREAM and you are ON CLOUD NINE!

EVU 79

WHEN IT COMES TO efforts to contact him, it becomes clear that it is almost impossible. AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT, we get through to him, but WHAT WITH ONE THING AND ANOTHER the phone is busy. IF ALL ELSE FAILS we could go to his home and see him there, but AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED it’s very possible he is not there. IF THE WORST COMES TO THE WORST, we’ll cancel the meeting.

ECU 60

I have NOTHING BUT PRAISE FOR the issue of this journal and OFFER MY CONGRATULATIONS to the editorial staff. The THUNDER of APPLAUSE for the last article was RICHLY DESERVED. Certainly, the staff cannot TAKE FULL CREDIT FOR its success; we must also WARMLY CONGRATULATE the editor in chief.
At first her parents HEARTILY APPROVED of her new boyfriend. But lately he was ROUNDLY CRITICISED for his vital interests. Her choice had earned UNIVERSAL CONDEMNATION in the family and parents STRENUOUSLY OBJECTED TO the development of this romantic relationship.

EVU 87

He’s such a difficult child. He only wishes to PUT HIS FEET UP and WATCH THE BOX. When he has little time and can only FRESHEN UP and GET A BITE TO EAT, he wants to HAVE A NAP and it seems that he IS READY TO CRASH OUT.

EVU 86

People differ in their manner of speaking. There are people who always START THE BALL ROLLING and then only listen carefully. Some people are able to GET TO THE POINT soon and are not LONG-WINDED. If a person is not smart he takes risks to TALK RUBBISH, on the contrary, a brainy man TALKS SENSE. There are direct and frank people who try to SPEAK THEIR MIND, and shy people who CAN’T GET A WORD IN EDGEWAYS as usual. If a person has problems with articulation, the interlocutors CAN’T MAKE HEAD OR TAIL OF WHAT HE SAYS. TO PUT IT IN A NUTSHELL, opinions differ, and the more number of people are talking – the more difficult it is to WRAP UP THE DISCUSSION. Moreover, people can’t read each other’s mind so they often GET THE WRONG END OF THE STICK.

А.Б. [(31,5) 64]

BVU Unit 48

On Monday Iulia GAVE ME A RING. But at that very moment I was trying to TELEPHONE a CALL CENTRE contacting a HELP LINE to consult about first week of pregnancy. Then I had to CALL a RESERVATION LINE of another call centre to book plane tickets, as I had decided to spend my weekend in Turkey. So I could not receive Iulia's BELL and when I was trying to PHONE her back my MOBILE PHONE's battery went dead.
Alas, as I could not use my CELLPHONE I decided to find a PUBLIC TELEPHONE. I spent a half of an hour looking for a PAYPHONE, and with anger sent Iulia a message on my PAGER, "Iulia, my CELLULAR PHONE is dead, moreover, I can't use my PHONE CARD as there is no payphone next to me! I'm stressed! I'm gonna sauna. See u at home on the skype through my WEBCAM."

BVU Unit 51

Nadya: Hi, Natasha! How are you? I haven't seen you for ages. Would you like to meet me on Monday?
Natasha: Good morning, my dear! I'm fine. To meet you is great idea. I CANNOT MAKE Monday. SOMETHING HAS COME UP. I HAVE GOT TO go to Petrozavodsk to see my grandmother as she was feeling bad. HOW ABOUT Tuesday?
Nadya: What a pity! How is she now? Well, Tuesday at 3 p.m. will be all right. CAN YOU MAKE 3 p.m.?
Natasha: Now she is better, thank you. Just a minute! Is Tuesday the 7th of December? Can we PUT IT OFF till the 12th of next week? I've completely forgotten about my exams at university. They will be exactly this week.
Nadya: Oh, my darling! I'm afraid that day WON'T BE POSSIBLE. I'm going to work during the day.
Natasha: We need to PUT BACK our meeting. CAN WE LEAVE IT OPEN? I'M COMPLETELY SNOWED UNDER during a couple of following weeks. TALK TO YOU SOON, NO DOUBT. Nadya: I'LL GET BACK IN TOUCH when I'm not so busy. Nice talking to you.

EVU Unit 76

A house was located in a SHADY corner of the garden. I entered the first room. А table with a beautiful POLISHED SURFACE stood in the middle. Behind it there was a bed with a SILKY baldachin of VIVID colours and four SMOOTH cotton cushions DOWNY TO THE TOUCH. A pair of SHINY leather shoes was hidden under the bed. A FURRY sheepskin rug decorated the wall above it. The light in the room was too DIM so that curtains seemed to have DULL colours, although they were bright vinous. A lonely rose with PRICKLY thorns stood in the vase on the windowsill. There is nobody here.
I went out. The ground was ROUGH UNDERFOOT. Then I looked at my GNARLED hands with JAGGED nails on them. I couldn't sleep properly at least two nights in a row. It was clear for me: Mary had played a SLIPPERY trick with me. DAZZLING lighting of headlamps illuminated a SLIPPERY road. I coudn't see the driver's face. Someone got out of this SLEEK new car.

BVU Unit 53

Some days ago I SENT AN EMAIL with my photos ATTACHED to my pen-friend GLeb from the Ukraine. He EMAILED ME BACK yesterday. Here is the letter:
THANKS FOR YOUR EMAIL. I WAS OVER THE MOON when I received it. It was funny to read about your adventures in the mountains. It is an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE! I hope one day I could be there too. What amazing pictures of Everest you have sent! I would like you to appreciate my piece of art. PLEASE FIND ATTACHED a Word document with my story. IF YOU CAN'T READ this file PLEASE LET ME KNOW. AFAIK you are studying philology at the University. Could you correct my work as an expert? I need it so much.
As for my mood, you know, I FEEL DOWN IN THE DUMPS. First of all, I'M IN THE RED. Then, as you remember, I got a new job. When I first met my new boss I GOT THE IMPRESSION he might be a difficult person. There was a sort of TENSION between us. Now I HAVE A FEELING he would like to get rid of me. I believe my boss IS A PAIN IN THE NECK. He IS AS DAFT AS A BRUSH. Maybe I'm becoming RIDICULOUSLY OVER-SENSITIVE, I don't know.. But I've decided to change my job. HTH. ALL THE BEST,

EVU Unit 48, BVU Unit 56

Hi, my name is Anya! I'm an eleven-year-old school student. My best friend is Klava. She has a HEART OF GOLD. Klava is very QUICK OFF THE MARK. She is TOP OF THE CLASS. I'm a direct opposite, a bit SLOW OFF THE MARK. My brother Ivan is in the same grade as me. My teacher says he is A COLD FISH. I don't like our teacher Marya Klimovna. THE WAY I SEE IT she is such A PAIN IN THE NECK. My parents say she is such AN AWKWARD CUSTOMER. The only person who likes her is Klava. But Klava is a real KNOW-ALL. Sonya is a TEACHER'S PET and for this reason she is a bit of A BIG-HEAD. Our Kostya is a LAZY-BONES. My brother believes he GETS ON EVERYONE'S NERVES. IN MY OPINION, Kostya is ROUND THE BEND and AN ODD-BALL. IT'S CLEAR TO ME THAT Kostya is AS HARD AS NAILS.

ECU Unit 56, EVU Unit 79

There is a POPULAR BELIEF that ambidexters can't live normal lives. Some people think ambidexterity is a frightful verdict: ambidexters study badly at school, they are distracted and sluggish. I have a DIFFERENCE OF OPINION with supporters of this view. We ARE POLES APART. I HAVE REASON TO BELIEVE ambidexters don't lead such a difficult and sad life as many people think. I SHARE THE OPINION they differ from other people, but not so much. And I FIRMLY BELIEVE ambidexters think another way, their brainwork is more imaginative. But it's A MATTER OF OPINION whether ambidexters are worse at studying than right- or left-handed. I'VE GOT A SNEAKING SUSPICION ambidexters have got even some benefits. IF YOU ASK ME, ambidexterity is just a human attribute like having brown or grey eyes. THAT'S IT.

Н.Т. [(41) 64]

EVU 87
This journey was our common dream. Though the tickets were very expensive, we HAD TO PAY TROUGH THE NOSE for them. Moreover, it was a carnival time there, so we also had to PAY OVER THE ODDS for a hotel and the local transport turned out to be a REAL RIP OFF. I tried to low the price for our room, but the hotel manager DROVE A HARD BARGAIN. In the very first day we overslept our breakfast and had to GET A BITE TO EAT on our way to the beach. Next morning we woke up earlier and even had time TO FRESHEN UP before breakfast. That day we had an excursion which implied lots of walking and I WAS READY TO CRASH OUT in 3 hours after it had begun. What is more, one of our companions HAD GOT A FINGER IN EVERY PIE and asked many questions which annoyed everyone. I could only dream of PUTTING MY FEET UP and WATCHING THE BOX in our hotel room. I was extremely happy when we finally got into the bus and I could HAVE A NAP.

А.Я. [(4,5) 66]

EVU 78, Coll.54

That was definitely the worst day of that week. Kate FELT UNDER THE WEATHER, also she FELT DOWN IN THE DUMPS because she WAS IN THE RED. Besides, Mrs Solis asked her to look after her daughter for several hours. Kate REMEMBERED WELL: Juanita was AS DAFT AS BRUSH and A PAIN IN THE NECK. Once she stayed with her and that was an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. She SENSED such a TENSION between them!

Coll. 57

When you are given the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME, you should MAKE an important CHOICE, to WEIGH UP THE OPTIONS. You should MAKE A DECISION: to PASS this opportunity UP and to REJECT IT OUT OF HAND or to accept this chance.

П.П. [(6,5) 74]

EVU 73, Coll. 51

Every time I go to bed it seems that everything wake up around me and start to make A LOT OF NOISE. My neighbours shut the doors with a BANG, RUSTLE with wrappers, I hear the THUD of heavy steps in the hall, then someone's dishes CRASH to the floor or girls next-door celebrate someone's B-day, CLANGING glasses and CLATTERING knives on the plates. Trucks RUMBLE along the street outside, from the nearby garage I hear the eternal HISS of welding and a weird RACKET. That must COME TO AN END!

EVU 74, Coll. 52

Susan was known as a queen of failure. That's why when she decided to open a new restaurant everybody knew: that idea was DOOMED TO FAILURE, because all her ideas were RECIPIES FOR DISASTER.
"You will GO OUT OF BUSINESS! Your attempts will GO BADLY WRONG!" - said everyone. Yes, no one expected her to MAKE A BREAKTHROUGH. Susan paid no attention to this and believed that her SUCCESS WAS GUARANTEED.
"I dream that I will ENJOY THE FRUITS OF MY HARD WORK. I'm not that type of girls who LOSE their NERVES. I believe I'll be the PROPRIETOR of the restaurant!" - said Susan.
She wanted to sell almost all her POSSESSIONS and BELONGINGS for the start-up capital. And then luck finally smiled at her! Susan's aunt LEFT her $10000.

П.П. [(26,5) 59,7]

1. I like being in a hurry, so I prefer BRISK WALKING, then PACING UP AND DOWN.
2. Peter was trying to PICK HIS WAY CAUTIOUSLY, but he had HEAVY STEPS and his mother had already found him.
3. Sometimes I like WANDERING AIMLESSLY because such GENTLE STROLLS can help me to find answers to my questions.
4. Accidentally, I usually WALK my EXAMS, but I am far from being a WALKING ENCYCLOPAEDIA.
5. There are many DIFFERENT WALKS OF LIFE and the hardest thing is to find your own one.
6. I AM only TAKING MY FIRST FALTERING STEPS in this life, but so far it seems that I haven’t MADE any GREAT STRIDES.

1. She MADE A PROMISING START when she entered a university, but when her studying CAME TO AN END, she understood that achieved nothing.
2. When I was three years old I was an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER in studying English.
3. We MADE A START of the conference at 10.00 and it DREW TO AN END at 13.00.
4. I decided to MAKE AN EARLY START in preparing for my exams because I am afraid of ABRUPT END of my studying.
5. That strange dream MARKED THE BEGINNING OF THE END of our relationships.
6. The performance of that famous singer was a PERFECT END to the whole concert.

1. At the age of 12 I was not sporty at all, but then I started taking dance classes and MADE A BREAKTHROUGH. My CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT was our first performance on the stage. Now my sportiness also COMES IN USEFUL, especially when I am in a hurry to the suburban train.
2. I MADE GOOD PROGRESS in Slavonic language and GAINED GOOD MARKS because I really appreciate this subject.
3. To ENJOY THE FRUIT OF YOUR HARD WORK, you first need to work hard, but SUCCESS IS not GUARANTEED.
4. I think that every person has at least one SPECTACULAR FAILURE in his life, but nobody wants to talk about it.
5. I dreamed of being an archaeologist, but my HOPES WERE DASHED.
6. He is always trying to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF everything that is happening to him.

1. Her divorce firstly SPARKED THE RUMOURS, and finally CAUSED A SENSATION.
2. Mother’s speech PRODUCED THE OPPOSITE EFFECT on her son and led to UNEXPECTED OUTCOME of his behaviour.
3. Exam week CAUSED ME GREAT ANXIETY and it can lead to NEGATIVE EFFECTS.
4. His trustfulness BROUGHT ABOUT THE DOWNFALL of his firm, which HAD A LOT OF INFLUENCE on the country’s economy.
5. The absence of an heir SPARKED OFF RIOTS and HAD A HUGE EFFECT to the history of the country.

1. Old people usually have bad SHORT-TERM MEMORY, while their LONG-TERM MEMORY is rather good.
2. That lady STRONGLY REMINDS me my best friend from playschool. I VAGUELY REMEMBERS that her name is Ann.
3. When I walk through my hometown, many MEMORIES COME FLOODING BACK, even the EARLIEST MEMORY of coming here from another place.
4. She is a unique person: she can CLEAN FORGET some facts about yesterday, but she VIVIDLY REMEMBERS the first day of her life.
5. I tend to TRUST MY INTUITION, but most of all people think that I am OVER-SENSITIVE.

1. I tend not to ENTER INTO AN ARGUMENT about the Catholic Church with my father, because there EXIST DIFFERENCES between us.
2. My father and my cousin often have a HEAD-ON CLASH about religious questions. Father’s HEATED ARGUMENT is that we are all Russians and so we must be Orthodox.
3. Being at our first year in dormitory my room-mate and I had BITTER DISPUTES, but then we AGREED TO DIFFER and both are happy.
4. If my interlocutor is older than me I usually TEND TO AGREE with him, but I don’t always SHARE HIS OPINION.
5. If I have a FUNDAMENTAL DISAGREEMENT I usually try to REACH A COMPROMISE as fast as I can.

1. I FIRMLY BELIEVE that diligence is the main virtue. So I HAVE SERIOUS MISGIVINGS ABOUT my future.
2. I have a CONSIDERED OPINION that people mast trust each other. My BELIEF in people’s kindness is UNSHAKABLE.
3. There is a POPULAR BELIEF that men are cleverer than women. I HAVE some DOUBTS about it.
4. I GET A SNEAKING SUSPICION that my SET OF BELIEVES is going to change.
5. If you are POLES APART with him in basic questions of life, why do you TRUST HIS JUDGEMENT?

3. I have a BURNING DESIRE to be a professional but I HAVE SLIGHT HESITATION what field to choose.
4. I dream not to TAKE SOFT OPTION but to be brave making TOUGH CHOICES.
5. I think that entering the St. Tikhon’s university was A WISE DECISION and it GIVES ME THE CHANCE to became clever and community-minded.

Е.З. [(37,5) 73]

EVU/ ECU units 50+70

1. My neighbors are from THE MIDDLE AGES! I’d just like to get that out of the way at this point. I literary can’t stand my neighborhood it’s full of gossips. I can’t peacefully GO FOR A WALK without someone commenting on my not so slim figure. They just can’t find peace in them always RUNNING INTO TROUBLES. I don’t want to leave my house FOR THE TIME BEING. I hope that my living here is TEMPORARY and BY THE TIME I’ll hit my 30 they will all be out of my hair.

EVU/ ECU units 51+71

2. Jack broke up with me. He said it was all because of LONG-DISTANCE relationship. I cried myself to sleep last night, we had such a GOOD START, everything was perfect. I was about to ask my boss to transfer me to New York so Jack and I could be finally together. I was PUTTING THE FINISHING TOUCHES to my book when I recieved that dreadful phone call.

EVU/ ECU units 72+52

3. My brother has MADE A BREAKTHROUGH at his work this year, comparing with the results from last year. His boss congratulated him on his REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENT. He WON THE RESPECT of all his colleagues. He MAKES USEFUL CONTRIBUTIONS in his department and also has THE ABILITY TO explain new material to the non-technologists now. All the hard work has finally paid off. He’s currently ENJOYING THE FRUITS OF HIS HARD WORK. It has BROUGHT OUT THE BEST in him and it brought him a GREAT SUCCESS.

EVU/ ECU units 73+53

4. My neighbors are good at making A LOT OF NOISE and CREATING PROBLEMS. Since they have moved in, the NEGATIVE EFFECTS were noticed immediately. Their behavior CAUSED ME GREAT ANXIETY. The constant BANGING, THUD, CRASH and CLATTER noises just won’t stop.

EVU/ ECU units 74+54

5. Julia: Guess who I ran into at Walmart?
Harry: I have no idea, GIVE ME A CLUE!
Julia: My high school friend Jackie. Does this name STIR UP any memories?
Harry: I VAGUELY REMEMBER her. She used to wear glasses all the time if I REMEMBER RIGHTLY. She was REMINDING me STRONGLY of that girl Velma from Scooby Doo.
Julia: Oh, yes that’s her. She was so nice to me, I felt bad because I’d COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN about her. But as we started talking, the MEMORIES CAME FLOODING BACK.

EVU/ ECU units 76+56

6. Sam: So what do you all think about this dress?
Niall: Hmm, I HAVE DOUBTS about the colour. It’s too VIVID for my liking.
Nick: I agree, but on the other hand the material is very SMOOTH TO THE TOUCH.
Jane: I’ve got a SNEAKING SUSPICION that it is made in China. I prefer handmade dresses.
Niall: I SHARE YOUR OPINION on this one Jane.
Sam: Niall we have a DIFFERENCE OF OPINION, I guess. I always wear such DULL colours. This time I would like to buy some BRIGHTER clothes.
Jane: Oh, look at those SHINY leather shoes! You should buy them.
Nick: No way! These are horrible! We are POLES APART in our attitudes to these shoes.
Sam: What do you think Niall? Which side are you taking?
Niall: OPINIONS on the issue ARE DIVIDED and my own CONSIDERED OPINION is…
Jane: Such a show off! Now stop with your smart talking and vote!
Niall: Is it your fulltime job to spoil all the fun? So, as I was saying… I’m a GREAT BELIEVER in animals rights, I don’t think it’s a good idea to walk around in leather shoes.

J.K. [(22,5) 72]

EVU 83, 84, 86 BVU 52

Last year I WAS IN A FIX, but I tried TO KEEP MY CHIN UP. My friends told me afterward that I had A FACE AS LONG AS A FIDDLE. But they didn’t want to STIR THINGS UP and didn’t try TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THINGS and find out why I was FEELING ALL IN. They decided to wait until I would SPEAK MY MIND. The reason, however, was a nasty message that was SENT TO ME BY FAX. It FRIGHTENED THE LIFE OUT OF ME, to be honest. I don’t think that I was an INTENDED RECIPIENT, though. But you can’t help it but to JUMP OUT OF YOUR SKIN when you GET an unexpected FAX which goes like this: «there is no hope — need more money — i am waiting — martin was killed». It wasn’t very LEGIBLE, though, and it was hard TO MAKE HEAD OR TAIL OF WHAT IT WAS SAYING, but words that I managed to read were quite enough to make me SCARED STIFF. My mother walked in when I was reading the message and saw me SHAKING IN MY SHOES, but she thought that I was just A BIT UNDER THE WEATHER. And I am not really that kind of person who will LAY THEIR CARDS ON THE TABLE at once. So I SWEPT it UNDER THE CARPET and went on with my life. Though I was very worried about that Martin guy. Was he alright? Anyway, just when I managed to get out of this TIGHT CORNER and to SEE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, another fax WENT THROUGH. It contained some CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, so I won’t tell you what was in it. But what’s important — there was a phone number on the COVER SHEET! And I decided to GET MY ACT TOGETHER. I called this number. And just as my call was answered I TOOK THE BULL BY THE HORNS and yelled: «Who is Martin? Is he alright?! Why there is no hope for you??!» I admit it MADE ME SWELL WITH PRIDE to be so brave in demanding for answers. Usually, I am too shy to ask anything, let alone to call unknown numbers to get information about killed men. I am sorry, I GOT CARRIED AWAY. TO PUT IT IN A NUTSHELL, it turned out that Hope was the name of a manager that that guy Derek who sent the fax couldn’t find. I just GOT THE WRONG END OF THE STICK. And Martin was a character from some TV show! And the fax was simply sent to me by a mistake. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t FEELING ON TOP OF THE WORLD after I learned that I got SCARED STIFF by such a mundane message. But I was very happy that I was no longer IN A MUDDLE and finally GOT A GRASP of what was happening. Yet I FELT AS IF MY HEAD WAS GOING ROUND a little bit.

EVU 85 ECU 57, 59, 60

To know Lily is to know her PASSIONATE LOVE of art. They just go hand in hand. Oh, that SHEER ENJOYMENT that lights up her eyes the moment you ask her who her favourite artist is! (She HAS A PARTICULAR LIKING for John Singer Sargent, just so you know.) Another thing which is essential for this story is Lily’s DEEP-ROOTED HATRED of fish. Once her dad took her to one of those sushi places and no one knows what exactly happened there. But it was the moment when Lily TOOK AN INSTANT DISLIKE TO fish. Also, she says she HAS NO SYMPATHY for pets that do nothing but float about, but I believe no fish will TAKE OFFENCE at that. Anyway, Lily, as you might have already guessed, is a freelance artist. And a pretty good one, too, she is HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE the rest if you ask me. She TAKES GREAT PLEASURE in taking the challenge — and that's what working freelance is. You won't believe me if I tell you what Lily is sometimes commissioned to draw! Sometimes she has to FACE DIFFICULT CHOICES. And she TAKES PRIDE in her ability to CATER FOR everyone's TASTES. But one day she got a client who called himself a ‘KEEN ADMIRER of her works. She went all soft for him, of course, artists are usually a bit vain. He asked her if she would be able to draw a portrait of his beloved pet. She said «Yes!» and «Of course!» and «Anything for my DEDICATED FAN!» Then the guy sent her a picture of his pet and — oh! — it turned out to be a goldfish. Lily was distraught. She came to me and cried. «This is awful!» she said. And also «It’s THE WORLD’S WORST commission ever!». And then «I DON’T RELISH THE THOUGHT of drawing a stupid fish whose memory is so bad she forgets everything 3 minutes after she got a grasp of things around her!» And I answered, «That’s not true!». And I said, «Maybe you should try to put your STRONG AVERSION aside?». And I added «And also maybe STATE your PREFERENCES before you say yes?» after which I got the scolding of my life. Well, you may think I was quite rude to her, the poor girl was devastated after all. But I believe that being a true friend is not all about SINGING PRAISES, and Lily as an artist should never DISMISS THE CRITICISM. Moreover, goldfish don’t deserve such HARSH CRITICISM as a species. They are not exactly BEE’S KNEES, but they are not DOG’S BREAKFAST of a pet either. Back to the story: Lily as a painter OUT OF THIS WORLD couldn't refuse to do the painting. So she painted it. And then showed it to me. The painting deserved to be THOUGHT THE WORLD OF and to RECEIVE STANDING OVATION. It was MILES BETTER than any painting done by a contemporary artist. It KNOCKED SPOTS OFF other artists. Lily’s really A DAB-HAND at what she is doing. But there was no goldfish in the painting. It was a painting of a golden retriever. I gave Lily a PAT ON THE BACK anyway and OFFERED MY CONGRATULATIONS. I didn't have the heart to EXPRESS MY DISAPPROVAL (not that I had any, though I can’t say I thought it to be a SENSIBLE DECISION to draw a completely different animal instead of a goldfish). And I still have no courage to ask her how this painting was received by the owner of the goldfish. Though I wonder if he has any SECOND THOUGHTS concerning his status as Lily’s fan. But I continue to SPEAK VERY HIGHLY OF Lily. She JUSTLY DESERVES all the RAVE REVIEWS she gets. That girl can find a solution for everything.

А.К. [(36) 137]

EVU 69, 74, 78
The VAST AMOUNTS of money were invested in this project but a CONSIDERABLE NUMBER of people refused to take part here and only a TINY AMOUNT of money was repaid as a result. We spent TONS of food and a GREAT DEAL of tea and coffee while CATERING FOR our participants. We distributed DOZENS of leaflets yet there’s still HEAPS of them left. Now we are totally IN THE RED and we have to suspend the work FOR THE TIME BEING. Due to our PROVISIONAL diagnosis, IT WILL TAKE at least one year to recover after this troubled PERIOD. But we’ve told you TIME AND TIME AGAIN that the closing is only a TEMPORARY measure. Time will PASS quickly and a new ERA will begin in our company.

EVU 78
- Would you lend me some money for a new mobile phone? My old one HAS SEEN BETTER DAYS.
- Sorry, I’m totally in the red these days. TAKE THE WEIGHT OFF YOUR FEET and better tell me where you were yesterday. Were you OUT OF SORTS again?
- Yes, I really FELT UNDER THE WEATHER. Ok, I knew it was a FOOL’S ERRAND to ask for your help. I should MAKE A MOVE now or I’ll be late.
- HOLD YOUR HORSES! Your mom FEELS DOWN IN THE DUMPS because of you again. You are AS DAFT AS A BRUSH if you thought that I wouldn’t tell her about your absence.
- Do not POKE YOUR NOSE into my life! You’ve always been my PAIN IN THE NECK.
- Please, don’t FLY OFF THE HANDLE. I’m not OVER THE MOON with all this happening. You got THE WRONG END OF THE STICK, I’m here to help you.
- Then you are BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE if you think I need your help.
- Well, IT JUST GOES TO SHOW that you are selfish and highly ungrateful.
- It’s easy for you to say, YOU ARE SITTING PRETTY. I’ve HAD ENOUGH ON MY PLATE, don’t you judge me.

EVU 83
After the meeting Sara told me that she felt AS IF HER HEAD WAS GOING ROUND but still she seemed to be KEEPING HER CHIN UP. I myself was in a BLACK MOOD and didn't pay enough attention to her. Actually I was FEELING ALL IN after the long day and besides I COULD EAT A HORSE. So I was like A BEAR WITH A SORE HEAD. Afterwards when I got to know that Sara had gotten ill and was now almost AT DEATH’S DOOR, I was SCARED STIFF. I have known her since my childhood and I can say for sure that she has a HEART OF GOLD. When I met her for the first time at school, I thought she was a COLD FISH and a BIG HEAD. Nobody liked her, she GOT ON EVERYONE’S NERVES and seemed to be an AWKWARD CUSTOMER. Though pretty soon I discovered how great she really is. Well, sometimes she might be a bit OVER THE TOP, she may even GO ROUND THE BEND but she is always IN HIGH SPIRITS and keeps a COOL HEAD.

EVU 84
- I know they are IN A FIX nowadays but it doesn’t mean they should TAKE A BACK SEAT and wait for the TIDE TO TURN. IT WOULD GO A LONG WAY if they stopped to SWEEP problems UNDER THE CARPET and SAT UP AND TAKE NOTICE instead.
- It’s not just a fix that they are in. They are in the TIGHT CORNER now. Your complaining may just STIR THINGS UP. It would be much better if you tried to POUR OIL ON TROUBLED WATERS and made everyone see LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.
- I can’t just BURY THE HATCHET and pretend that I GET A GRASP of what’s going on. Whether you like it or not I prefer to LAY MY CARDS ON THE TABLE.
- Okay, I get it. Just make sure you TAKE THE BULL BY THE HORNS.

EVU 77
I never really thought that our plan would COME OFF. We’ve had A LOT OF BOTHER WITH participants and we often HAD TROUBLE organizing meetings. I personally FIND IT DIFFICULT to COPE WITH such problems. This plan FALTERED but it didn’t SUCCEED finally. Yet we ACHIEVED some of our TARGETS so I definitely wouldn’t say that all our efforts CAME TO NOTHING.
EVU 86
- You’ve become a real TALKING POINT these days! Could you please share the key to such success?
- Oh, you’re TALKING RUBBISH! I can’t MAKE HEAD OR TAIL OF WHAT YOU’RE SAYING. I don’t know if there is any sense to SPEAK MY MIND about this situation.
- Don’t be so LONG-WINDED! Just PUT IT IN A NUTSHELL, what’s going on?
- Everyone GOT THE WRONG END OF THE STICK and I can’t even make the situation clear as when it comes to conversations I CAN’T GET A WORD IN EDGEWAYS.
- Don’t you worry! Nobody’s TALKING BEHIND YOUR BACK! It is just SMALL TALK, nothing more.
- Yeah, sure it is… Let’s WRAP UP THIS DISCUSSION.
- You can’t avoid it! It’s getting on everyone’s nerves.
- What, are you GIVING ME A TALKING TO? Don’t TALK DOWN to me.
- Alright, let’s stop TALKING SHOP.

EVU 87
- RISE AND SHINE! You should FRESHEN UP and we’ve got to leave. I don’t think we have any time to GET A BITE TO EAT.
- Oh, no! I just want to PUT MY FEET UP and WATCH THE BOX.
- You can HAVE A NAP in the train if you ARE READY TO CRASH OUT.
- Please, turn off this music! I’ve GOT THAT SONG ON THE BRAIN!
- So that you could continue on sleeping? Hurry up! I’ve had TO PAY THROUGH THE NOSE for the tickets. We can’t just miss it.
- I told you that seller RIPPED YOU OFF. If I were you, I would have DRIVEN A HARD BARGAIN.
- Really? But if you haven’t noticed, you yourself always BUY A PIG IN A POKE so it’s the same as PAYING OVER THE ODDS. Anyway, why waste time on this? If you want to GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST, find another listener. I’ve already GOT A FINGER IN EVERY PIE.

Ю.Г. [(52) 103]

EVU units 79, 80, 81, 82

TALKING OF SLOWCOACHES, I knew a boy once. He was not A FAST WORKER, poor fella. Every dull activity which was AS EASY AS FALLING OF A LOG he did very slowly. Oh, he did take his time. Every time! Because of that, he had no chance to became A TEACHER'S PET. I must say, the majority of them thought him to be A LAZY-BONES. Which was very unfair! He was very clever. A bit Sometimes AS MAD AS A HATTER, I must admit. But still, he was a sweet boy to talk to, IF YOU ASK ME, and his schoolwork was pretty good. COME TO THINK OF IT, he was somewhat of a young prodigy. But teachers thought he had HEAD LIKE A SIEVE, and mocked him for that. He used to go AS RED AS A BEETROOT at their words. COME TO THINK OF IT, he was AS SICK AS PARROT so often, he must have been thinking all adults were this bad. Anyway, AS I WAS SAYING, his head wasn't so bad. He got into Cambridge after school! SLOWLY BUT SURELY, he became a TOP OF THE CLASS. I believe studying there was a SINK OR SWIM situation, so he had no other choice. ALL OR NOTHING, you know. He wanted to work for Google, and his plan how to get there WORKED LIKE A DREAM. No one says no to a guy who graduated Cambridge with honours! So now he is working there. And you might not believe me, but he's AS QUICK AS A FLASH at what he is doing. We have meetings ON AND OFF, and he tells me all those little anecdotes from his work.

А.К. [(10) 57,2]

EVU 70,71; Business 48,49; Collocations 50

My doctor made a PROVISIONAL diagnosis and said that I need a PERIOD of rest. I decided to relax FOR THE TIME BEING and fly to the FARAWAY place. I picked London. I think this city has a TIMELESS charm.
"These planes are NEVER ON TIME, so don't be in a hurry. Will the flight TAKE only four hours? Oh, I heard its gonna be a SPELL of warm weather there? I've told you TIME AND TIME AGAIN not to forget your passport!"
It seemed my Mom didn't want me to leave, that's why she was talking a mile a minute.
In the plane I wanted to watch films on my iPad, thank God its batteries LAST about 8 hours. So, as soon as I sat back I heard the voice of the steward: "please turn off all your gadgets: PAGERS, VIDEOPHONES, MOBILE PHONES, etc. And no VIDEOCONFERENCING please." Being very disappointed with this notification I had nothing else just to continue writing my new poem. I HAD TAKEN MY FIRST FALTERING STEPS at it. Yeah, frankly speaking, I'm not really confident because I don't think I'm a kind of a WALKING ENCYCLOPEDIA, you know. So this trip was an excellent opportunity to BROADEN my EXPERIENCE. Really I didn't WANDER there AIMLESSLY. During the trip my CELLPHONE had been switched off so when I returned home I found my VOICEMAIL full with lots of requests for CALLING BACK.

EVU 82,83; Business 57

I'm sure that I'm PERFECTLY RIGHT saying that people in our class are absolutely different. Some of them are really ROUND THE BEND. For me it's Mike. He always GETS ON EVERYONE'S NERVES. But if you ask teachers they all will say: "THAT'S ABSURD. THAT'S RIDICULOUS. We DISAGREE. How can you PROVE YOUR POINT? HE'S TOP OF THE CLASS!". For sure they have DIFFERENCES OF OPINION with us pupils, because Mike is TEACHER'S PET and a real KNOW-ALL. To my mind, he's just a BIG-HEAD.
But for teachers of course he HAS A HEART OF GOLD, he's very QUICK OFF THE MARK, and as Maria Petrovna said : "He's the only one who remains COURTEOUS". Ha-ha! With us, his classmates, he's a COLD FISH. That's about Mike, an AWKWARD CUSTOMER. Tom is his diametric opposite. He's a LAZY-BONES, he's always SLOW OFF THE MARK.

EVU 84,85

To continue describing people in our class I can say that Tom always TAKES A BACK SEAT. Mike as I said is REALLY ON THE BALL. He's HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE the rest of the pupils. But classmates don't like him because he thinks he's the CATS WHISKERS, you know. And he always PICKS HOLES in everything that other people say.
As for Kate, she's got THE GIFT OF THE GAB. She HAS A WAY WITH everybody. At making good relations with others she's MILES BETTER than the other classmates. When someone is IN A FIX she always POURS OIL ON TROUBLED WATERS and makes people believe in the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. She's a very strong person, who always TAKES THE BULL BY THE HORNS and never STIRS THINGS UP.

П.П. [(26,5) 49,2]

EVU 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 76, 77

BY THE TIME Martin turned 20, he MANAGED to REALISE HIS DREAM and bought a house. As buying a house was his greatest AMBITION, he always knew what it MUST be like. He could GO ON FOR HOURS talking about it. The house of his dreams, which he hoped would become his PERMANENT haven, HAD TO have a DEEP swimming pool in the backyard to ease the SPELL OF HOT WEATHER, which could be insufferable AT TIMES. It also was a MANDATORY for this future family nest to have large windows: Martin had no desire to COPE with DIM light. Another condition was its location. Martin WAS IN NEED of living in the suburbs as there is LACK OF OXYGEN and A LOT OF NOISE in the centre of the city. When Martin first saw his future house his eyes GLITTERED with excitement. He SUCCESSFULLY ACCOMPLISHED his mission. The house was perfect with SMOOTH paint on its walls and POLISHED wooden floors. Martin RENTED it for six months, but it's highly UNLIKELY that he will ever move out.

EVU 71, 72, 73, 75, 76, 77, 78

Ella was AS DAFT AS A BRUSH, as everyone said, which would not have been unfortunate had she been a pretty girl. But she wasn't: her cheekbones were too HIGH and her thighs to NARROW. And so naturally her matrimonial future was under a ridiculously big question as well as it became A PAIN IN THE NECK for her parents. For a girl with her looks it was OBLIGATORY to have SPARKLES of diamonds on her fingers and neck and heaviness of a trust fund on her bank account. Alas! poor Ella! Her account was AS LIGHT AS A FEATHER, and even though she maintained her jewellery POLISHED and SLEEK, it could not fool anybody. Out of despair, she tried herself in a modelling career, and it turned out to be a great SUCCESS. People loved her unusual features and her thin frame. There were millions of photos featuring Ella posing in ROUGH denim jeans and a SILKY blouse. Anything she tried on was instantly sold out and everyone was RUSHING to have jeans just like her. Now Ella had plenty of SHINY diamonds and men wanting to MAKE A MOVE on her. One must think Ella to be OVER THE MOON, as she finally had a chance to find a nice husband. But all those boys were BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE. Ella had no AMBITION to marry anymore. No man could make her heart FLUTTER as standing in a DAZZLING light of a camera flash did.

А.К. [(20) 47,2]

BVU 48

PAYPHONES are not as broadly used nowadays as in the past. MOBILE PHONE owners prefer to contact via the Internet or VIDEOCONFERENCING. It's quick and easy TO GIVE SOMEONE A CALL.

Д.К. [(2) 45]

П.П. [(0) 22,7]

А.Б. [(0) 13,1]

А.Я. [(0) 38]

J.K. [(0) 25]

Е.З. [(0) 23,1]

Ю.Г. [(0) 26,6]

Н.Т. [(0) 17,5]

М.С. [(0) 55]

3rd year of study: SPRING 2016

EVU 57

I know that many people complain that they hate the age they live in and they dream about life in 18-19th centuries. As for me, I like our epoch because of many reasons. First of all, we are free to choose what we want to study: GENETIC ENGINEERING, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, ERGONOMICS, CYBERNETICS, INFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, BIOCLIMATOLOGY, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING, GEOPOLITICS, CRYOGENICS or even ASTROPHYSICS. We can EXPERIMENT and INVENT without fear of being burned at the stake.

П.П. [(6) 85]

EVU 59


EVU 60

There is a constitutional MONARCHY in Spain.
PRESIDENT of the Government is the first minister and is ELECTED by the CONGRESS of Deputies. He is informally but internationally and commonly referred to as the PRIME MINISTER.

EVU 61

I practiced in Court last summer and it was a truly unforgettable experience of communication with MURDERERS, SHOPLIFTERS, BURGLARS, SMUGGLERS, KIDNAPPERS and others who had COMMITTED CRIMES.
So many CASES, so many people: this one is GUILTY, that one is INNOCENT. For this case there is little EVIDENCE, for that case the JURY can't PASS VERDICT ON.

EVU 62, Coll.46

"The BANK refused to LEND me money! But that BANK LOAN was my last hope... Probably I will try to buy that dress ON CREDIT. Maybe there is even a DISCOUNT on it, or, if the shop assistant is in a good mood, I will HAGGLE about the price.", - so Kate thought dreaming about the new dress.
"Because of the terrible crisis the prices have been INCREASING STEADILY...but why should common people suffer?", - she KEPT ASKING herself.

EVU 63

TO MY MIND everybody must have a right to BELIEVE IN everything they want to, if it doesn't harm the others.

EVU 64

I decided one day to be a psychologist because people have always INSPIRED me. I feel THRILLED when my patients, who felt MISERABLE, DEPRESSED, FRUSTRATED, DISCONTENTED, or FURIOUS, LIVID, SEETHING about something, or UPSET, or, I feel thrilled, when they come to me and feel GRATEFUL, DELIGHTED and CHEERFUL because of my help.
That's an awesome feeling!

П.П. [(21) 72,5]

EVU 66

"A million voices in my head WHISPERED CROSSLY, then MUTTERED BITTERLY, then, it seemed, they started to SHOUT FURIOUSLY, URGING me to CONFESS. I only GROANED and wanted to SHRIEK for help, but nobody in the whole world was able to help me... They THREATENED me!", - he mumbled UNEASILY.
The memories PASSIONATELY rushed back upon him. He had a QUICK GLANCE at the doctor, who was IMPATIENTLY waiting for the end of the story, and continued RELUCTANTLY: "I don't like to COMPLAIN, to be honest".

EVU 67, Coll.48, Business 49

Mike was CHANGING THE BABY and dreaming about BECOMING SUCCESSFUL again one day. When and why did he CHANGE HIS MIND? Mike loved his children and wife with all his heart, but since he had CHANGED THE JOB he FELT he was in perplexity without all these meetings and phone calls.
Once he even had a DÉJÀ VU when the OPERATOR told him that his VOICEMAIL is full. But there were only some missed calls from his wife...
He had a PREMONITION that family routine would trample him down. He KICKED HIS OLD HABITS. Mike couldn't find anymore THE POWER TO TRANSFORM THE WAY he felt and his personal inner PROBLEMS AROSE rapidly.

EVU 68, Coll.49

While waiting in a queue I found nothing better than looking at people around me. The old man near me FROWNED and tried to stifle a YAWN while listening to his wife. She TOLD him STORIES, it seemed, without stopping and BLINKED a million times per second. (To tell the truth, I can't conceive why he was tolerating it.)
Even when her heavily SIGHING husband tried to CHANGE THE SUBJECT by TELLING JOKES, the old lady GRINNED FROM EAR TO EAR and then started to earbash her husband again.
Just next to that couple there sat a weird girl with a dog in her bag and with a cat in her hands. The girl was COUGHING every minute like she had an allergy to those funny animals. Obviously, the dog had wanted to play with that cat, because he peeped out of the bag and BIT the cat, who was indifferently LICKING his paw.
The guy who was sitting opposite SWALLOWED some pills and started to stare at the animals. When the girl looked up, he WINKED her, but she BLUSHED with embarrassment.
Two hours later I was absolutely mad with such a long waiting. I didn't have any wish to look at people in the queue anymore. My stomach RUMBLED and all I wanted was some food. I was mad with everything around: with the SNORING dog, the HICCOUGHING cat, the weird girl and the boy and with that old lady who chattered like a magpie.

П.П. [(18,5) 51,5]

Unit 40 (ECU)

Recently, I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE in Switzerland. I really didn’t have any SPARE TIME, I SET MY ALARM for six o’clock and when ALARM WENT OFF, I travelled around the country FROM DAWN TILL DUSK. AS TIME PASSES, I recall this summer with a thought that it eventually was WORTH ITS WHILE. I don’t suppose, that I HAVE A GREAT FUTURE AHEAD to travel around the world, but fortunately, my family have close friends in Switzerland, so may be I will be there IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE.

Unit 41 (ECU)

Country life as distinct from town life gave us splendid variety of nature’s sounds – from RUMBLE OF THUNDER to EERIE SILENCE. Actually, EAR-SPLITTING SOUNDS and DEAFENING NOISE of urban life disturb us to enjoy such simple sounds as THE PATTER OF RAIN, THE WHISTLE OF WIND or the chant of birds. Constant BACKGROUND NOISE of town – with its ROAR OF THE TRAFFIC, MUFFLED SOUNDS of music in shopping centers and MUSIC which is BLARING OUT OF bars and cafes – BREAKS THE SILENCE necessary for everyone. We need the silence not only for ourselves, but also for hearing our fellow creature GIVING A SIGH or A LAUGH, A CRY OF PAIN or A CRY OF joyful SURPRISE.

Unit 61 (EVU)

It’s very frightful to be ACCUSED OF something which you have not done. When police CHARGES you WITH something, BURGLARY for example, it’s hard to PROVE that you are INNOCENT on the spot. If the CASE came to court, and you WERE TRIED, what a relief it would be when you PLEADED NOT GUILTY! You would be in luck's way if you had a good lawyer who did his best to DEFEND you.

Unit 45 (ECU), 65 (EVU)

For some time the DISTINCTIVE AROMA of village has been strongly APPEALING TO ME. Most of all I am CAPTIVATED BY natural FRAGRANT PERFUME of flowers. But also I LONG FOR fresh scent of herbs, bread and milk, and I have AN ACQUIRED TASTE for the smell OF cow-house. It is difficult to understand why cattle SMELLS OFF to some people. As for me, ACRID SMOKE and NOXIOUS FUMES from a FOUL-SMELLING CHEMICAL FACTORY is a good deal worse and REPELS more than a SMELL of rural living, WAFTING across the village.

А.Б. [(19) 89]

BVU Units 46, 47, 48 & 49; Collocations Unit 49

Recently I was invited to a BUSINESS LUNCH. I was quite excited as it was a splendid opportunity to have a QUICK WORD with our CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER. I wanted to RAISE THE SUBJECT of how our co-workers DRESS. Most of the time they choose to throw on something CASUAL and it doesn't bother them at all that, it seems, in our office, every day is a CASUAL FRIDAY day. At least they could dress SMART CASUAL! So at the lunch a made an EYE CONTACT with my boss and after GREETINGS GOT right INTO THE CONVERSATION about dress policy. I tried to approach the topic with some HUMOR, but I think I failed to sugar the pill: the boss didn't look very excited at the end of the lunch. Or maybe I am just really bad at TELLING JOKES. Later, I tried to call him via my MOBILE PHONE, but I was CUT OFF. I tried calling his secretary, but he said things like 'ONE MOMENT PLEASE' and 'I'M AFRAID THE LINE'S ENGAGED' and 'WOULD YOU LIKE TO CALL BACK LATER'. I was devastated. I guess I can use a HELPLINE for coping with all this stress and frustration. Although, I think I should have treated differently such a DELICATE SUBJECT. I heard some ladies WHISPERING SOFTLY that obviously disapproved my behaviour. But, TO TELL THE TRUTH, I don't think I did anything wrong. Everyone may PLEAD IGNORANCE, but I believe the way people in our office dress is not acceptable. And SPEAKING OFF THE RECORD, they might use some stylist's advice. Socks with sandals, really!

EVU Units 67, 68 & 69

It all started during breakfast, which was strange as nothing really interesting ever happens during breakfasts. Everyone just sits there, YAWNING and BLINKING sleepily, thinking about returning to their beds and catching up with whatever they were dreaming before the alarm clock cruelly broke their sleep.
Nevertheless, it all started during one of these breakfasts. My brother went down the stairs, sat at our TINY table, looked at us and said: 'I think I am a wizard.' At first, no one reacted. Dad just continued CHEWING, and mom just FROWNED a little, distracted by a particularly catching article in her magazine. My brother SIGHED and looked at me. I just shrugged, because, really, what could I do? It was a breakfast, after all, no one pays attention to anything during breakfasts. My brother TAPPED our dad ON THE SHOULDER. 'What is it, little tyke?' He always calls my brother "tyke", though I don't really understand why as I have never WITNESSED my brother doing anything mischievous. 'I think I am a wizard,' my brother repeated. This time, dad heard him. The news was too GIGANTIC to ignore it. He choked with his toast (it was quite TASTELESS that morning anyway) and STARED at my brother. We all stared, to be honest. 'What did you say?' my father said after he had SWALLOWED the last of his toast. 'I think I am...' 'Yes, yes, I got it! But why do you think so?' My brother BLUSHED. 'I made our cat fly.' I laughed. 'It doesn't mean you are a wizard! Maybe you have some kind of TELEPATHY!' My brother SHIVERED as if he was going to cry: 'There is no such thing as telepathy!' I WINKED at him: 'Well, they say there is no such thing as magic either!' 'Wait,' our dad said. 'How exactly did you make the cat fly?' 'Well, I was at my room, and cat was SNORING loudly, and it annoyed me, and I GRABBED cat's tail ('Oh you did not,' said our mother angrily.) and I said her 'Go snore somewhere else!' and she sort of SNEEZED or maybe HICCOUGHED and TREMBLED under my touch and then just flown out of the window.' Mum jumped to her feet: 'Oh no, where is she now!' and ran out of the kitchen. 'Are you sure she flown and not jumped?' our dad asked at the same time as I said: 'I can't believe she didn't BITE you, you were so rude to her!' My brother pouted: 'Yes I am sure!' Our dad GRINNED: 'Well, go google if there is any magical school in our area, you will need to learn how to use your powers!' My brother beamed at him and ran up the stairs to his room.

А.К. [(22) 125]

EVU 64 I am so GRATEFUL to my husband for that THRILLING and INSPIRING journey. I felt so FRUSTRATED and DISCONTENTED because of my everyday MISERABLE routine work, which I was actually FED UP with, that I was deeply DEPRESSED. So, it was no wonder that I was DELIGHTED and even ECSTATIC observing how much my husband was ENTHUSIASTIC about organization of our journey, which we both were LONGING FOR.

А.Я. [(6) 123]

1. When my best friend Markus asked me to close my café and join his team I didn't know what to say. He was STARING at me so I started to nervously FINGER my collar. Don’t get me wrong, working with his team SOUNDS nice, but I always wanted to be an independent woman and work for myself at my own café. I like my small café and workers from across the street do too. Every day they come to my place during their LUNCH BREAKS or WORKING BREAKFASTS. Or ladies from down the street would come here to have a QUICK WORD with each other. I like to spy on my customers. Most of the time I WITNESS the LENGTHY DISCUSSIONS about business from gentlemen across the street. And sometimes I witness NOISY girlfriends COMPLAINING BITTERLY about some nonsense or DROPPING HINT after hint about the wedding. Until their boyfriends would try to CHANGE the SUBJECT, MAKING their intentions very CLEAR. I also adore the AROMATIC smell that greets you just as you set foot on my café. The second to the best thing that I like about my café is the SWEET-SMELLING pastry. To work at the famous restaurant SOUNDS nice but the idea of losing my only safe place brings me to tears.

2. I CANNOT STAND my job! I HATE everything about it. I absolutely LOATHE my dark BUSINESS SUIT. Who said that every worker should wear a UNIFORM? Why can’t I dress more CASUALLY, like they do it in other normal companies? And I don’t even want to talk about our SALES DIRECTOR James. No one is LOOKING FORWARD to meeting this guy in the conference room. It DISGUSTS me to hear him call me ‘PET’ and I also CANNOT BEAR his nickname for me ‘SWEATHEART’. His CONTINUAL complaints drive us mad. At the end of the day I dream to never go back. I always look forward to going home, but I’m DREADING the morning.

3. I will never forget my first time being at the restaurant. The first thing that I’ve noticed was the DISTINCTIVE AROMA of the dishes and the SMELL of fresh coffee. I ordered a BITTER COFFEE with milk. But just as I started to lean towards my cup I realized that it had a STRONG SMELL. It SMELLED OFF and it was clear that MILK in there had GONE SOUR. I still remember that OVERPOWERING STINK. I think I still have that UNPLEASENT TASTE IN MY MOUTH.

J.K. [(17) 86]

Unit 40

1. I like to SPEND my FREE TIME being alone, but, unfortunately, it is not useful for my studying. When nobody is with me I usually WASTE TIME watching movies. 2. I dream that one day I will give up KILLING TIME and will SAVE it for my education. 3. I hate being in a hurry – give me the opportunity of TAKING MY TIME and a work will be done RIGHT ON TIME. 4. I am really interested in the literature of ancient TIMES but in my course papers I always write about the literature of RECENT TIMES. 5. IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE I will be free from studying FROM DAWN TILL DUSK.

Unit 41

1. She was staring at the sea, there was EERIE SILENCE around. But then the RUMBLE OF THUNDER BROKE THE SILENCE. WIND WAS WHISTLING, THE WAVES WERE CRASHING, and the PATTERN OF RAIN deafened her. 2. Firstly, I heard only the ROAR of TRAFFIC, but then two SHRILL VOICES resounded in the street. I heard that TWO SHOTS RANG OUT and one of the men gave A CRY OF PAIN.

Unit 42

1. My home is a CONSIDERABLE DISTANCE away from my university, while my friend lives WITHIN COMMUTING DISTANCE to it. She manages to COVER the DISTANCE OF about 40 kilometres a day. 2. When I was younger I used to think that the NEIGHBOURING TOWN is a FAR-OFF PLACE, but now I understand that it is at a CLOSE RANGE. 3. "POOR LITTLE Joe! He has to have a SMALL TALK with that PLUMP girl!" 4. He fell in love with that SKINNY girl with FAT BOOKS in her hands. 5. I am afraid of being PAINFULLY THIN, so I eat a lot.

Unit 43

1. I like to wear brown. I always think that I should add a TOUCH OF COLOUR to my wardrobe, but I am unsuccessful. Brown GOES WELL with SUBDUED COLOURS, with PALE BLUE and DARK GREEN and with many other colours, so I continue looking like a beaver for the rest of my natural. 2. It was PITCH DARK. Only STARS TWINKLED and there was a PINPOINT OF LIGHT from the lighthouse, but it couldn't help them. Twenty in one boat, they all thought the same way that time. This shipwreck would BLEAKEN THE NAME of their captain and CAST A SHADOW over the whole company!

Unit 44

1. People who have GREASY HAIR usually have OILY SKIN and vice verse, people who have DRY HAIR have DRY SKIN. 2. All of my pencils are BLUNT because I am too lazy to make them SHARP. 3. I dream of sleeping on the SOFT PILLOW but in our house we have only FIRM ones. 4. I enjoy CHOPPING vegetables COARSELY because it is tastier and more convenient. 5. I have a SHARP TONGUE and very often I get in STICKY SITUATIONS because of it.

Unit 45

1. "I think this MILK GONE SOUR. It SMELLS OFF to me". 2. I like BITTER COFFEE for its DISTINCTIVE AROMA, which is WAFTING from every coffee. 3. When this exam week is be finished, I will TASTE FREEDOM, but it will LEAVE BAD TASTE IN MY MOUTH. 5. I SHARE WITH HIM THE SAME TASTE in music, and I could say that he is a good guy, but his perfume has too STRONG a SMELL.

Е.З. [(29) 103]

ECU units 43, 45, 49

- What is she COMPLAINING BITTERLY about? By the TONE OF HER VOICE I can say she is frustrated.
- I don’t want to RAISE THE SUBJECT. But I have to TELL YOU THE TRUTH, you’d better not CHALLENGE HER DIRECTLY right now.
- I know, it’s a DELICATE SUBJECT, but you can’t just PLEAD IGNORANCE and CHANGE THE SUBJECT. I want to ASK YOU A FAVOR, just DROP ME A HINT, what’s going on?
- Well, SPEAKING OFF THE RECORD, I don’t really care and I don’t have time for a LENGTHY DISCUSSION with you. If you wish, you can have a QUICK WORD with her.
- Great! Then I’ll HAVE A WORD with her and MAKE IT CLEAR that she’s fine.

I always thought Kate and I SHARE THE SAME TASTE in everything, but her remarks regarding my clothes left an UNPLEASANT TASTE IN MY MOUTH, so I decided to DEVELOP MY TASTE. Now I need to HAVE some of my CLOTHES ALTERED. I want to ADD A TOUCH OF COLOUR to my wardrobe. I don’t want to wear SUBDUED COLOURS anymore. First of all, I should get some green trousers to MATCH my red jacket. I think black also GOES WELL with red, but unfortunately the black colour always FADES after two or three washes. Besides, I can’t put black and red clothes in the washing machine together, as the COLOURS CAN RUN.

Ю.Г. [(12,5) 125]

EVU Unit 54

Last summer I went to visit my relatives by train. It was a long JOURNEY to the south of our country. It was my first TRAVEL by TRAIN. We had our own COMPARTMENT and it was quite comfortable. We passed all the train. The most amazing place was a RESTAURANT-CAR. Moreover, there was a BUFFET next to it. Then a COLLECTOR checked our TICKETS and we went back into our compartment. EXPRESSES and LOCAL TRAINS are the safest transport type in the world.

EVU Unit 54

Three years ago my family and I had an EXHILARATING CRUISE. We spend weekends on the LUXURIOUS YACHT called “Ekaterina II”. The CREW was nice towards us. Our CABIN was quite clean and light. BUNKS were not snug and I could not rest very well.
Despite this we could enjoy BREATH-TAKING sceneries from the DECK, UNSURPASSED beauty of the sea, UNSPOILT charm of the blue and clear sky, INTOXICATING fragrances of the sea water and PICTURESQUE views of sunsets. What SUBLIME pleasure it was.

EVU Unit 56, 57

There are some newer fields of science nowadays: the first one is - VOICE TECHNOLOGY – an attempt to teach a machine to reproduce human voice. Then - ASTROPHYSICS - is a teaching about the formation of the globes. Then – CRYOGENICS – is a branch of physics studying the changes of qualities of different substances at a very low temperature. Further, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING – is a branch of engineering which studies how to use and control nuclear power in the right way. Then – GENETIC ENGINEERING - is a studying of DNA and RNA, realization of genetic manipulation and introduction of genes into other organisms.

BVU Unit 38

INFLATION happened to be in our country in 1992. Prices rose 26-fold. THE INFLATION RATE was 245.3 %. It caused many people to become UNEMPLOYED; so that the level of UNEMPLOYMENT was 1636.8 thousand people. It means 1636.8 thousand people in Russia were OUT OF WORK, JOBLESS. So ECONOMY of our country began to fall apart. GDP of Russia fell down by 6.6 % in 1993.

ECU Unit 44

I’m so tired of my PALE clothes. I always wear SUBDUED COLOURS. I want to add a TOUCH OF COLOUR to my wardrobe. I would like to buy BRIGHT red skirt and I think its COLOUR GOES WELL WITH my white blouse. I have DARK GREEN shoes and I want something to MATCH them. To my mind, the colours of the skirt and my shoes CLASH. I wouldn’t like to be UNDER THE SHADOW because of my appearance anymore.

EVU Unit 60

One day I became a WITNESS of a ROBBERY. A THIEF stole a handbag of an old lady just in the street next to the supermarket. He was a teenager. The police caught him and CHARGED him with robbery. That case came to court and he was TRIED. A JUDGE examined EVIDENCES and decided on the SENTENCE. The VERDICT was the ACCUSED was GUILTY. As the robber was a teenager he had to PAY a large FINE only.

ECU Unit 45

This room is full of various STRONG SMELLS. There is stewed fruit on the table. Let me HAVE A TASTE… mm… It SMELLS OFF to me. The window is opened. The air coming from it is spoiled by the ACRID SMOKE and NOXIOUS FUMES from a FOUL-SMELLING glass factory. It always GIVES OFF A SMELL in the windless weather. It’s a REVOLTING STENCH and an OVERPOWERING STINK. The level of pollution is increasing.

BVU Unit 42

The best way to organize your time is to have a TIMETABLE or SCHEDULE. You can use a DIARY or a CALENDAR for this purpose. You can use also PERSONAL ORGANIZERS if you are well-versed in computers. Your businesses should be PRIORITIZED. Making a REALISTIC PLAN could help you to avoid DELAYS. Sometimes things TAKE LONGER THAN PLANNED. Well, don’t regret, just try to avoid INTERRUPTIONS and DISTRACTIONS, try to balance COST, QUALITY and TIME.

EVU Unit 63, ECU Unit 47

I’m CONVINCED the Ministry of Education took SWIFT ACTION to change the whole system. My father HAS HIS DOUBTS ABOUT these changes. He is AGAINST any innovations in the old Soviet education system. TO MY FATHER’S MIND, taking QUICK DECISION can lower the high level of Russian education. He SUSPECTS such changes can ruin the reputation of Russian Universities in others countries. IF YOU ASK ME, no one should make A HASTY DECISION, we may regret it later.

EVU Unit 64

Vera is very ENTHUSIASTIC about her studying. When she was a child Vera felt INSPIRED by Vrubel’s pictures and his art in general. She planned to study physics at university but then Vera CHANGED HER MIND. The girl was THRILLED when she won competition for young talents. She had felt NERVOUS ABOUT participation in it but everything was all right. She was quite CONTENT and EXCITED. Vera felt GRATEFUL when her parents supported her during the entering at Academy of Arts. She hopes she will BECOME SUCCESSFUL one day.

ECU Unit 49

Yesterday Mike had a BRIEF CHAT with the director of their picture. They discussed a DELICATE SUBJECT concerning financial side of the project. The director DROPPED A HINT that there was not enough money to continue the work. The director MADE IT CLEAR by THE TONE OF HIS VOICE that he was absolutely serious and that he TOLD him THE TRUTH. After that Mike had a LENGTHY DISCUSSION with their producer. Mike COMPLAINED BITTERLY that they had no money to continue the picture. But the producer tried to CHANGE THE SUBJECT of their discussion.

EVU Unit 66

Some days ago I GLANCED out of the window and NOTICED how a man SNATCHED a girl’s handbag and ran away. She SCREAMED and then SHOUTED NERVOUSLY and ANGRILY. The girl SHRIEKED abuses DESPERATELY and HOPELESSLY as the thief was far away. I ran out of my house GRABBED her hand and we gave chase to the thief.

EVU Unit 68

My brother usually WINKS to me several times in a row to cheer me up. But when I’m not in the mood to enjoy his chatter I FROWN and he GRINS from ear to ear as he likes to anger me. He doesn’t BLUSH to own that sometimes he is wrong. He always SHAKES with laughter when I try to sing. He is quite restrained. His voice never TREMBLES with excitement. I’ve never seen him getting the SHIVERS. He only always SIGHS when something goes wrong.

Н.Т. [(56) 79]

EVU, Unit 53

People with Munchausen syndrome enjoy visiting hospitals with any kind of diseases. They come to a doctor with RUSH, STOMACH ACHE, SUNBURNS, DIARRHOEA or even with BLISTERS. They do it to have MEDICAL HELP. They enjoy it when doctors TAKE THEIR TEMPERATURE, EXAMINE THEM, TAKE THEIR BLOOD PRESSURE and SEND THEM TO THE HOSPITAL for FURTHER TESTS. Because of these people young doctors can give wrong and useless prescriptions. People with Munchausen syndrome will never admit that they have TAKEN SOME MEDICATION to malinger.

EVU, Unit 54

A lot of people nowadays prefer to use cars instead of using TRAMS, BUSSES, COACHES or TUBE. But travelling long distance you would rather use AEROPLANE, PASSENGER TRAIN or LINER. It would be better if you know words which are used by people working on it. A bedroom on the plane or liner is called a CABIN; a bed is a BUNK, the kitchen is a GALLEY, and people who work on this transport are called the CREW.

EVU, Unit 55

The most popular type of holidays is a PACKAGE HOLIDAY. People like it because all you need is to pay and enjoy. But nowadays more and more people prefer to spend their holidays on CAMP-SITES. They chose it because there you can be independent and free. Also you will live in the place where you can enjoy BREATH-TAKING SCENARY, INTOXICATING FRAGRANCE of flowers, PICTURESQUE landscape and UNSPOILED CHARM of nature.

EVU, Unit 56

If you draw a TRIANGLE and then you draw a small CIRCLE above it and finish it with some DOTS and LINES, you’ll have a picture of a girl. But if you draw a SQUARE, then a TRIANGLE above in and then draw some RECTANGLES in the square you will have a picture of a house.

EVU, Unit 57

A lot of research is now carried out in GENETIC ENGENEERINGS and in MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. The results of this research can help us to treat GENETIC DISEASES, AIDS and CANCER. But the development of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY attracts even more attention now. Such inventions as the MOBILE PHONE, the COMPUTER and THE INTERNET make our life easier.

EVU, Unit 58

In our century we have a lot of different gadgets which make our life easier. The most demanded today is the computer. We have lots of variations of it: PERSONAL or DESKTOP COMPUTER, LAPTOP, PALMTOP and so on. And all computers need extra devices and equipment such as HARDWARE and SOFTWARE, HARD DISK, DISK DRIVE, SCANNER etc. Also people now are addicted to the INTERNET and to have it they need a MODEM. Lots of people have WEBSITES and take part in CHAT FORUMS.

EVU, Unit 59

There are a lot of different ways for journalists to produce news. The MASS MEDIA can use different ways to produce news. It could be programs like DOCUMENTARIES, NEWS BROADCASTS, CURRENT AFFAIRS PROGRAMS, SPORTS PROGRAMS and WEATHER FORECASTS. It could be QUALITY NEWSPAPERS or TABLOIDS, JOURNALS and MAGAZINES.

EVU, Unit 62

The majority of people have CURRENT ACCOUNT in a BANK where they can WITHDRAW money to PAY THEIR EVERYDAY BILLS. Lots of people prefer to pay by CREDIT CARDS. It is easier to TAKE A BANK LOAN and TO PAY THE CREDIT by it.

EVU, Unit 64

It is usual for me to feel MISERABLE and DEPRESSED. I feel DISCONTENTED about my way of living and FED-UP with mistakes I make. But if I think of those people who love me, I start feeling GRATEFUL. The knowledge that there are people who will excuse me for my mistakes makes me feel DELIGHTED, CHEERFUL and CONTENT. And I find myself INSPIRED to work harder and ENTHUSIASTIC to help everyone.

EVU, Unit 65

When I first met Sasha I didn’t FANCY her at all. But then I started to ENJOY spending time with her. She FASCINATED me with her talent of teaching. Then we found out that we both are KEEN ON art. Her sense of humor APPEALED TO me and we became friends soon. But not everything of her I find ATTRACTIVE. I HATE when she plays jokes on me and I CANNOT BEAR the mess she makes on my table. But I love her and we are good friends.

EVU, Unit 60

South Korea is a REPUBLIC. The head of their government is the PRESIDENT who is ELECTED for a 6-year TERM. Now it is the first woman-president in the world. The President leads the MAJORITY PARTY in CONGRESS. All BRANCHES of government are elected separately. The JUDICIARY is a separate branch and it even OVERRULES the President and Congress.

EVU, Unit 61

The majority of CRIMES are COMMITTED because of money. There are such of them like BURGLARY, SMUGGLING, STEALING, KIDNAPPING or ROBBERY. Some of the crimes are committed because of illness (kleptomaniacs can SHOPLIFT) or because of anger and hatred (such crimes as MURDER). But usually every crime has a WITNESS or really clear EVIDENCES and no criminal can escape the TRIAL forever.

EVU, Unit 66

There are a lot of different ways to express your feelings. When people are happy they usually STUTTER, SHOUT or even SCREAM. But when they are INSECURE and NERVOUS they would rather STUTTER, WHISPER, MURMUR or MUMBLE.

EVU, Unit 67

There are 5 usual senses: SIGHT, HEARING, TASTE, TOUCH and SMELL. There are also so-called sixth senses: TELEPATHY, PREMONITION, INTUITION and DÉJÀ VU. But even usual senses can behave strange. Sometimes we can taste not only SWEET, SALTY, BITTER, SOUR or SPICY dishes but also we can taste feelings. Some people can see SMELLS.

М.С. [(61) 138]

Unit 48 (ECU)

Nowadays STANDARDS OF LIVING ARE IMPROVING steadily, so everyone can easily afford to buy a car. However, such possibilities have led to a number of ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS, which arose during the last century. INTEREST IN solution of this problem is GROWING considerably over the last several decades, but it seems that nothing can REVOLUTIONISE THE WAY people view this world.

Unit 47 (BVU)

Our company attaches great importance to CORPORATE HOSPITALITY. It really helps to tolerate the requirement of PUNCTUALITY and a culture of PRESENTEEISM here. In addition to this, you’d better keep a certain DISTANCE WHEN TALKING TO PEOPLE. Also, it would be nice to follow the RULES OF CONVERSATION and keep in mind the ROLE OF SILENCE. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about GESTURES, EYE CONTACT and HUMOUR during a LUNCH BREAK, a relaxed approach is taken to such matters during this time.

Unit 67 (EVU), 47 (BVU)

Some people need PHYSICAL CONTACT when they are in a great stress, others prefer to be alone. Only INTUITION can help you to understand what is better – powerful GRASP or light TAP on the shoulder. Sometimes, witty OBSERVATION can perfectly replace mental TELEPATHY in understanding of uncertain mood.

Unit 49 (ECU)

TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH, it is not a problem for me to MAKE A SPEECH. During a LULL IN THE CONVERSATION, I ASK the master A FAVOUR to give me the floor. SPEAKING OFF THE RECORD, I always try to make my speech interesting by CRACKING JOKES and DROPPING HINTS. I MADE AN OBSERVATION which MAKES IT CLEAR why all guests burst in a loud laughter during it. All of them, except the person I was congratulating. I evidently had a wrong TONE OF MY VOICE.

Unit 60 (EVU)

DEMOCRACY can hardly be brought to life. All the GENERAL ELECTIONS during which each CONSTITUENCY has to choose which POLITICIAN will become a REPRESENTATIVE are only an appearance. A system of POLLING STATIONS and CASTING ON VOTE by making a cross on the BALLET PAPER should be reviewed. We need to hold a dialogue at all levels of society – a DIRECT VOTING in a REFERENDUM unfortunately can be a decision only in case of emergency.

Unit 59 (EVU)

Lots of people spend their leisure time watching SERIALS. An endless succession of EPISODES leads to an attachment to CHARACTERS, that’s why it becomes fascinating. Serials MADE ON LOCATION in foreign countries are also interesting to watch. It is also a very good way to learn foreign languages, especially if each PROGRAMME has SUB-TITLES. If you watch a serial which is DUBBED, you may hear two languages at the same time. It only can be very irritating when BROADCAST includes COMMERCIALS.

Unit 66 (EVU)

Every day her husband returned home he COMPLAINED about his boss and GRUMBLED about the rate of wage. His wife URGED him PATIENTLY to wait until he finds a better job and BEGGED DESPERATELY not to leave her and the children without bread and butter. He OBJECTED GLOOMILY THAT she didn’t know what she was MUMBLING and BOASTED PROUDLY that he was the best employee. Then he agreed CROSSLY and RELUCTANTLY to work for another week. She thanked him SINCERELY and HOPEFULLY. The next day he GROANED more BITTERLY and THREATENED to quit work more AGGRESSIVELY.

Unit 68,67 (EVU)

He SNORED DEAFENINGLY and his stomach RUMBLED loudly all night and she SIGHED with relief when the night became SILENT at last. This night she had a PREMONITION that the morning would be FRAGRANT, SWEET-SMELLING and splendid, so she ran out of the house and completely forgot how she had YAWNED, FROWNED and SHIVERED in after-dark chill.

А.Б. [(37) 56]

1. The first thing you should know about me is I hate to TRAVEL by air. I hate all kinds of air vehicles like AEROPLANES, JETS, HELICOPTERS and don’t let me get started on the plane. I would rather trust my life to a CAPTAIN than to a PILOT. But unfortunately because of my job I have no other option but to take a PLANE. I FLY from one city to another almost every day. I spend a lot of time at the AIRPORTS. And usually I try to remember the time when I was a child and my family used to go on a VOYAGE all the time. I’m the only child in my family so I had no one to share my CABIN with. I would wake up on my very uncomfortable BUNK every day and head straight to the GALLEY. I would spend my whole day laughing with the CREW. Yeah, those were the days!

2. If you'll ask me "what is your perfect holiday?" I'll answer in a heartbeat that it is CAMPING. What buys me every time are BREATH-TAKING views, MIGHTY rivers, PICTURESQUE and UNSPOILT villages. After living in a big city straight for 4 years, I was finally fed up and I decided that I'm in need of a VACATION. So I went on a CRUISE, I will never forget that LUXURIOUS cruise ship and EXCOTIC locations that I was been able to witness.

3. When I first moved into my apartment the first thing I’ve learned about my neighbor Jack was that he had COMMITED a CRIME. The police CHARGED him with BURGLARY. At first I thought that nothing could be worse and that was when I’ve learned about my other neighbor Nick. The police ACCUSED him of being a KIDNAPPER however the trial didn’t last very long, his lawyer did everything in his power to DEFEND him. After brief deliberation, the JURY PASSED VERDICT on him. They decided that Nick was INNOCENT. Also John from the fifth floor had been in prison for two years for a SHOPLIFTING. He was RELEASED FROM prison two years early. He got TIME OFF for good behaviour. No one has told me about that and when I tried to take my money back my real estate agent said that it’s normal and that there are a lot of CRIMINALS along us. I think that it’s a shame that nowadays CRIME is considered as normal.

4. «My homework is finally finished!», he said PROUDLY. «Save it for someone who cares», she spoke ANGRILY. «Okay», he WHISPERED.

5. My name is Sarah and I work at Flashnews. My job here is to make sure that every person is aware of such global problems as CLIMATE CHANGE, RISING SEA LEVELS, GREENHOUSE EFFECT. I made it my top priority to let people know that it’s the result of our actions. Also I am trying to bring attention to the problem of world POVERTY. There is no SIMPLE SOLUTION to this problem. But I’m pleased to say that a lot of people have succeeded in ESCAPING POVERTY lately. Nevertheless we still have people who are living BELOW THE POVERTY LINE and I’d like to remind you that they are in need of our help. My name is Sarah and I’m asking for your help. Please help us ERADICATE POVERTY or at least help us ALLEVIATE it.

J.K. [(23,5) 45,5]

UNIT 48 Coll.

This year there have been many SMALL CHANGES in the life of my family. My father MADE a few ADJUSTMENTS to the gears and my bike works much better now. My sister had to MAKE A SLIGHT ALTERATION to her coming marriage ceremony. We've MADE a few MODIFICATIONS to the software so that it suits our systems better. We've decided TO ADOPT a new APPROACH to the problems in our parish. My mother has lost some weight - she needs TO HAVE some of her CLOTHES ALTERED. The MAJOR CHANGES include BREAKING BAD HABITS. It turned out difficult TO KICK some of them. We REVOLUTIONISED THE WAY our pets live. Our grandparents CONVERTED TO ORTHODOXY. We discovered that jogging had THE POWER TO TRANSFORM the way we feel.

Upon the new term in his school my little brother got TO CHANGE SEATS to sit next to his best friend. My sister CHANGED THE JOB and uncle and aunty MOVED HOUSE and their children CHANGED SCHOOLS. Their son Boris had studied law at university and all of a sudden CHANGED HIS MIND to become a pilot. Whenever we talk law, he CHANGES THE SUBJECT. I learnt how TO CHANGE THE BABY NIECE and taught my little brother TO CHANGE THE BED.

Д.К. [(10) 74]

UNIT 49 Coll.

Dear Santa,
I find it difficult TO GET INTO CONVERSATION with reindeers or TO JOIN IN A CONVERSATION. And even if I do talk, I feel as if I'm boring them. I like reindeers and I want to be able to get to know them and MAKE POLITE CONVERSATION. Please help!

Д.К. [(2,5) 40]

UNIT 49 Coll.

Yesterday I had A BRIEF CHAT with my colleague. He had had A QUICK WORD with the boss about MY PERFORMANCE so I wanted him to give me the details. He replied it had been A DELICATE SUBJECT and that he didn't think we needed to make it A LENGTHY DISCUSSION. But I RAISED THE SUBJECT nevertheless. So he SPOKE to me OFF THE RECORD, every time I'm GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS, I always CHALLENGE the boss DIRECTLY and he's afraid of PLEADING IGNORANCE for he knows little about the subject. The boss didn't BITTERLY COMPLAIN but DROPPED A HINT that I might get sacked. I could tell BY THE TONE OF HIS VOICE that he was serious. I thought that maybe I SHOULD HAVE HAD A WORD with the boss to MAKE IT CLEAR and CHANGED THE SUBJECT: "I have to TELL you THE TRUTH, in fact I was going to ASK you A FAVOUR..."

Д.К. [(9) 37,5]

Collocations Unit 50

Many people believe several miles distance isn't AN EASY WALK whereas to me it is A GENTLE WALK. I can go for A LEISURELY STROLL and then everyone can hear my HEAVY STEPS. I cover distances WALKING BRISKLY. When it's winter season, I PICK MY WAY CAUTIOUSLY.

My brother WAS CONFIDENTLY STRODing across the room while his girlfriend WAS TAKING ANGRY STRIDES. She thought they had GOT OFF ON THE WRONG FOOT and he hoped TO WALK every EXAM he had gone in for. I cannot call him A WALKING ENCYCLOPEDIA but he's smart and witty. He had no idea he'd RUN INTO PROBLEMS with his girlfriend. Many DIFFERENT WALKS OF LIFE appealed to him. He didn't want TO RUSH HEADLONG INTO something like marriage. He was TAKING HIS FIRST FALTERING STEPS at his career. He was bound TO MAKE GREAT STRIDES in future. He didn't have TO RUN UP AGAINST ANY OPPOSITION.


Whenever I MAKE A SPEECH, I always try TO GET TO THE POINT quickly. I could TELL a lot of stories about Liza, my best friend since childhood. I GAVE her MY WORD that I wouldn't CRACK any JOKES at her wedding because her fiance is very sensitive and is really bad at TELLING JOKES. So I'll do no more than WISH them LUCK.

Д.К. [(12) 28,5]

Unit 50 Col

I prefer TO GO places ON FOOT. I love GOING FOR A WALK. I meet a lot of people TAKING A STROLL. Some GO JOGGING. I would like to GO RUNNING too but it is practically impossible for me to GO FOR A RUN as I am a lazy person. I enjoy BRISK WALKS too. Today I was surprised to see a woman PACING UP AND DOWN beside the river. She was TAKING long STEPS. I was puzzled.

Д.К. [(4,5) 16,5]

EVU unit 61

A month ago two guys wearing masks COMMITTED A CRIME, when they ROBBED a bank. Those who WITNESSED the crime called the police, but the criminals got away. After several hours the police caught and arrested two suspected guys and a car driver who was ACCUSED OF being their accomplice. The CASE came to court and they were TRIED. During the TRIAL it turned out that some of them had already been CHARGED with BURGLARIES, SHOPLIFTING and SMUGGLING. Although the convicts PLEADED NOT GUILTY, the PROSECUTING lawyer produced a very strong EVIDENCE against them – the police found their footprints all over the crime scene. The JURY passed VERDICT on them and the robbers were SENTENCED TO three years in prison, while the car driver was ACQUITTED OF any involvement in the crime, but he had to PAY FINE for the DRUNKEN DRIVING. It is possible that the criminals would SERVE only two years in prison and GET TIME OFF in case of their good behaviour.

EVU unit 65

For five studying years I’ve ENJOYED spending time with these people. Most of them FASCINATE me with their style of life, especially those who are KEEN ON travelling and sports. Their range of interests is what really APPEALS to me. Many of them are also very CARING people, FOND OF every living creature. However, I’m pretty UPSET ABOUT some of my acquaintances. I LOATHE arrogant people. Their self-important behaviour REPELS everyone. I’m always APPALLED by stubborness, and pride also DISGUSTS me. Now I’m LOOKING FORWARD to graduating from university, but I’m DREADING exams.

ECU unit 38

When the WAR WAS DECLARED, he had to JOIN THE ARMY and GO TO WAR. After some MINOR INCIDENTS he faced really FIERCE FIGHTING. Then the DECISIVE BATTLE was started which RAGED for several days, and he was TAKEN PRISONER, but fortunately managed to escape. Eventually a CEASEFIRE was CALLED, the countries decided to NEGOTIATE A PEACE AGREEMENT and SIGNED A PEACE TREATY.

ECU unit 39

1) Many environmental problems are the result of our actions, as we are DISTURBING THE ECOLOGICAL BALANCE, what leads to CLIMATE CHANGE, to RISING SEA LEVELS and the increase in GREENHOUSE GASES. We must TACKLE POLLUTION from EXHAUST FUMES and the burning of FOSSIL FUELS, otherwise it can cause IRREPARABLE DAMAGE to our environment. Such NATURAL DISASTERS as CROPS FAIL, floods and DEVASTATING FAMINES are also the consequences of our selfish actions, we have seriously DEPLETED THE OZONE LAYER.
2) Poverty is not just an issue for DEVELOPING COUNTRIES, it’s a WORLD-WIDE PROBLEM. Thousands of people, STREET CHILDREN, especially in DEPRIVED REGIONS are in DESPERATE NEED and SLEEP ROUGH. We must help them to LIFT THEM OUT OF POVERTY. Perhaps it’s impossible to ERADICATE poverty, but at least we can try to ALLEVIATE it.

ECU unit 40

It’s unbelievable how hard-working some people are. My friend studies FROM DAWN TILL DUSK and sometimes stays up until THE SMALL HOURS. It’s TAKING HER AGES to prepare for an international exam, but she says it will eventually be WORTH HER WHILE. I’m sure she has A GREAT FUTURE AHEAD OF HER. As for me, I always RUN OUT OF TIME, but I’m not going to work UNGODLY HOURS. Usually I SET MY ALARM for nine o’clock but often continue on sleeping even after the ALARM GOES OFF. My mom says I’ll be sorry BIG TIME for being so lazy, but nobody knows what the FUTURE HOLDS and my attitude to work may change a bit as TIME GOES BY.

Ю.Г. [(39) 88]

Upper-intermediate vocabulary

Unit 51

Famous British chef Jamie Oliver gave his children uncommon home names: POLLEN, Daisy, PETAL and BUD.
When I was a child I had an absolutely naked PARROT, only his WINGS and BREAST were slightly in soft fine hair.
I hate scaling fresh fish, because TAIL and GILLS usually keep moving, and, what is more, SCALES are a very unpleasant thing.
Tulip is my favourite flower because its STALK is supple and it always strains towards the light and it has pretty LEAVES.
One and only point of interest in my native town is a hundred-year old OAK. It has massive TRUNK, many large BRANCHES and BOUGHS, but it nearly has not got any TWIGS, so people think that it is going to die.
I thought that HEDGEHOGS eat some ROOTS and BARK, but it turned out that they are vermin.

Unit 53

Jack fell downstairs and thought that he had minor BRUISES, but it turned out that his wrist was BROKEN and ankle was DISLOCATED.
The fist index of COLD is SHIVER. Then it changes to high TEMPERATURE with a SORE THROAT and COUGH.
This unit makes me feel DEPRESSED because I am HYPOCHONDRIAC since my childhood.
When I eat strawberry I have ITCHES and sometimes RUSH on the skin of my hands.
It is dangerous to catch a BUG when you are PREGNANT.

Unit 54

Jack thought that it is very romantic to live in a CABIN, sleep in a BUNK, and be a part of one CREW, but after ship SET SAIL and sea became ROUGH, Jack felt SEASICK and he was MAROONED on the deserted island.
It is better for me to TAKE A TRIP, than to GO ON IT, because there is more risk and excitement in it.

Unit 55

I dislike resting in a CAMP-SITE and living in TENT, because I am afraid of nature, even if the camp-site is situated in a PICTURESQUE place.
Travelling with CARAVAN is rather EXOTIC.
If I had enough money, I would buy a TIME-SHARE APARTMENT in Florence because this town is LEGENDARY, MIGHTY and absolutely UNSURPASSED.
UNSPOILED nature is always BREATH-TAKING and makes people feel EXHILARATED.

Unit 57

My nephew is interested in GENETIC ENGINEERING – he wants to EXPERIMENT with creating dinosaurs.
My mother is not keen on machines – she has not got a FOOD PROCESSOR and a CORDLESS IRON, also, our MICROWAVE is 10 years old now.
My father is interested in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, so we had a VIDEO RECORDER and a CD-PLAYER when nobody else had.
I got my first MOBILE PHONE when I was 7 years old.

Unit 58

When I was a child it was more prestigious to have a DESKTOP COMPUTER than a LAPTOP, now nobody uses it.
THE INTERNET gives a great opportunity to study foreign languages because you can communicate with native speakers in CHAT FORUMS and you can SURF THE NET to find necessary words quickly.
Technologies develop rapidly – such things like a FLOPPY, a MODEM and a PALMTOP are not used nowadays, what is more, many PERSONAL COMPUTERS don’t have DISK DRIVES today.

Unit 59

Being at home with my parents I enjoy watching SITCOMS and SOAP OPERAS.
I think that celebrities like visiting CHAT SHOWS because everybody likes to speak about themselves.
My mother is extremely attentive to WEATHER FORECAST and CURRENT AFFAIRS.
Truth be told, sometimes I believe in HOROSCOPES.
When I was a child I enjoyed reading historical JOURNALS.
The least important things for me are BUSINESS NEWS and SPORTS REPORTS.

Unit 60

In my opinion, there is no perfect type of government, but the DICTATORSHIP is the worst.
Many people think that MONARCHY is bad because people can’t ELECT their governor.
I like the model of PARLIAMENTARY GOVERNMENT in the UK, where the Queen shares her power with the PRIME MINISTER.
I have never been at the POLLING STATION on a POLLING DAY because I think that our MAJORITY PARTY will be in power forever.
I learned about the HOUSE OF LORDS and the HOUSE OF COMMONS when I was 11.

Unit 61

I have been ROBBED for three times – three of my phones were STOLEN.
Writers don’t like SHOPLIFTERS – MURDERERS, BUGLARS and KIDNAPPERS are more interesting for them.
I think that many of ACQUITTED criminals are GUILTY, and some of the SENTENCED people are INNOCENT.

Е.З. [(47) 60]

EVU Units 64, 65, 66 + ECU Unit 49 + BVU Unit 46

Once upon a time there was a kingdom. A good and rather an intelligent King ruled over it, and everyone there was FOND OF him. The King was PASSIONATE ABOUT ruling his realm just and fair, which did in fact APPEALED TO its citizens. Of course, the King had a LOVING wife FOR whom he CARED a lot. The nation QUITE LIKED her, too. She was EAGERLY DEVOTED TO organising charities, throwing big balls, and making feasts for peasants. That was GRATEFULLY accepted by society. The King and the Queen had three daughters. They were beautiful, smart, and everything that made a good princess. The Princesses were ADORED by the whole kingdom.
The royal family was CONTENTED.
The King was very KEEN ON the idea of settling his daughters. But no good bridegroom was to be seen near the kingdom, which made the King a little DEPRESSED.
Eventually, what he was so YEARNING FOR happened. At least, for his oldest daughter. In the beginning, no one knew how lucky they were, though.
An Ugly Dragon came and BOLDLY THREATENED the King: 'You give me one of your daughters or I eat all your peasants!'
'No way!' NERVOUSLY STUTTERED the King and started thinking. He felt out of sorts.
For one part he loved his daughters endlessly, and he COULDN'T STAND the idea of giving one of them to the Ugly Dragon.
'He isn't even this rich!' the King COMPLAINED to his wife BITTERLY. 'But he does seem to be FURIOUS and capable of God knows what!' he added RELUCTANTLY.
The thing was, the King loved his peasants, too, and the idea of them being eaten by such a DISGUSTING creature was REVOLTING.
The Queen put her knitting aside and patted her husband on the shoulder.
'There, there, it's not the end of the world,' she said. 'We need to call a knight.'
'Oh no!' GROANED the King. He was quite APPREHENSIVE when it came to the knights. 'They are so expensive these days!'
'DARLING,' the Queen said. 'But we are the royal family. We may have a social discount! Besides, what else we are to do?'
'You are right,' the King didn't feel like ARGUING at that time. Also, FROM THE TONE OF HIS WIFE'S VOICE, he knew that it was pointless. 'But SWEETHEART, do try to find one who doesn't CRACK terrible JOKES. It will be the bad influence for girls! Though he would be anyway. Nothing good can come from someone who kills dragons for kicks.'
'As you WISH, DEAR,' murmured the Queen getting her binder with knights' BUISNESS CARDS. She was extremely ENTHUSIASTIC when it came to the knights. And to the binders, too. She was a really neat woman, after all.
The Princesses were waiting for the Knight IMPATIENTLY, of course. They rather did hope he would crack some jokes or TELL STORIES ABOUT his great deeds. For what it worth, they were EXCITED to see any knight as they had never seen one. Finally, the Knight came to the kingdom. He was dressed quite FORMALLY, in shining armour and such, nothing outstanding. That, of course, killed the last hope the girls had for jokes.
WHISPERS followed him on his way to the castle. The Knight looked around GLOOMILY as if such attention wasn't something he liked. The local girls found it rather endearing and by the time he reached the doors of the castle they all positively FELL IN LOVE with him.
'The Dark Knight,' said the Dark Knight as he shook the King's hand. 'Rescuing damsels in distress, helping grannies in the streets and whatever you wish to pay for.'
'Er,' said the King anxiously. 'Nice to meet you.'
'Ah!' said the girls, FASCINATED beyond the measure. 'Did you hear! Rescuing damsels! How nice!' WHISPERED the youngest Princess, rather loudly.
The Dark Knight blushed.
'Very well,' smiled the Queen CHEERFULLY. 'We are a large royal family, will you make a discount for us?'
'Ah, yes, well, here is my card, it has all the conditions on it.'
The Dark Knight handed his card to the Queen. "T. D. Knight" read the Queen. "B. M. A."
'That's nice INITIALS you have here!' she said. 'And what's your QUALIFICATION?'
'Bachelor of Marital Arts,' MUMBLED the Dark Knight SHYLY.
The King gaped at him.
'You have a degree!' he SCREAMED. 'You must be very expensive! I am not sure we can afford you!'
The Queen sent him a dirty look. It wasn't a good way to treat such a DELICATE SUBJECT.
The Dark Knight was as red as the Kingdom's flag.
'It can be arranged,' he STAMMERED. 'TO TELL THE TRUTH, I happen to be in need of a wife...'
'Oh!' said the King and the Queen together. 'That definitely can be arranged.'
The oldest Princess SHRIEKED with DELIGHT. The Dark Knight looked THRILLED as if he didn't actually believe that the King was willing to give his daughter – who was a princess for goodness' sake! – to him just because he was able to kill the Ugly Dragon. Which he did, and then he married the Princess and everyone in the kingdom was ECSTATIC.

А.К. [(21) 81]

EVU Unit 58, 59, 61, 63, 64 ECU 47, 48

Recently a big fuss was made all over POPULAR and TABLOID NEWSPAPERS about this huge SMUGGLING story. All the HEADLINES were shouting about this CRIME. MASS MEDIA was almost frantic with excitement. IF YOU ASK ME, it got quite annoying in the end, I felt positively FED UP with all this. I was almost CROSS WITH the postman when he brought me my favourite magazine and I found out that the whole issue was dedicated to the phenomena of smuggling. I apologized to the poor fella afterwards, of course. A gang of SMUGGLERS SMUGGLED a lot of LAPTOPS and PCs and some of HARDWARE and tried to sell it somewhere in Bulgaria. If you happened to SURF THE NET you might have chanced upon hot discussions concerning this story. That’s the advantage of the WORLD WIDE WEB — you can PROMPTLY discuss anything happening in any place in the world or any other topic with everyone who SHARES THE SAME TASTES as you do. There are now even some WEBSITES made for discussions of the latest news. I wonder if one day they will film a SERIAL about this CASE. However, the TRIAL itself wasn’t something to get EXCITED about, it was rather boring. It was really FAST, though. The EVIDENCE was presented, the JUDGE found the PROOF acceptable, the JURY agreed, the smugglers PLEADED NOT GUILTY, everyone CHEERFULLY laughed at them, and I DOUBT that their LAWYER could do anything to help them, and they were SENTENCED to years in prison. It’s unlikely that they will TASTE THE FREEDOM soon. I RECKON they were at least FRUSTRATED with how the thing turned out. But still no one could say that the judge’s decision was a HASTY one. Citizens are GRATEFUL that the police MANAGED to catch the criminals. I believe a few ADJUSTMENTS were MADE at customs houses to prevent smuggling in the future.

А.К. [(19) 60]

Unit 27 (Collocations)

When I was a child I’ve always CAUGHT A COLD and THE FLU. My mother was afraid that it could be SYMPTOMS of some SERIOUS ILLNESS and she thought that it could be even LIFE-THREATENING. But when I came to the doctor he told that I have for A WEEK an IMMUNE SYSTEM DIET and some VIGOROUS EXERCISES.

Unit 29

To be allowed to TAKE AN EXAM students at our faculty ought to ATTEND all THE LECTURES and to HAND IN all ESSAYS and ASSIGNMENTS in time. In addition, TO COMPLETE THE COURSE they have to CARRY OUT A RESEARCH PROTECT either into literature or language. Only if students have PASSED all EXAMS they could do FURTHER EDUCATION.

Unit 30

I’m dreaming of having a FULFILLING JOB in the future and I hope that I’ll WORK CLOSELY WITH foreigners. I’d like TO HAVE A JOB AS an interpreter. I suppose that I’m quite a GOOD TEAM PLAYER and I hope that in this respect nothing will GO WRONG. It’s not so important for me to HAVE A BRILLIANT CAREER but I hope it wouldn’t be RUINED by any accident.

Unit 32

It is usual for scientists to DEFEND their theories STRENUOUSLY even if they don’t have enough SUPPORTING EVIDENCE. They start to ESTABLISH CONNECTIONS between facts which cannot be connected at all.
To avoid such mistakes you must first GATHER EVIDENCE, then CARRY OUT A detail STUDY of all factors, and only then you can offer a TENTATIVE EXPLANATION.

Unit 34-35

Valentine CARRIED OUT AN INVESTIGATION into a major theft in our century. A HARDENED CRIMINAL Flambeau is CHARGED of stealing 5 million dollars but there are no STRONG EVIDENCES to prove this charge. So, we hope that Valentine will SHED LIGHT ON this case and Flambeau will APPEAR IN COURT.

Unit 37

In our times it is really hard to SAVE MONEY because of INCREASE of PRISES. The hardest thing is to teach teenagers not to WASTE MONEY on OVERPRISED goods of low quality. It’s very important for them to understand whether the product is REASONABLY PRICED or it has a REDICULOUS PRICE. Only if they’ll learn that, they would be able not to THROW AROUND ALL their SALARY in a day.

Unit 39

The DEVELOPING COUNTRIES have a lot of problems with AIR POLLUTION by FOSSIL FUELS and with the DISTURBANCE of the ECOLOGICAL BALANCE. These problems lead to such changes as the DEPLETION of the OZONE LAYER and some CLIMATE CHANGES. This is an IRREPARABLE DAMAGE to our environment and we must take some actions to improve it.

Unit 40

People usually don’t know how to use their time properly. They WASTE it in vain and don’t know where to find it. But sometimes they have too much time and just KILL it in clubs, restaurants and so on. But if a person is organized and doesn't have any SPARE TIME he or she should certainly MAKE SOME TIME FOR his/her friends and family.

Unit 42

It doesn’t matter whether the BOOK is SLIM or FAT. There is no difference whether it’s heavy or light. Only its inner world matters. And always have GREAT DEAL OF TIME which we waste carelessly instead of being taught by reading.

Unit 43

That was a nice summer day. THE RAYS OF SUNLIGHT fell on every single detail of the landscape. All colors were BRIGHT: yellow, green, red and so on. The GLARE OF THE SUN even added a TOUCH OF COLOR to the grey and dull castle on the hill, which always WAS UNDER THE SHADOW OF the brightly-painted little houses down to the TWINKLING RIVER.

Unit 44

It is very important to use only the cosmetics which fit your type. You should find out whether you have DRY or OILY SKIN, whether your HAIR is GREASY or DRY, whether you need some creams for ROUGH SKIN on your hands or it is SMOOTHY enough. If you will decide these correctly and will follow the comments on the cosmetics, you will reach the effect of having the healthiest appearance.

Unit 45

The spring is the time of blooming. There are so many different flowers which have their special smell which cannot be compared with the other. For example, lilies of the valley have a STRONG FRESH BITTER PERFUME while forget-me-nots have a SUBTLE SWEET WHIFF OF PERFUME which is AN ACQUIRED.

М.С. [(35) 64]

EVU unit 62

Yesterday I received a BANK STATEMENT and realized that my CURRENT ACCOUNT was OVERDRAWN and I was IN THE RED. I was shocked, as I PAID IN MY SALARY just five days before and WITHDREW just a little money to PAY MY EVERYDAY BILLS. Then it turned out that my sister HAD TAKEN THE MONEY OUT of my account and even had an OVERDRAFT, so eventually the bank CHARGED me INTEREST. Recently she received a MORTGAGE which a BUILDING SOCIETY had lent her to buy a new house, so she had to pay for this BANK LOAN and that’s why she needed to use my money. Fortunately I also have a SAVINGS ACCOUNT where I DEPOSITED some extra money, so I still can go shopping and pay for my purchases OUTRIGHT, which is more convenient than to buy ON CREDIT. By the way, it’s a sales period in the shop near my house, so I may be offered a DISCOUNT and also a special REDUCTION for students which enables me to GET some money OFF. I’d like to buy some colourful notebooks for myself and my friends, so I will buy IN BULK and it’ll be easier to HAGGLE about the price. In case someone doesn’t like a notebook I choose I can return it to the shop and get a REFUND according to my RECEIPT.

Ю.Г. [(12) 49]

EVU Unit 60

I live in the Russian FEDERATION. It is a FEDERAL semi-PRESIDENTIAL REPUBLIC with DEMOCRATIC system of GOVERNMENT. Russia is an INDEPENDENT country. The PRESIDENT is the head of the STATE and the PRIME MINISTER HEADS the GOVERNMENT. The Russian Federation is fundamentally structured as a multi-REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT composed of three BRANCHES: LEGISLATIVE, EXECUTIVE and JUDICIARY. The PRESIDENT is ELECTED for a six-year TERM by popular VOTE. He can APPOINT or NOMINATE high OFFICIALS in government. The President leads the MAJORITY PARTY in government.

А.Я. [(11) 76]

Collocations unit 40 + EVU units 54-55

Last summer I decided to SPEND SOME TIME during my HOLIDAYS at a CAMP-SITE. But then I realized that I didn’t own a TENT or even a CARAVAN. Of course I could sleep in a car, but I own a SPORTS CAR which doesn’t come with a BOOT, so there was no room for storing my luggage. I was infinitely upset because I was really looking forward to that TRIP. All the EXHILARATING moments I could have! All the MIGHTY rivers I could swim in! All the UNSPOILT charm of the countryside I could enjoy! All of those UNSURPASSED things were unreachable for me. But then I TOOK MY TIME and thought it over. So what, I couldn’t go camping, no big deal. Instead I decided to take a CRUISE. Or maybe to rent a YACHT. I pictured myself standing on the DECK dressed as a CAPTAIN shouting at STEWARDS and STEWARDESSES. Then I remembered that I always had a terrible seasickness and that I would never be able to endure a little trip over a lake by a FISHING-BOAT leave alone a whole week on a LINER sliding across the sea. I was doomed to have the worst holidays in my life. I had to come up with something to KILL TIME. I didn’t want to WASTE SUMMERTIME in a dusty town. I wanted to HAVE A TIME OF MY LIFE observing BREATH-TAKING views and STUNNING see-sights, I wanted to stay at GLAMOROUS hotels enjoying LEGENDARY hospitality. I wanted to walk PICTURESQUE streets and experience SUBLIME pleasure of spending my money in EXCLUSIVE shops and clubs. That was when I came up with an idea to try a PACKAGE HOLIDAY. Yes, I know, it sounds really boring but I honestly didn’t HAVE TIME for arranging everything myself.

А.К. [(15,5) 41]

Unit 41 (EVU)

If we look closely at our daily routine, it turns out that almost always we prefer EAR-SPLITTING SOUNDS and DEAFENING NOISE to EERIE SILENCE. EXCESSIVE NOISE of big cities helps us not hear our inner emptiness. We get used to constant BACKGROUND NOISE: THE ROAR OF THE TRAFFIC, THE MACHINES, HAMMING AND WHIRRING in building areas, MUFFLED SOUNDS of underneath music in the shop centers. Usually, even at home we are surrounded with music, which is BLARING OUT of the radio. These sounds help us successfully to ignore a PIERCING CRY of our souls.

Unit 57 (EVU)

Having been a professor of MOLECULAR BIOLOGY he ANALYSED the heredity problem and CONCLUDED that cytology method could be applied here too. He EXPERIMENTED a lot before DISCOVERING that molecular biology might be successfully COMBINED with cytology method. GENERIC ENGINEERING became the main sphere of his scientific interests and very soon he had to PATENT his invention.

А.Б. [(9,5) 19]

EVU: Unit 54, ECU: Unit 39

That morning he had to FLY TO London. He hated TRAVELLING, but this JOURNEY had to take place. He didn't want to go to the AIRPORT in his SPORTS CAR, so he took a cab. A CHAUFFEUR put the luggage into the BOOT and started the ENGINE. During this TRIP to the airport he listened to the radio where someone told about WORLD-WIDE PROBLEMS and such NATURAL DISASTERS as DEVASTATING FAMINES and equally DEVASTATING FLOODS in the most DEPRIVED REGIONS of the DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. Suddenly he heard a sound of a blown out TYRE. The DRIVER stopped the CAR and called to the MECHANIC, who came in a half an hour and quickly CHANGED THE TYRE. It was 5:20 a.m., the PLANE was to TAKE OFF at 6 a.m. In order not to be late, the chauffeur WENT quie FAST, OVERTAKING other cars. Fortunately, the FLIGHT was DELAYED and he was on the spot just in time.

А.Я. [(11) 23]

EVU, Unit 52

She was standing in front of the mirror wearing a TIGHT SILK SPOTTED DRESSING-GOWN and old PLAIN SLIPPERS of which she had GROWN OUT and thinking about DRESSING UP for rendezvous. In five minutes she CHANGED OUT OF her OLD-FASHIONED home clothing INTO CLOSE-FITTING SLEEVELESS TRENDY LEATHER dress. This dress SUITS her perfectly and MATCHES HER black SUEDE boots with high HEELS. It was cold outside and she put on a WOOLLEN FASHIONABLE COAT with ELEGANT COLLAR. She looked SMART and WELL-DRESSED for the impending meeting.

А.Я. [12]

EVU 54

Almost everybody likes TRAVELLING. So do I. But once my JOURNEY was extremely exhausting and terribly long. At first we were going to FLY to London. But our PLANE was DELAYED by fog. So the plane was to take off at 6 a.m. (instead of 4 a.m.) and LAND at 10 a.m. After the FLIGHT all the PASSENGERS went to the center by TRAIN, which always RUNS ON TIME there. After 8 hours walking we returned to the airport and had an 11-hour flight to San-Francisco. There we were SAILING on the YACHT. It SET SAIL for the next port. Unfortunately, the ocean was ROUGH.

Business 36

I've heard about FINANCIAL CENTERS before. There are many banks, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. So once I decided to join the WALL STREET. But when I heard at first those horrible terms, such as SPECULATORS, BROKERS, TRADERS, DEALERS, INVESTORS, FLOTATION, COMMERCIAL PAPERS, BONDS, CURRENCIES, COMMODITIES, SECURITIES HOUSES etc., I was shocked!

П.П. [(11) 33]

Е.З. [13]

Н.Т. [17]

J.K. [22]

Д.К. [12]

М.С. [29]


EVU 40, Coll.30

Nowadays there is a horrible amount of tragedies and NATURAL DISASTERS in our world. There are terrible EARTHQUAKES, devastating HURRICANES, TORNADOES, TYPHOONS which SWEEP the cities, DROUGHTS, FAMINE, FLOODS, ERUPTED VOLCANOES, EPIDEMICS which rapidly SPREAD (CHOLERA, TYPHOID, MALARIA, YELLOW FEVER, LEPROSY, RABIES, AIDS), WARS, MAJOR ACCIDENTS. Thousands of CASUALTIES and VICTIMS as the result... We don't really care about all these tragedies while they are far from us and our relatives and nothing GOES WRONG. But we do care about CLIMBING THE CAREER LADDER and ACHIEVING our personal GOALS. Sometimes we need to stop for a moment and think about the temporal and the eternal.

EVU 39, Coll.27

My CLASSMATE has got a FLATMATE, whose WORKMATE has a FIANCÉE (they often DON'T SEE EYE TO EYE, try to SPLIT UP every day and CAN'T STAND each other). So that WIFE-TO-BE is a doctor and she always tells interesting stories about her work and her patients. For example she told about one unhappy patient, who always CATCHES A COLD. He also had SUFFERED FROM ASTHMA all his life. Once he HAD AN ATTACK OF HAY FEVER. She PRESCRIBED SOME TABLETS for him to make them RELIEVE HIS PAIN, but that poor patient got a SPLITTING HEADACHE from them. Firstly everybody thought that there was nothing LIFE-THREATENING but later his doctor realized that her patient had a SERIOUS ILLNESS. He was DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER. But it was a story with a happy end. That patient took a REGULAR VIGOROUS EXERCISE, ate a BALANCED DIET, followed a FITNESS PROGRAM and always STICKED it. For now that patient is absolutely healthy because of his personal program and that talented doctor.

EVU 40, Business 23

For now there is a PRICE BOOM for real estate. For example, VILLAS are HIGH-PRICED and there are no DISCOUNTS, but we still decide to buy a house. Our good friend who works as a realtor oriented us: there are different types of houses: DETACHED HOUSES, SEMI-DETACHED HOUSES, SELF-CONTAINED FLATS, TERRACED HOUSES, COTTAGES, BUNGALOWS etc. We chase a detached house and our friend recommended us a good one. There are 3 MAIN BEDROOMS, a UTILITY ROOM, a SHED, a LOFT, a CELLAR, 2 STUDIES, a wide HALL, an amazing TERRACE. There is also a SHED in the garden! He also mentioned that the previous house-holder left for us 4 CORKSCREWS, an IRONING-BOARD, 2 BIN-LINERS, a new CHOPPING BOARD, 2 cool GRATERS, a nice TEA-TOWEL, a COASTER and even a WASHING-UP LIQUID! We were absolutely happy about such a good offer so we immediately bought that house.

EVU 41, Coll.29

That day was the worst in my life! I was sitting in the kitchen, WRITING AN ESSAY when THE CLOCK STOPPED because of the DEAD BATTERIES. I didn't lay on it and continued drinking my coffee and writing. Suddenly I SPILT some drops on my T-short and then I heard the strange noise. I thought the PIPE had been LEAKING and I went to the bathroom to check it... The washing machine BROKE DOWN, the bathroom was FLOODED. Then suddenly the light fused: it was a POWER CUT. In that terrible dark I BUMPED my head on the cupboard door, FALL DOWN, GRAZED my knee and TWISTED my ankle. I tried to open the door, but I CUT my finger and figured out that the door-handle had been COME OFF. I was trying to call 911, while I heard the syren of my car. Later I realized that somebody had DENTED my car... I had to TAKE AN EXAM that day and to HAND IN my essay, but I didn't go to the uni because of that number of accidents. So despite my efforts during the whole year (I WENT TO ALL THE LECTURES, cause we had a CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT) my essay WASN'T GIVEN an A-grade and I wasn't AWARDED A DIPLOMA that year. Oh why?

П.П. [73]

EVU Unit 40

In my house in the kitchen there is a lot of kitchenware: a CORKSCREW, TEA-TOWELS, WASHING-UP LIQUID, a GRATER, a CHOPPING BOARD, etc. It is my SELF-CONTAINED FLAT, so here there are such places as the MAIN BEDROOM, a CELLAR, a STUDY, a kitchen and a HALL. But most of all I prefer to live in a VILLA, with a TERRACE, a DRIVE, a nice LOFT and a big HALLWAY.

Unit 41

I can not say so, but my friend is a real looser. She TWISTED HER ANKLE while coming up the stairs, then she always CUTS her fingers while doing something with a knife, sometimes she BANGES her head. Moreover, when I met her last time, she told me that her washing machine had BROKEN DOWN, and the handle of the door had COME OFF.

Unit 42

My greatest fears are EARTHQUAKES, a DROUGHT, TYPHOONS and EPIDEMICS. It all began when I read a book about GLOBAL PROBLEMS. There it was told that the real VICTIMS of civil war are children left without parents.

Unit 43

A week ago I read an article where people were discussing some questions about EDUCATION, EXAMS and QUALIFICATIONS. Questions were like these: "Do students get GRANTS for FURTHER EDUCATION?", "What is the SCHOOL LEAVING AGE?". Then it was told about LECTURES, TESTS, MARKS and GRADES at school or in the university.

Unit 44

When I was a little girl, my dream was to be an ARCHITECT. But it all had changed when I was 16, I started to find other PROFESSIONS such as a DENTIST, an ACCOUNTANT, a SCIENTIST, an ENGINEER, a DESIGNER, a CHILD-MINDER, etc. So, I decided to become a PHYSIOTHERAPIST.

Unit 45

My sister is an ATHLETE. She usually demonstrates to us A DISCUS, A JAVELIN, A HIGH-JUMP, A LONG JUMP and A POLE-VAULT. She is a great SPRINTER.

Unit 46

The book What is LITERATURE shows us the main ideas of some NOVELS, SHORT STORIES, DRAMAS, POETRY and BIOGRAPHIES of some writers.

Unit 47

I like to listen to a LIVE, TUNEFUL, SOFT, SWEET, PEACEFULL MUSIC. It can be POP, BLUES, FOLK, CLASSICAL, SOUL MUSIC. There are a lot of defferent TYPES of it.


A true royal chef must cook the tastiest BEEF, LAMB, MUTTON and VENISON. It will be very nice to cook meat with SPICES, for example, CURRY, CUMIN, CARDAMOM. My favourite one is PAPRICA.


Antarctica is a very beautiful place with a very scenic LANSCAPE, MOUNTAINS, ICE FIELDS WITHOUT ANY BARREN PLAINS but this area has very small POPULATION.


In the morning when I woke up I felt I had a COLD and TEMPERATURE. I decided to call a doctor and to ask him some questions about my COUGH and a SORE THROAT. While I was talking with him I LOST MY VOICE.


When we will arrive in Moscow we will have to choose between a SELF-CATERING FLAT and a HOSTEL. Then we will decide to have a HOLIDAY CAMP with a TENT. We will find an area near the GUESTHOUSE.

Ю.K. [54]

EVU Unit 39

As for me, I don’t have many friends, because I am quite introverted. But I try to keep good relations with my GROUPMATES. Two of them are my GOOD FRIENDS, whom I ADMIRE a lot. Also, I GET ON with my DORMMATE WELL. Speaking about parents, I am not good at LOOKING UP TO them. But I know that children should RESPECT THEIR ELDRES, and try doing better.

EVU Unit 40

I tend to dream about my perfect future house. It should be a DETACHED one somewhere in the central Russia. I want three spacious MAIN BEDROOMS with big windows and nice curtains. Also, I dream about UTILITY ROOM and PANTRY, though they are not popular in our country. Living in the dormitory, I suffer from the lack of space, so in my future house I want to have special place for IRONONG BOARD and other stuff, and for canned food with purveyance. Also, I want to have a STUDY, where I will read books. A house is not a house without a TERRACE, where family can drink tea together after a hard day enjoying the nature around.

EVU Unit 43

I didn’t attend Russian equivalents of PLAY SCHOOL and GROUP SCHOOL, so I always was asking my mother to take me to the JUNIOR SCHOOL as soon as possible. I did WELL there. I finished COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL successfully and entered a PRIVATE UNIVERSITY. I really enjoy REVISING something for exams, because exam week is the most productive time in the year, and I feel that my abilities grow. I think about FURTHER EDUCATION, but I haven’t found the vocation yet.

EVU Unit 47

My friend and I have a desire to PLAY THE PIANO, but we don’t have special education and don’t READ MUSIC. However, my friend is MUSICAL, he has a very GOOD EAR. His favourite styles are COUNTRY and WESTERN. I like them too as well as CLASSICAL and FOLK music. We dream that one day we will have time to PRACTISE our skills.

Е.З. [62]

EVU Unit 43

Once my friend told me about his problem. Each time he had to TAKE AN EXAM he was utterly nervous and he could not think of the task point at all.
I decided to advise how to overcome that fear. There are some ways:
First of all, don't SKIP LECTURES.
The second one, try to have high MARKS during the semester.
It's a good idea before an exam to REVISE FOR IT.
TO PASS AN EXAM everybody should feel well and be fresh.
All those factors helped him to fight his fears and to escape panic.

EVU Unit 48

When my children and I went to my favourite restaurant I wanted to oder FRESH FRUIT SALAD, SHRIMPS IN GARLIC, PIZZA, a cup of STRONG BLACK COFFEE WITH NO SUGAR and CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE for myself; CHICKEN CASSEROLE, RUMP STEAK, SORBET and COFFEE GATEAU for my son and GRILLED TROUT and BOILED EGGS for my daughter. However, when we came in I found I had left my purse at home.

EVU Unit 47

My brother PLAYS THE GUITAR. He has got a GOOD EAR. He can PICK OUT any tune and PLAY BY EAR. He can MAKE MUSIC by WHISTLING and HUMING. He PRACTISES his SCALES every day and he finds it attractive. He likes HEAVY METAL and he has got a strong ambition to organize a ROCK BAND, to become a LEAD SINGER and to record his own ALBUM. Now he is LEARNING THE PIANO too because his favourite SOUNDTRACK of "THE STAR WARS" was played on the piano. That soundtrack is RELAXING and SOFT.

Н.Т. [34]

EVU Unit 51

All BIRDS have WINGS, but not all of them can fly. It is interesting that BEAKS are not exclusively bird’s features, but also belong to turtles, some species of dinosaurs, and shell-fish. Such birds as PARROTS or PIGEONS can be kept at home. I have read that Gerald Durrell took care of a SEAGULL when he was a little boy.

EVU Unit 53 + Collocations Unit 37

HEALTH is essential for living full and bright life, so it is extremely important to take a proper care of it. But unfortunately in many countries MEDICINE is still an article of luxury. If you have a STEADY INCOME, keeping healthy is not hard. And if you GET FLU or any other VIRUS, you may just go to your family doctor, who will TAKE your TEMPERATURE and EXAMINE you, and ASK SOME QUESTIONS. Most of the time your HEALTH INSURANCE can cover that. But if you were as unlucky as catching a nasty disease such as PNEUMONIA, or having A HEART ATTACK, and your doctor is SENDING YOU TO THE HOSPITAL FOR THE FUTHER TESTS, - then you should be ready for your MONEY TO BE TIGHT for some time. Moreover, sometimes when a person has such severe illnesses as LUNG CANCER or AIDS, his or her friends may even start RAISING MONEY for medications and medical care, asking everywhere to help and DONATE MONEY. Health sometimes may cost a SMALL FORTUNE. Some people are so afraid of getting a disease that they SQUANDER MONEY ON procedures they don’t need. It is not so bad, if a person is SERIOUSLY RICH as THROWING some MONEY AROUND will not make them poor.

А.К. [87]

• Hello, Sarah! You’ve asked me to describe my home in the previous letter so I decided to tell you about my home a bit. It is located in the south of Moldova. I live in a SELF-CONTAINED FLAT, it has one MASTER BEDROOM, one GUEST ROOM and one STUDY ROOM. To be honest there is not much to talk about, so that’s why I decided to tell you about my grandma’s house. It’s a DETACHED HOUSE with a little PATIO (I remember you mentioning your undying love for small TERRACES). It has a MAIN BEDROOM, three SPARE BEDROOMS, a UTILITY ROOM, a LOFT and a small CELLAR where my grandma keeps all the wine. Also, she has a small SHED where she keeps her garden tools. That’s what I wanted to write you about the places I live in. I hope to hear from you soon. P.S Next time you’re in Moldova, bring with yourself a CORKSCREW and you will be able to try my grandma’s famous wine!
• Hi Macy I would like to tell you about the worst day of my life! It all started with a POWER CUT in my house. I woke up early in the morning and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth but because the LIGHTS were not WORKING I hadn't noticed that the bathroom was FLOODED, I was so close to dying, I swear, I BUMPED my head really hard! Turned out it happened because the washing machine BROKE DOWN in the middle of the night. I thought my day couldn't go anymore wrong, well let me tell you how wrong was I! After I cleaned up everything I went downstairs to have some breakfast. So, I sat on a kitchen stool to have a cup of tea (big mistake!) it BROKE down under me and I FELL DOWN on the floor and ended up with a CHIPPED cup and a TWISTED ANKLE. I cleaned up the kitchen floor and CUT my finger. But my misfortune didn't end there, I MISLAID my car keys and I had to search for them for a whole hour. When I finally found my keys I went to my garage and found out that my car just DOES NOT START. It took me another hour to realize that the battery was FLAT. Later that day on my way to work I bumped into the post officer and DENTED my car, can you believe it? I couldn't wait for this horrible day to be over, so with that thought in my mind I went home to find out that I forgot the Keys at work! I LOCKED MYSELF OUT again, it's so unbelievable how unfortunate I really am. You probably wonder why I am writing this to you, am I right? Well, I would really appreciate it if you would come home earlier today and help me to end this day of misfortunes.
• My name is Olivia and I would like to tell you about my family. The one and only thing you need to know about us is that we love sport, any kind of sport to be exact starting from DARTS and ending with HOCKEY. You'll never find us sitting on the couch and watching TV, no you'll probably find us in the middle of nowhere playing GOLF, CRICKET and TENNIS. Usually we start our day with JOGGING round the neighborhood. My sister is a LONG DISTANCE RUNNER so she spends her days training. After work my dad is playing BASEBALL with his colleagues as for my mom and brother they usually do FENCING. When the work day is over we usually go to BOWLING or BILLIARD and I don’t mean to brag but girls always BEAT the boys. On weekends we visit my grandma, she’s living near the sea/river. My dad and grandpa usually spend their time together FISHING, while my mom and me enjoy some WINDSURFING, CANOEING or even SCUBA-DIVING. My grandma used to HOLD THE RECORD for the HIGH JUMP and she has never been DEFEATED. I’m really proud to be a part of this family.

J.K. [62]


I have to DO AN EXAM in literature at the end of the term. To GET AN A GRADE I must CARRY OUT A RESEARCH PROJECT into one of the offered themes. It will be easier if I ENROLL ON A SPECIAL COURSE and TAKE HISTORY OF LITERATURE. Also I need TO GO TO ALL THE LECTURES as we have CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT.

А.Я. [72]

EVU unit 42

Currently there are a large number of global problems including NATURAL DISASTERS all over the world. A VOLCANO ERUPTED in Japan this week and this RESULTED IN hundreds of CASUALTIES. Somali IS SUFFERING its worst DROUGHT and people are STARVING as a result of the FAMINE. A big EARTHQUAKE SHOOK Mexico today, hundreds are FEARED DEAD. A TORNADO SWEPT Texas yesterday, the number of VICTIMS is not known yet. The EPIDEMICS SPREAD rapidly throughout Europe, people suffer much from CHOLERA, TYPHOID and such tropical disease as YELLOW FEVER. A CIVIL WAR has BROKEN OUT in Syria, there are thousands of THE DEAD and WOUNDED; REFUGEES are crossing the border looking for food and shelter. Terrorists organized an EXPLOSION at the airport in Peking last week, there are only three SURVIVORS, and other passengers of the flight are reported dead.

EVU unit 43

My friend Sara is studying in Britain. She PASSED SCHOOL-LEAVING EXAMS a year ago and enrolled at a PRIVATE UNIVERSITY. There are many LECTURERS, TUTORS and some PROFESSORS, who give LECTURES, SEMINARS and TUTORIALS. In the first term there was a CONTINUOUS ASSESMENT at her faculty, when students got GRADES for essays and projects, but this term they have to TAKE EXAMS. If they DO WELL in exams, they get GRANTS FOR FURTHER EDUCATION, but if they DO BADLY in exams, or even FAIL, they can be expelled. So Sara never SKIPS CLASSES and REVISES MATERIAL every day.

EVU unit 44

Since my childhood I’ve been always concerned about what I would like to DO FOR A LIVING. I didn’t expect myself to be a WORKAHOLIC, so I decided to MAKE A LIVING as a freelance TAILOR, so that I could be on FLEXI-TIME and organize my schedule independently. But I soon discovered that I was not prepared to TAKE ON that job, so I finally GAVE IT UP. It wasn’t easy to FIND WORK which answered my demands, as I wanted to do SCHIFT-WORK and earn enough money to live comfortably. Fortunately, I was soon OFFERED WORK in London and I APPLIED FOR this job. After two months of working there I was PROMOTED and made EXECUTIVE, as the previous one had TAKEN RETIREMENT. Soon after that our director also left work, as she TOOK MATERNITY LEAVE. Our new director introduced severe rules at the company, what resulted in LABOURERS going on STRIKE. After this INDUSTRIAL DISPUTE some labourers, ADMINISTRATORS and SUPERVISORS were MADE REDUNDANT. At this period I took SICK LEAVE in order not to GET THE SACK if I somehow disappointed the now angry director.

EVU unit 46

My sister is very creative person. She’s a great ART LOVER, however she’s interested not just in FINE ARTS, but also in the ART OF POETRY and in such PERFOMING ARTS as MODERN BALLET and theatre. By the way, she gave a MARVELLOUS PERFOMANCE last night at our local theater. There was even the article about this event on the ARTS PAGE of some newspapers. Critics were delighted with SETS, COSTUMES, CAST and DIRECTION, and gave the performance RAVE REVIEWS.

EVU unit 47

I’m not really keen on music, but I have one favourite jazz band. Recently it launched a new ALBUM, that is full of HIT SINGLES, most of which are sang by both the LEAD SINGER and the BACKING. This band gives great LIVE concerts and plays really TUNEFUL and ROUSING music. I don’t like other types of music. As for me, HEAVY METAL is DISCORDANT and TUNELESS, rock is DEAFENING. Although CHAMBER MUSIC can be quite INNOVATIVE, it’s not PEACEFUL for me. Well, pop music is sometimes SWEET as a SOUNDTRACK for a romance film, but I can’t stand listening to BACKGROUND pop music in cafes and shops, as it is always too loud there. As for classical music, I do like listening to it, but I’m not MUSICAL myself. I used to play the piano and could READ MUSIC, but it was difficult enough for me, as I didn’t get a GOOD EAR, so I had to practice SCALES and CHORDS a lot. In contrast, my sister is a NATURAL. She can easily PLAY BY EAR and PICK OUT any tune. She MAKES MUSIC in lots of ways, by PLAYING A TUNE on an instrument, by WHISTLING or HUMMING.

Ю.Г. [142]

My cousin SPENDS a lot of MONEY ON coffee and high-quality chocolate. He can afford it because his job is well-paid. As for me, I'm a tutor and I'm trying to SAVE a little MONEY each week, but the 400 roubles disappear too quickly and without my noticing. I WASTE all of my MONEY ON food. My mum claims that I SQUANDER them, but it is not true: I never have large sums of money. I have never CHANGED MONEY for another currency, would it prevent my THROWING them AROUND? Also, being a Christian, I should DONATE MONEY to charity, I wish my government THREW MONEY AT IT too.

Д.К. [51]

ECU unit 27 (Health and illness)

In contrast with the other years in university, this year is more favorable for me. Twice I had a SLIGHT COLD and that’s all. Frankly, I am doing nothing for my health. I don’t take REGULAR VIGOROUS EXCERCISES. Naturally, I don’t have a BALANCED DIET and, of course, I don’t FOLLOW A FITNESS PROGRAMME. In summer I always try to KEEP FIT doing some exercises in my family’s summer cottage, but I SUFFER FROM HEY FEVER, so my attempts are usually unsuccessful.

ECU unit 29 (Study and learning)

In this semester I feel very busy. Besides university I AM TAKING A COURSE of church singing and I have no free time at all. At university I STUDY FOR A DEGREE in philology. I TAKE literature, linguistics, and some communicative courses. I have to WRITE 4 ESSAYS in the semester and I find it really difficult. I try TO ATTEND all of the lectures but sometimes I fail. Despite that, I dream about OBTAINING A QUALIFICATION, because I like my future profession. I KEEP a special NOTE BOOK, where I write all things about my studies, that I should remember. Hope that I will be successful in my studying.

ECU unit 34 (Laws and punishment)

I have never been interested in the topic of laws and punishment. I don’t care which LAW WERE INTRODUCED, and also what LAW FORBIDS. I have never watched such TV programs where people ARE CARRYING OUT INVESTIGATIONS and then everybody GOES ON TRIAL and REACHS SOME VERDICTS. I think that we should behave well following the Commandments and we won’t APPEAR IN COURT.

ECU unit 35 (Crime)

It has been always interesting for me why people COMMIT serious OFFENCES. I can understand STREET CRIMINALS: they are poor and hunger is the main reason of such incidents. Also, I can describe why people so-called “POLITICAL CRIMINALS” exist and SERVE A SENTENCE in prisons. Finally, I can somehow justify YOUNG OFFENDERS and JUVENILE CRIME in general: these children are from dysfunctional families and they fall under bad influence. But why one man can kill another? Why ACTS OF TERRORISM take place in our world? I don’t have an answer to these questions.

ECU Unit 37 (Money)

I have two extremes: one is my tendency in SAVING MONEY, so that it looks like greed, and the other is my THROWING MONEY AROUND. Usually I THROW MONEY AT things which PRICES ARE GOING DOWN, but, more often I don’t need these things. After such behavior I am usually in the red, so I try to EARN MONEY. The result is not very good, yet not bad. Recently I tend to dream about EARNING A GOOD SALARY and become SERIOUSLY RICH. Money is a sore subject for me now.

Е.З. [47]

1. I always wanted to become an interpreter, that’s why I decided to TAKE AN EXAM in English last summer. Also to achieve my dream I ENROLLED ON a course in English. I recall SENDING IN my university APPLICATION and waiting results with the worst case of anxiety. I remember my first day at university as if it were yesterday, Professor Potter GAVE A LECTURE on the English History and by the end of the lecture he told us that all students have to WRITE AN ESSAY at the end of the year. The first week was the hardest and I started to think about LEAVING THE COURSE. But fortunately I listened to my mom’s advice and continued to STUDY English.
2. I can’t imagine myself having a PERMAMENT JOB or a BRILLIANT CAREER. That’s because I don’t HAVE any EXPERIENCE in a WORKING ENVIRONMENT at all. Maybe that’s why when my close friend OFFERED me a JOB VACANCY I was having a second thought about it. He called me and ensured me that it was my chance and that in a few months I would be able to CLIMB THE CARRER LADDER. So I decided to take a chance and agreed to work for him. I asked what was my role in his firm and he said that I need to TAKE CHARGE of my boss, to MAKE APPOINTMENTS for him, also ANSWERING THE PHONE and FIELDING TELEPHONE CALLS, and from time to time MAKE him PHOTOCOPIES. We said our goodbyes and I said that the next Monday I would be AVAILABLE TO START WORKING.

J.K. [29]

EVU Unit 49

People should become more aware of the problems connected with THE ENVIRONMENT. POLLUTED AIR and DESTRUCTION OF THE OZONE LAYER which causes the GREENHOUSE EFFECT can be invisible for a human eye, but still dangerous for our health and the nature. Soon we can get BARREN PLAINS instead of pleasing LANDSCAPES.

EVU Unit 48

As for me I do not like my food to be quite TASTELESS, I do not like SALTY dishes, but still adore SOUR and HOT or even SPICY food, especially from Asian cuisine. Also I like to make my tea SUGARY with milk and CINNAMON, but not often. Greens such as BROCCOLI, CABBAGE, CAULIFLOWER, SPINACH, CUCUMBER, LEEKS, and AUBERGINE are good for your health, and also with a bit of PARSLEY, or ROSEMARY, or THYME it can be really TASTY. However, RED MEAT: BEEF, LAMB, MUTTON, VENISON can cause cancer and is not recommended for those with stomach problems. WHITE MEAT, especially TURKEY and CHICKEN, cooked not in an OILY way, and DONE TO A TURN is a nice option for those who want to keep a healthy diet.

EVU Unit 50

I live in a small TOWN, which means that we don't have here a fancy OPERA HOUSE or ART GALLERY. But still there is a small CONCERT HALL which sometimes is used as a THEATER. Also there is one big SCHOOL for all local kids, however some families have chosen those in the city nearby. My neighbours enjoy SPORT CENTERS with SWIMMING POOLS, and their kids play on FOOTBALL PITCHES. As no tourist can possibly show up in our town, there is no HOTEL, or B&B, and YOUTH HOSTELS. Though there is a DEPARTMENT STORE with RESTAURANTS with TAKE-AWAY, and also there is a possibility of NIGHT-LIFE. Government haven't provide us with the BUS SERVICE, so have no choice, but to use TAXI. There is a big highway nearby, but somehow POLLUTION is not so noticeable as in the city. Another problem we have escaped is OVERCROWDING. The town is DESERTED most of the time.

А.К. [61,8]

My mother works as an ACCOUNTANT, but not for an ACCOUNTANCY FIRM. She manages ACCOUNTS with the help of BOOKKEEPERS. ACCOUNTANCY is what she's been doing since she was 20. She is highly skilled, but sometimes she asks my father, who is an AUDITOR, to AUDIT her work. He always gives her A TRUE AND FAIR VIEW. My mum doesn't do CREATIVE ACCOUNTING nor creates WINDOW DRESSING. AUDITING merely helps her to be on the safe side. Her job is to provide an ANNUAL REPORT, she pays attention to the PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNTS, but THE BOTTOM LINE is what really matters. In order to correctly calculate it, she needs to COMPLY WITH the Russian ACCOUNTING STANDARDS.

Д.К. [33,15]

EVU Unit 47

I am not into music and I am not one of those people who have A GOOD EAR or can PICK OUT or PLAY A TUNE easily, I can't even WHISTLE. I HUM when I am in an exceptionally good mood, but that’s all with my BEING MUSICAL. However, when I was little I used to PRACTISE and to PLAY my mom’s PIANO, also I could READ MUSIC. But one day our neighbour asked to stop torturing her ears with this TUNELESS horror. Nevertheless, I have a friend who is quite talented, and she’s able to PLAY BY EAR, which for me is the Eighth Wonder of the World. For another thing, she has a knack for music on the whole, and it was after meeting her when I started to listen to something apart from mainstream POP-MUSIC (and a little bit of CLASSICAL as my taste wasn’t that bad after all). My friend dispraise HEAVY METALL and FOLK, also both of us don’t really get FOLK music. ELECTRONIC MUSIC is one of our favourites. By the way, the LEAD SINGER of her favourite BAND recently released a HIT SINGLE, which was a separate project from his band. We wonder who did the BACKING.

А.К. [41,8]

EVU Unit 43

I didn’t go to a NURSERY SCHOOL when I was little because I was not really sociable. That’s why starting INFANT SCHOOL was quite a shock for me. But I got used to it and found JUNUIOR SCHOOL bearable. I went to a simple COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL because my mother didn’t like the idea of those fancy GRAMMAR SCHOOLS. And it was a real surprise for everyone when I DID WELL IN SCHOOL-LEAVING EXAMS, because I never showed that was able to REVISE for them well enough.

EVU 44

A lot of people I know believe that WORKING NINE-TO-FIVE as an ADMINISTRATOR or a CLERK is terribly boring, and only WORKAHOLICS can stand this. But I think it’s better than WORKING SHIFTS, though still not as good as BEING ON FLEXI-TIME. Also I think that BEING LAID OFF is terrible, and to BE FIRED is better than that, because it’s unfair to GET THE SACK for nothing. I am really anxious about APPLYING FOR A JOB, but sooner or later it would impossible to avoid. Sometimes I dream about me being such a good worker that I AM PROMOTED TO A DIRECTOR immediately.

А.К. [32,3]

EVU unit 40

Till I was 16 years old I lived in a VILLA with my family. This was a large DETACHED HOUSE with luxurious facilities. There was a MASTER BEDROOM which my parents occupied; GUEST ROOMS where my friends often stayed after parties; an ATTIC where I kept my books; a CELLAR where my mom kept jars of jam and pickles; a BASEMENT where my father used to play music; a STUDY where I prepared my home tasks for school; a UTILITY ROOM where the washing machine and the freezer were placed; a PANTRY where we stored food; and a spacious PORCH before an entrance door, where I liked to sit on the doorstep reading books, although my sisters usually spent their free time sitting in the TERRACE. In front of the house there was a narrow DRIVE where we parked our car on.
In summer I used to go in the countryside to my grandma, who lived in a small COTTAGE. There were only two rooms, a HALLWAY, a LOFT, a LARDER and a SHED at the rear of the house.
When I graduated from school and went to Moscow, I was looking for a SELF-CONTAINED FLAT, but I only managed to rent a BEDSIT. This was a totally uncomfortable place! A big IRONING BOARD staying in the center of the room, a DUST-PAN and a BRUSH kept under the bed; no crockery, only a CHOPPING-BOARD and a GRATER, and also a lot of TABLE-MATS, COASTERS, BIN-LINERS and TEA-TOWELS hanging in the kitchen cupboard. Interestingly, there was no TV-set in the room, but as many as two REMOTE-CONTROLs. And it was a real difficulty to charge my cell phone as I barely managed to put a PLUG into a POWER POINT which was obstructed by a wardrobe. As soon as holidays came, I immediately left this place and moved to the TIME-SHARE APARTMENT.

EVU unit 41

On the weekend Mary’s parents went in the countryside and she was left alone at home. It all began from the moment when her washing machine BROKE DOWN. She decided to call out for a local mechanic, but had MISLAID his number. So she started doing the LAUNDRY by hand, but soon discovered that the PIPE was LEAKING and it began to FLOOD. It took her much time to wipe water and when she finally had done it, there happened a POWER CUT. It was already dark, so she brought a torch but it turned out that its batteries had RUN OUT. Then she went to the kitchen and burnt a candle to have some meal there. She made a cup of coffee, sat on the chair, but it was broken and she FELL DOWN and GRAZED her knee, while the cup CHIPPED and coffee SPILT on the carpet and STAINED there. Mary raised to her feet and directed herself to the bathroom to get a mop, but it was so dark that she didn’t notice a box on the floor and TWISTED her ankle, then BUMPED her head on the cupboard door and got a BRUISE. The DOOR-HANDLE, which she took hold of, immediately CAME OFF and the door slammed, so Mary LOCKED herself OUT of the next room. Her parents were to return at nine a.m. What time was it at that moment? She didn’t know, as the kitchen CLOCK had STOPPED long ago.

Ю.Г. [55,15]


My second house is a two-storied COTTAGE, but some people call it a VILLA. There are 6 spacious rooms in it: a MAIN BEDROOM, a GUEST BEDROOM for 2 people, a dining room, a sitting room, a STUDY and a room for children. There is no ATTIC nor BASEMENT in my house, but it has a dark CELLAR for wine and tins, 2 PORCHES and a wide HALLWAY. To the house leads a short DRIVE. Also we have a PATIO where we usually gather in summer for making barbecue and a SHED for keeping garden tools.

А.Я. [38,45]

EVU Unit 40

It is interesting that in Russia in COTTAGES ATTICS are used as SHEDS. Also people do not normally have a LIVING ROOM or A MAIN BEDROOM or even a GUEST ROOM. They have BEDSITS. It is used for all those purposes as well as a UTILITY ROOM and a STUDY, and sometimes even as a PANTRY. I dream that one day I will have a big gorgeous VILLA with all those rooms and with a PATIO, and a TERRACE, and a big comfortable DRIVE. But I don't want to have a BASEMENT and a CELLAR there because it's creepy.

А.К. [24,3]

П.П. [28]

Е.З. [24]

Д.К. [25,15]

М.С. [39]

J.K. [19,8]

Н.Т. [19]

Ю.K. [5]

Group 253: EVU Upper-Intermediate/ Business VU Intermediate / ECU Intermediate


ECU Unit 26, EVU Units 36, 37

It was a CLOSE, STIFLING, MUGGY day when I saw my old friend Katty. I didn't recognise her from the first sight, she had changed a lot. She used to be a ROUND-FACED girl with short STRAIGHT HAIR, who was A BIT OVERWEIGHT; and now it was a THIN-FACED, SLIM and even WELL-BUILT lady with FAIR, LONG, WAVY HAIR, she was SMART, ELEGANT and WELL-DRESSED. She was walking with a HANDSOME, MUSCULAR man, who had got a CREW-CUT. Katty stopped to greet me and we had a talk. It had happened that after finishing school she started TO DO SPORT; she DID EXERCISES, WENT TO AEROBICS and DO did ATHLETICS. She TRAINED really HARD and ATTENDed four or five TRAINING SESSIONS a week. Katty DESPERATELY WANTed to change herself, ACHIEVING A PERSONAL BEST with every training.

А.Я. [132]

Collocations, 15

I really like TAKING PICTURES. There are many photos of SANDY BEACHES, ROCKY MOUNTAINS and OPEN FIELDS on my wall. But my favorite one is a picture I took 3 years ago. We were staying at the hotel with friends and the SURROUNDING COUNTRYSIDE was very different from the FAMILIAR LANDSCAPE we've used to see from the windows at home. At home it was GENTLE LANDSCAPE and the trees always BLOCKED THE VIEW of the ruined buildings nearby. But there it was a PANORAMIC VIEW of the castle which DOMINATED THE LANDSCAPE for miles around. Once we decided to visit it. We woke up early in the morning and went through the UNSPOILED COUNTRYSIDE. The castle was surrounded by the DENSE FOREST, behind which there was a SPECTACULAR VIEW of the TOWERING, SNOW-COVERED MOUNTAINS. I took a picture of that BREATHTAKING SCENERY.

П.П. [81]

EVU unit 33

Yesterday I had an amazing STROKE OF LUCK, as while watching the ITEM OF NEWS about shopping, I got to know about huge discounts on some ARTICLES OF CLOTHING in the central city shop. Unfortunately, I had a STROKE OF WORK, so I asked my mom to buy something for me, when she decided to go there for foodstuffs. When she returned, she was in a FIT OF TEMPER, as there were so many smokers in the shop, who had blown PUFFS OF SMOKE out of the cigarettes, that she couldn’t get a BREATH OF FRESH AIR and had seen nothing but CLOUDS OF SMOKE. Nonetheless, she made herself to stay there and bought two LOAVES OF BREAD, three CARTONS OF MILK, two boxes with LUMPS OF SUGAR, a box with LUMPS OF COAL, four BARS OF SOAP, five TUBES OF TOOTHPASTE and a sandwich with a SLICE OF CHEESE to have a snack. When she came out of the shop, there was SUNNY SPELL, but suddenly GUSTS OF WIND and SPOTS OF RAIN appeared. She heard RUMBLES and CLAPS OF THUNDER and then HEAVY SHOWER with FLASHES OF LIGHTNING began.

2) Collocations unit 22

When I was young, I often LEFT HOME and travelled, but I never FELT HOMESICK and could FEEL AT HOME everywhere. Once I went to London and stayed at the house of my friend Harry, who INVITED ME to live there for some time. It was just the DREAM HOME, so I immediately MADE MYSELF AT HOME. This TWO-STOREY HOUSE consisted of a SPACIOUS LIVING ROOM, which HAD A VIEW of the park, a COSY STUDY and LIGHT, AIRY BEDROOMS, which OVERLOOKED the garden. In fact, the house used to be the SECOND HOME – the a DILAPIDATED BUILDING with a DRAUGHTY HALL and CHILLY CORRIDORS, which led to CRAMPED ROOMS. Therefore, that time I lived in the a COMPLETELY REFURBISHED house. After two years from the purchase of the house, Harry decided to DO it UP. He reconstructed it, ADDED AN EXTENSION and even TURNED the BASEMENT FLAT into a granny flat. When I returned home, I realized that it was time to get the PLACE OF MY OWN. Although it was problematic to find any AFFORDABLE HOUSING, I refused to TAKE OUT A MORTGAGE. I took into consideration many variants: SHORT-LET ACCOMODATION, or a STUDIO FLAT – I was interested just in everything that was AVAILABLE TO RENT. Eventually I found the new flat in RESIDENTIAL AREA, which seemed to be quite SUITABLE ACCOMODATION for me. It was the NEWLY-BUILT APARTMENT with FULLY FURNISHED rooms and FULLY-FITTED kitchen and also, what was especially essential for me – with OFF-ROAD PARKING. I was really happy about this choice, so after I MOVED INTO THE FLAT, I made had the HOUSE-WARMING PARTY.

Ю.Г. [144]

Upper-intermediate vocabulary Unit 34 - 35

Every day the postman takes A BAG OF LETTERS and goes to deliver them. That day the bag was terribly small, there was only one letter for the IRISH man who usually meets the postman with the a CAN OF BEER in his hand and invites him, because he is so lonely and has THE a BARREL OF BEER in his house. But that day thepostman went home because his little daughter was there alone.
The postman opened the door of his cottage and saw that THE BASKET OF WASTE PAPER was knocked over, THE PACKET OF CEREAL lay about the oven, THE BOTTLE OF MILK was broken, THE BOWL OF SUGAR was in THE BOX OF TOYS, the sofa was smothered in toothpaste, and THE TUBE of it was forgotten near. "Where is our cat, honey?" - asked the postman his daughter, who was busy viewing things from THE CASE OF JEWELLERY. The cat was sitting in THE BASKET OF CLOTHES in a state of a shock. "For all that, I am a happy father!" - thought the postman.

Е.З. [56]

Upper intermediate 33

This morning I went out to buy A PIECE OF furniture for my kitchen. I had heard CLAPS OF THUNDER and took an umbrella, even though neither SPOTS OF RAIN nor FLASHES OF LIGHTNING had not been seen. It was obvious that the SUNNY SPELL OF WEATHER had come to its end as I was making my way in GUSTS OF WIND. Then I got into a SHOWER OF RAIN so it was awesome I had the umbrella. Having looked through some BITS OF furniture I realised I disliked them so I headed to the GROCERIES. There I had a LOAF OF BREAD, several SLICES OF HAM, A BAR OF CHOCOLATE, two BARS OF SOAP with argan oil and coconut butter, a CARTON OF MILK and a TUBE OF minty TOOTHPASTE that is my next favourite after green tea flavoured. I had pondered over LUMPS OF SUGAR for a while but got a JAR OF HONEY in the end. As it had been raining cats and dogs I enjoyed the breath of fresh air and liked the drops on BLADES OF GRASS.

Д.К. [122]

Collocations unit 23, EVU unit 34, Business unit 17

It's common knowledge that in lady's BAG you can find almost everything. Kate is a typical girl and in her bag I found yesterday a TUBE of toothpaste, a TUB of flowers, a TIN of sardines, a SACK of letters, a POT of jam, a PAN of NOURISHING MEALS with some FOOD ADDITIVES, a PACKET of biscuits, a PACK of cards, a MUG of SOFT DRINK, a JUG of PERISHABLE product - milk, a JAR of honey, a GLASS of REFRESHING DRINK, a RAW MATERIALS for a plastic CRATE, a CASE of jewellery, some FRESH PRODUCE in CARTONS, a CAN of cola, a BUCKET of water, a BOX with HOME-COOKED FOOD, a soap BOWL, a BOTTLE of wine, a BASKET of apples, a BARREL of beer. While taking all this stuff out I understood, that Kate has a HEALTHY APPETITE and if you are DYING OF HUNGER you can always ask her for a SUBSTANTIAL MEAL.

П.П. [37,2]

EVU Units 33, 34; ECU Unit 23

That morning I was DYING OF HUNGER, I had HEALTHY APPETITE and wanted to have a HEARTY BREKFEST, some kind of NOURISHING FOOD such as a CARTON OF YOGHURT, a GLASS OF MILK, a SLICE OF TOAST and two SLICES OF CHEESE or some others types of FRESH PRODUCE, or, may be a MUG OF TEA with a LAMP OF SUGAR and a BAR OF CHOCOLATE. But I had no STROKE OF LUCK, because I had only a BAG OF CRISPS, a PACKET OF BISCUITS, a JUR OF JAM and two CANS OF COLA. But I didn't want to HAVE A QUICK SNACK and to SPOIL MY APPETITE. So, I decided to go shopping; I called my mother and asked her what I to buy. She gave me a BIT OF ADVICE to take a PIECE OF PAPER and a pen, because the list would be long; and so it was. The list contains a LOAF OF BREAD, a BOTTLE OF MILK, five BOXES OF MATCHES, two TINS OF PEAS, a TUB OF our favorite ice-cream and also a TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE, two BARS OF SOAP and a CASE FOR my mom’s spectacles by the way. Having heard all this, I was in a STATE OF CONFUSION, and in addition to it, there were heavy SHOWERS OF RAIN and GUSTS OF WIND outside, which were supplemented with rare RUMBLES OF THUNDER and FLASHES OF LIGHTNING. I knew that in such weather I could hardly catch any MEANS OF TRANSPORT here, so I decided to wait till it was over; in an hour the sunny SPELL OF WEATHER returned.

А.Я. [85,8]

EVU 33-34 & ECU 21, 23

Lately there were SHOWERS OF RAIN and sometimes we could even hear RUMBLES OF THUNDER or see FLASHES OF LIGHTNING. That's why none of us wanted to go for GROCERIES. But finally we ran out of food and used the last TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE, so my mother asked me to go and buy everything we needed. She gave me a long list so I wouldn't forget anything. We don't have any MEANS OF TRANSPORT where we live, so I had to go on foot, which made me BITTERLY DISAPPOINTED as there still were some CLAPS OF THUNDER, and it wasn't a pleasant day for a walk at all. But I didn't want to LET MY FAMILIY DO BADLY, so I took my eco-friendly BAG made of some kind of CLOTH and went out of the door. It was A BREATH OF FRESH AIR, as I hadn't gone out for three days straight, but still I was DESPERATLY SAD, but tried really hard not to EXPRESS MY DISAPPOINTMENT, so my mother wouldn't be WORRIED SICK about me. Our local shop provided some READY MEALS, but I wasn't supposed to buy them, as my family believe there are GM FOODS in it. They are really tasty, though, but not as tasty as HOME-COOKED FOOD. All of us prefer ORGANIC FOOD as it is the best choice if you want to eat NOURISHING MEALS. I entered the shop and took a little METAL BASKET near the entrance. Firstly, I went to the area with REFRESHING DRINKS, as we needed some SOFT DRINKS for dinner. I took three CARTONS OF ORANGE JUICE there and put them into my basket. I took a bottle of milk, too. I took a JAR OF OLIVES, FOUR BARS OF SOAP, A BOX WITH BARS OF CHOLOATE and other things. When I returned home I was DYING OF HUNGER, so I had a QUICK SNACK before a SUBSTANTIAL MEAL. Everyone ate a lot, but luckily none of us got FOOD POISONING.

А.К. [93]

Upper-intermediate vocabulary 33.5

1) The Rebecca's life is always IN A STATE OF FLUX, because she has to change her location very often.
2) The course of exchange is IN A STATE OF FLUX, for the reason of problems in the Ukraine.
3) My coursepaper is IN A STATE OF CHAOS because of one really harmful incident.
4) My dorm room is often IN A STATE OF CHAOS, because it is terribly small.
5) Betsy's life is IN A real STATE OF TENSION because she has been dreaming about the future perfect life whole semester and forgot about studying.
6) Bobby's relationships with parents are IN A STATE OF TENSION because of misunderstanding and the generation gap.

Collocations 19.5

My LOVING family is NUCLEAR, because all of my grandparents are dead.
I am the only daughter of my mother and my father's fifth child. Four children of my father are my CLOSE RELATIVES.
All of my brothers have STARTED THEIR FAMILIES. My brother's wife HAD HER SON three month ago, he is the smallest nephew of mine and my godson.
My second brother has ESTRANGED WIFE, they have a TRIAL SEPARATION. The wife wants to GET A DIVORCE.
My third brother's family live with their mother and they are not going to SET UP HOME.
Unfortunately, we are not very CLOSE FAMILY, and I feel sad about it.

Е.З. [30,6]

Collocations, unit 16

This a story about my native town called Belgorod.
Our town doesn't have a CONSERVATION AREA, there are only few QUAINT OLD BUILDINGS, because Belgorod was completely destroyed in the World War II, and it was rebuilt in the 1950s. Belgorod is absolutely boring. It has a few always LIVELY BARS and one FASHIONABLE CLUB. People who go there know each other from A to Z and everybody live with a feeling of discouragement.
Near my apartment there are two supermarkets. The first is UPMARKET SHOP where even a loaf of bread is highly OVERPRICED. The second is more popular among citizens, because it is not PRICEY and has more RELAXED and friendly ATMOSPHERE.
My native town has a couple of NO-GO AREAS with many RUN-DOWN BUILDINGS there. It is called "Grinevka" and "Kreida".

Collocations, units 15 and 17

Once upon a time one princess lived in the castle which DOMINATED THE LANDSCAPE. From her room she looked over the SURROUNDING COUNTRYSIDE. While it was quite FAMILIAR LANDSCAPE, she really enjoyed it every day. Partly it was so because of her VIVID IMAGINATION. She HAD A TENDENCY TO create some dangerous ROCKY MOUNTAINS on the horizon. She dreamed that she FOLLOWED some unsafe PATHS, then ROUNDED A BEND and found herself at the STEEP SLOPE beside the MOUNTAINS TOWERING above the river. There she usually met some fairy creatures and she MADE A FOOL OUT OF THEM, because she was unhappy about some strange creatures.
In truth, the view from princess' room was not SPECTACULAR and nobody usually ADMIRED it. So this area could hardly be called BREATHTAKING SCENERY. Why was she living there?
The answer is pretty simple. Our home is in the place where our beloved people are, and it is no matter how ugly the place is.

Е.З. [12]

Collocations: units 17, 20, 21

1) When I went to school I MADE A LOT OF NEW FRIENDS and HAD A VERY GOOD RELATIONSHIP with them. The first person I STRUCK UP A FRIENDSHIP with, was a HIGLY INTELLIGENT girl called Kate, who was with an OUTGOING PERSONALITY and had RAZOR-SHARP MIND, and she was always THE GOOD COMPANY for all our classmates as she had a GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR and a VIVID IMAGINATION, but the best ASPECT OF HER PERSONALITY was that she had a strong SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY and KEPT HER WORD. We became really CLOSE FRIENDS and were FIERCELY LOYAL to each other, never BEARING A GRUDGE and LOSING TEMPER in our communication. She and myself FORMED A LASTING FRIENDSHIP and years just CEMENTED it. This all seemed to be BLISSFUL HAPPINESS, but once upon a time there happened a SAD OCCASION, when she LET ME DOWN BADLY. Kate decided to PLAY A JOKE ON me. At first it seemed to be quite inoffensive joke, but eventually she just made fun of me and even THREW A TANTRUM, which HURT MY FEELINGS and I couldn’t COME TO TERMS WITH such HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT, but I didn’t LOSE MY PATIENCE and didn’t SHOW MY FEELINGS at that time – I didn’t show how DESPERATELY SAD and DEEPLY DEPRESSED I was. I just restrained my AROUSED FEELINGS, my GREAT SADNESS and pretended that everything was ok. Since then I avoid Kate. This occasion REVEALED HER TRUE CHARACTER and now I’m SUPREMELY CONFIDENT that she was always MAKING A FOOL OF ME, so I’m INCREASINGLY ANXIOUS of her ability to GIVE THE IMPRESSION of a PAINFULLY SHY girl when she needs it. I SET TOO HIGH STANDARDS for her and didn’t notice that she wasn’t good at KEEPING SECRETS at all, and she never PUT OTHERS FIRST. I know that at the moment I am BRUTALLY HONEST and SEETHING WITH ANGER, but I’m WORRIED SICK that she doesn’t even intend to change herself. She has a SELFISH STREAK and will never SWALLOW HER PRIDE to make excuses for her behavior. I HAVE A TENDENCY to make SNAP DECISIOINS, so I decided to LOSE CONTACT with her. Of course, now I’m an EMOTIONAL WRECK, because it is painful to remember how our FRIENSHIP GREW over the years, and now we are just CASUAL ACQUANTANCES. By the way, there is the WIDESPREAD CONDEMNATION of me from our MUTUAL FRIENDS, because they can’t understand why I didn’t TAKE THE JOKE from Kate.
2) Anna doesn’t believe in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. This is because the divorce of her aunt, which was a HIGLY EMOTIONAL experience, had a huge EMOTIONAL IMPACT on her too. Her aunt FELL MADLY IN LOVE WITH a man and immediately decided that he was the LOVE OF HER LIFE. The LOVE WAS RETURNED, as it turned out that he was DESPERATELY IN LOVE with her too. After just three weeks she decided to MAKE A COMMITMENT and ACCEPTED HIS PROPOSAL to marry her. The HAPPY COUPLE intended to LOVE EACH OTHER UNCONDITIONALLY, but a month after the wedding my aunt’s husband HAD AN AFFAIR, that brought about an acrimonious divorce. Anna is BITTERLY DISAPPOINTED that her aunt was so fast to make decisions concerning the wedding.

Ю.Г. [96]

Collocations, unit 22

Almost two years ago I LEFT HOME to go to Moscow to university and MOVED INTO A ROOM in the dormitory. Though Moscow was an unfamiliar and a foreign city, I quickly started to FEEL AT HOME in the capital of Russia. Nevertheless, at first I FELT HOMESICK, because I used to live in a FULLY FURNISHED FLAT with a FULLY-FITTED KITCHEN, a COSY STUDY and my own LIGHT, AIRY BEDROOM, which HAD a spectacular VIEW OF the square. And now I live in a really CRAMPED room. The dormitory is neither a DILAPIDATED BUILDING, or a NEWLY-BUILT APARTMENT, it needs to be partly REFURBISHED: it has a CHILLY CORRIDORS and DRAUGHTY HALLS. Moreover, it is situated in the non-RESIDENTAL AREA. I'd like to MOVE OUT OF the dormitory but I can't find any SUITABLE and at the same time AVAILABLE ACCOMODATION TO RENT, most of the flats in Moscow also are not AFFORDABLE for me and I'm unable to TAKE OUT a MORTAGE because I don't work and consequently I'm not a good risk. Still, in the summer I often go to my SECOND HOME; it's a TWO-STOREY HOUSE with a SPACIOUS LIVING ROOM which OVERLOOKS THE GARDEN. It even has room for ADDING AN EXTENSION which might be TURNED INTO a GRANNY FLAT for my mother in the future. It's my DREAM HOME and I spend my time there with great pleasure.

А.Я. [68,3]

EVU unit 30 ECU unit 20

The one thing everyone should always remember is that LOOKS are not important if you want to STRIKE A FRIENDSHIP. If you have a real CLOSE FRIEND, a pair of not enough fashionable JEANS won't SPOIL YOUR FRIENSHIP. CLOTHES don't matter at all. It isn't important how many PYJAMAS, TIGHTS, JODHPURS, LEGGINGS, DUNGAREES, SHORTS or TROUSERS you own. Spending time together is what matters. Playing DOMINOES or BOWLS, or doing MATHS and ECONOMICS or PHYSICS homework together really can CEMENT A FRIENDSHIP.

ECU unit 19.5

TO START A FAMILY is big decision. Every young couple hope to have a RESPECTABLE NUCLEAR FAMILY, but sometimes they end up in an EXTENDED FAMILY, which is not comfortable and even though it is LOVING, they can't wait to SET UP HOME of their own. Some of them decide to wait some time before HAVING CHILDREN in case if they have A BITTER DIVORCE, which is not a good environment to BRING UP CHILDREN.

EVU unit 28.4

Dear Sir,
I am writing regarding the report in your paper concerning the fact the local hospital is going to close.
FIRSTLY, I think the government should consider that the nearest other hospital is 50 kilometrs away. And they want to close it due to political reasons, not genuine economic ones, LEAVING ASIDE that people need medical help to be reachable.
SECONDLY, 200 people work at the hospital, and they would lose their jobs. THAT IS TO SAY, now the hospital makes an important contribution to the local economy.
FINALLY, it is the only hospital in the rigion with a special cancer unit.
TO SUM UP, the hospital can not be closed.
Yours faithfully,

А.К. [55,6]

Collocations units 18-19

I have an EXTENDED FAMILY, which consists of my parents, a sister, a grandfather, an aunt and an uncle. My CLOSE FAMILY is very RESPECTABLE and LOVING. The parents STARTED A FAMILY twenty years ago, when they were ready to SET UP HOME, PROVIDE FOR THEIR FAMILY and BRING UP CHILDREN. My mother has an OVAL FACE and an UPTURNED NOSE, her hair is JET-BLACK and SLEEK, she is SLIM and has a SLENDER WAIST. My father has a POINTED FACE and a STRAIGHT NOSE; he is WELL-BUILT with BROAD SHOULDERS. My sister is like a model, she has a LOVELY COMPLEXION, SHOULDER-LENGH HAIR and a very STRIKING APPEARANCE. My grandfather is a PORTLY GENTLEMAN with THICK HAIR and BUSHY EYEBROWS, and before he WENT GREY, he had GINGER HAIR. My aunt is EXPECTING A BABY, who IS DUE next week, but she is going to be a SINGLE PARENT, as she has lost her husband. Her LATE HUSBAND was an engineer. As for my uncle, he is a CONFIRMED BACHELOR, because he comes from a DEPRIVED, DYSFUNCTIONAL and BROKEN family, and his parents had an ACRIMONIOUS DIVORCE, so due to this bad example he doesn’t want to try to start his own family.

Ю.Г. [43]

ECU Unit 14

My first BUSINESS TRIP was a nightmare.
Firstly, I travelled by plane and there was DELAYED TAKING OFF, so I missed my CONNECTING FLIGHT in Seoul. Moreover, I'd asked the cashier for an AISLE SEAT but I found out that I had a WINDOW one! There was no LEG-ROOM at all! And it's awful, but there were no SEATBELTS! In addition to that, there wasn't any IN-FLIGHT ENTRERTAINMENT even though the flight took us 8 hours. So, it was a really TIRING JOURNEY! And when it finally ended, I faced another problem. My TRAVEL AGENT said that he might book for me a room in a small, FAMILY-RUN HOTEL. I can't afford to stay in SMART or LUXURY HOTELS, so I agreed. But I discovered that it was a RUN-DOWN HOTEL at the outskirts of the city! So, it was hard for me to reach the office in the city centre. Today I am coming back home, and I hope that my RETURN JOURNEY would be much more comfortable.

Unit 15

My granny's house is at the outskirts of the town and there is a SPECTACULAR VIEW of the UNSPOILT COUNTRYSIDE. From their windows you can see a BREATHTAKING SCENERY: there is an OPEN FIELD, covered with ancient villages, which FELL INTO RUIN long years ago; between them there is a FAST-FLOWING RIVER, which flows down from SNOW-COVERED MOUNTAINS, which are TOWERING above the DENSE FOREST.

Unit 16

My town is quite small. It is situated in a CONSERVATION AREA and there are no HIGH-RISE FLATS. The majority of our streets are COBBLED. In the INNER CITY there are TREE LINED AVENUES full of QUAINT OLD BUILDINGS, UPMARKET SHOPS and rather PRICEY RESTAURANTS, which offer GOOD VALUE and RELAXED ATMOSPHERE. The VOLUME OF TRAFFIC is rather low in our town and we have no problems with the EXHAUST FUMES ib BUMPER-TO-BUMPER TRAFFIC or with the INCESSANT ROAR of it. So, I must say, that my native town is rather nice and charming.

Unit 17

A friend of mine is a very unusual and unique person. She can be very different in different situations. When she is in a company of her contemporaries, she is a GOOD COMPANY, HAS A TENDENCY to make a SNAP DECISIONS and she always PLAYS JOKES ON us. At first, it was hard for me to TAKE HER JOKES, but now I HAVE COME TO TERMS WITH her SENSE OF HUMOUR. Also, when we are playing games, she may be a bit SELFISH.
But when she is at work, she becomes rather different. She is SUPREMELY CONFIDENT, OUT-GOING, with RAZOR-SHARP MIND and HIGHLY INTELLIGENT. He always SWALLOWS HER PRIDE and admits her mistakes. Well, the best ASPECTS OF HER PERSONALITY are that she always PUTS OTHERS FIRST, never BEARS A GRUDGE, SETS HIGH STANDARDS for herself but is FIERCELY LOYAL to her friends and she always KEEPS SECRETS.

М.С. [66]

Collocations Unit 16

My PERSONALITY is OUTGOING and I've got A VIVID IMAGINATION, also I SET HIGH STANDARDS FOR MYSELF. But I easily LOSE MY TEMPER, and another ASPECT OF MY PERSONALITY which I don't approve of is that sometimes I'm PAINFULLY SHY even though I GIVE THE IMPRESSION of a SUPREMELY CONFIDENT girl. I also HAVE A TENDENCY to make SNAP DECISIONS and don't have much SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY. And it's difficult TO KEEP TEMPER when I'm MADE A FOOL OF. People say I'm BRUTALLY HONEST and thus can HURT ONE'S FEELINGS. On the bright side, I never BEAR A GRUNGE. But that's my personality and I want to tell about my friend's too. She's FIERCELY LOYAL and has a RAZOR-SHARP MIND. Moreover, she KEEPS HER WORD and KEEPS MY SECRETS and always PUTS OTHERS FIRST. She's HIGHLY INTELLIGENT and has A GOOD-TEMPERED SENSE OF HUMOUR. I know I can rely on her and that she isn't HIDING HER TRUE CHARACTER. I used to know a boy who REVEALED HIS TRUE CHARACTER in a month after we had met. As one may have expected, he didn't bully me by PLAYING JOKES on me so that I'd have to TAKE THE JOKES and SWALLOW MY PRIDE. But I'd rather had had him doing that than THROWING TANTRUMS every evening till I LOST MY PATIENCE. I asked him to stop misbehaving but he couldn't COME TO TERMS WITH his hysteria and ended up blaming me.

Д.К. [93,7]

Collocations Unit 15

As for me, I'm lucky not to live in A SHANTY TOWN. Someone would even say that I live in A SPRAWLING CITY, penetrating in THE COMFORTABLE SUBURBS. As a Moscovite, I enjoy being here. My RESIDENTIAL AREA is far from INDUSTRIAL ZONES, DEPRIVED AREAS, URBAN WASTELANDS and THE INNER-CITY AREA. I wish my STREET was COBBLED which would look quite unique but, at least, it's not STREWN WITH LITTER. It doesn't look like THE STREETS RUNNING IN THE CENTRE, it's not LINED WITH SHOPS, IMPOSING BUILDINGS, LIVELY BARS, FASHIONABLE CLUBS. What we have here are mostly HIGH-RISE FLATS, but THE ATMOSPHERE IS RELAXED due to A PAVEMENT CAFÉ that OFFERS GOOD VALUE, QUAINT OLD BUILDINGS and A TREE-LINED AVENUE. We even have AN UPMARKET SHOP and AN OVERPRICED RESTAURANT but I rarely go there because it's sort of PRICEY. I'm often told by outsiders that Moscow is an awful city to live in as it's full of EXHAUST FUMES, they complain about BUMPER-TO-BUMPER TRAFFIC and VOLUME OF TRAFFIC which is incessant. I understand their feelings but sometimes they are so hateful about my city, they gladly point out RUN-DOWN BUILDINGS and talk about THE INNER CITY. I love my BUSTLING CITY no matter what.

Д.К. [64]

Collocations Unit 15

I'm reading a book called "The Secret Garden". Many SPECTACULAR VIEWS are vividly described there. The story is about a little girl who had to move from THE FAMILIAR LANDSCAPE of India to England. At first she thought that THE GENTLE LANDSCAPE there was BLEAK. AN UNINTERRUPTED VIEW of the Moor she now lived on reminded her a sea but, of course, there were no BEACH STRETCHES. Instead of GOLDEN SAND she could see just THE PANORAMIC VIEW of the moor. There couldn't be A DENSE FOREST either, nor SNOW-COVERED MOUNTAINS. Not a STREAM WINDED there. At times the heather was rolling and it made A BREATHTAKING SCENERY. Nothing BLOCKED THE VIEW. The castle the girl now lived in definitely DOMINATED THE LANDSCAPE. It was mournful and as if FALLING INTO RUIN but not LYING IN RUIN yet. Such was THE SURROUNDING UNSPOILT COUNTRYSIDE - VERY TRANQUIL and PEACEFUL with OPEN FIELDS. The SETTINGS were not DRAMATIC but WELL-BEING WORTH SEEING, although one couldn't CATCH A GLIMPSE OF ROCKY MOUNTAINS, TOWERING MOUNTAINS with STEEP SLOPES and FAST-FLOWING RIVERS which would COME INTO VIEW beneath them or else SANDY and SECLUDED BEACHES. The girl made friends with a Robin. Once the Robin called her, twitching. She FOLLOWED HIS PATH, TURNED A CORNER and ROUNDED THE NEXT BEND, chasing him playfully until she discovered a secret garden all of a sudden.
The story astounds me and makes me eager to PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT from those who dare TO DESTROY it.

Д.К. [49]

Collocations Unit 14

Whether you're looking for a BUSINESS TRAVEL or a BUSINESS TRIP, A DAY TRIP, A BOAT TRIP, A CAMPING TRIP or an OVERNIGHT JOURNEY - our travel agency has a wide range of services. The best TRAVEL AGENTS are ready to help you MAKE THE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS. Forget about TIRING JOURNEYS, we will organise you OUTWARD JOURNEY and the RETURN JOURNEY the best we can. Please, look up our TRAVEL BROCHURES on our site. SAFE JOURNEY!
Having read the advertisement, my cousins travelled to Vietnam last summer and told me all about the journey. They BOARDED THE PLANE in time and were asked TO FASTEN THE SEATBELTS by the stewardess. She told them through all the IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT available and provided with IN-FLIGHT MAGAZINES. Luba took A WINDOW SEAT and Alex took the aisle seat beside her. It wasn't a CHARTER FLIGHT, of course, but A SCHEDULED FLIGHT which was not cheaper than THE DOMESTIC FLIGHTS as it had been expected. They assure it was also A SMOOTH FLIGHT. But they nearly missed THE CONNECTING FLIGHT and that one was BUMPY.
Alexey HAD MADE THE RESERVATIONS but on their arrival the couple discovered it was a RUN-DOWN, FAMILY-RUN HOTEL, thus it wasn't even FULLY BOOKED. Luba wanted to stay in A SMART, LUXURY HOTEL but Alex went for a BUDGET ACCOMMODATION.

Д.К. [32,5]

I wish I had an EXTENDED FAMILY but I live with my mum only so it's NUCLEAR. She's my CLOSEST relative but I also have DISTANT RELATIVES such as SECOND COUSINS and even DISTANT COUSINS. Unfortunately, I don't have much IMMEDIATE FAMILY, but there's a SECOND COUSIN of mine who is like a BLOOD RELATIVE to me. We're a CLOSE-KNIT FAMILY. I would never call our family DYSFUNCTIONAL but it's rather LOVING and RESPECTABLE. But there're two unfortunate uncles of mine. One of them is coming through a TRIAL SEPARATION and is eager TO GET A DIVORCE that promises to be BITTER for his ESTRANGED wife. Uncle Basil says he wishes she were his LATE WIFE! Hopefully, they'll become the EX-HUSBAND and the EX-WIFE peacefully. Their kids won't come from a BROKEN HOME as they have none. And my other uncle is a CONFIRMED BACHELOR. I'm so lucky to have a STABLE HOME that is not DEPRIVED! I hope TO START MY OWN FAMILY some day. I'd like TO HAVE TWO CHILDREN or more. My mother HAD HER BABY when she was 29. She BROUGHT ME UP on her own and it's hard being a SINGLE PARENT. It's also awful to have no parents at all so I mean to APPLY FOR CUSTODY OF A CHILD when I'm married. I hope the judge will GRANT it. But at the moment I'm unable to even SET UP HOME and PROVIDE FOR MY MUM.

Д.К. [16,5]

EVU 27, 29; BVU 15

Once I decided to go to visit my friends. My LUGGAGE was full of SUGAR, RICE, and SPAGHETTI. YOU SEE, my friends warned me they had only BUTTER, FLOUR, and vegetable SOUP at home. Their ADVICE was to take anything I needed with me. Posessing such KNOWLEDGE I put SOAP, TOOTHPASTE, PAPER, and SHOE POLISH to my suitcase too, because my DESIGN was to be prepered for any situation. SO, my case weighted as if it was made of STONE or even BRICKS. STILL, my WORK there had not been done. I even hadn't done any PROGRESS. Suddenly my friend called and said: "I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU". She said I couldn't live with them, and I needed to find ACOMMODATION. This INFORMATION made me so sad I decided to cancel my trip.

А.К. [18,5]

1) EVU units 21-23; BUSINESS unit 11; Collocations unit 15

In summer I prefer to leave the overcrowded city with its huge houses that BLOCK THE VIEW even of this BLEAK LANDSCAPE, and to go to the UNSPOILT COUNTRYSIDE with its DRAMATIC SETTING of DENSE FORESTS, TOWERING MOUNTAINS and UNINTERRUPTED VIEWS of OPEN FIELDS. PREVIOUSLY there were some farms in the countryside, but FOLLOWING the inflation, almost all of them FELL INTO RUIN. NEVERTHELESS, there is one ENTERPRISE in the suburb, located not far from the countryside, which was recently PRIVATIZED, ONCE the SELF-EMPLOYED person bought it, but FORMERLY it was the STATE-OWNED company. AT THE VERY TIME the CORPORATION is searching for investors WITH THE AIM OF creating a BUSINESS CONCERN. There are very strict REQUIREMENTS for employees, a diploma of higher education is PREREQUISITE, and so nonprofessionals cannot get a job there UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

2) EVU unit 24; Collocations unit 16

A YAWNING GAP divides the rich and poor there. The CITY SKYLINE consists of HIGH-RISE FLATS and IMPOSING BUILDINGS in RESIDENTIAL AREAS where rich people live in RELAXED ATMOSPHERE, who can afford to go in UPMARKET SHOPS and FASHIONABLE CLUBS. IN CONTRAST, poor people live in the INNER-CITY AREAS such as DEPRIVED AREAS and URBAN WASTELAND, which are lined with RUN-DOWN BUILDINGS.

3) EVU unit 26; BUSINESS unit 14

Owing to DESIGN DEFECTS, which appear to have been ignored during TRIAL, our company faced with CRISIS. We were ought to RECALL the products which were LAUNCHED a month ago, after the PROTOTYPE had been released. The STATE OF AFFAIRS is getting worse, because there was the ROLLOUT of products in huge INDUSTRIAL SCALE, that has been done due to the SALES FORECAST. Nowadays the company is running out of funds and the only RESOLUTION to this MATTER is to lease some departments. But should we change our ORIGINAL CONCEPTS or just correct them somehow – this is the biggest ISSUE.

Ю.Г. [26]

EVU Unit 28, BVU 14, ECU 18

1. Last week I took part in a QUESTIONNAIRE, it was, SO TO SPEAK, a part of a MARKET RESEARCH.
2. An IMMACULATELY GROOMED woman with ROUND FACE and UPTURNED NOSE came up to me and asked some questions about my hair. She had a very STRIKING APPEARANCE: her AUBURN HAIR was SLEEK, she had a LOVELY COMPLEXION, her WAIST was SLENDER and her HIPS were not very BROAD.
3. After having made a kind of SURVEY, she explained to me that her company was going to LAUNCH a new shampoo, which had been already TESTED on COARSE and DISHEVELLED HAIR and turned out to be both really EFFECTIVE and SAFE. IN OTHER WORDS, she just tried to advertise and sell her product.

А.Я. [25,5]

EVU 26, 28 BEU 14

Once upon a time there was a king who decided to close all schools in his kingdom. Such a SITUATION caused a great panic and discontent within the country. Their RESPONSE was very negative. IN OTHER WORDS, people said to the king they didn't like him. THIS FACT made the king very sad, but as he was extremly pig-headed he didn't want to change his mind. NEXT he said girls couldn't attend school anymore, and this ISSUE AFFECTED people's mood greatly. BRIEFLY, the ORIGINAL CONCEPT of the new law was very simple. The king wanted all children in his kingdom to be happy, so, as I said EARLIER, he decided to close all schools, because nobody likes them. But MARKET RESEARCH showed he wasn't right. QUESTIONNARIES demonstrated that people wanted their children to go to school, even though children themselves didn't want to. The DILEMMA was difficult, but the king found a SOLUTION: he invented school holidays. People's POSITION changed, and finally everyone lived happily ever after.

А.К. [7]

1. My uncle Dima is a SELF-EMPLOYED person, he started off as a leader of a MEDIUM ENTERPRISE and in the blink of an eye it became a MULTINATIONAL FIRM. He doesn’t like to talk about BUSINESS, but the other day he told us that his COMPANY has something to do with E-COMMERCE. He also said that he enjoys taking part in making COMMERCIAL TELEVISION.
2. Me and my friends My friends and myself decided to escape THE CITY SKYLINE, HIGH-RISE FLATS, the sight of INNER CITY AREAS, OVERPRICED SHOPS and RESTAURANTS. So we bought tickets to a small town in Paris France, streets in there are NARROW and COBBLED and it has plenty of QUAINT OLD BUILDINGS. We were surprised how RESTAURANTS in there differ from the ones in our CITY. SHOPS and RESTAURANTS in there offer GOOD VALUE and RELAXED ATMOSPHERE.
3. Me and my family My family and I on summer vacation went to see my grandmother who lives in some UNSPOILT CONTRYSIDE . Every day I was mesmerized with how different it was with the FAMILIAR LANDSCAPE which I was used to wake up to. I was staying in a small room with a really big window on the main wall, if you looked to the left out of that window you could see the BLEAK LANDSCAPE with ROCKY MOUNTAINS, which were TOWERING over FAST-FLOWING RIVER, and if you looked to the right you could see a DENSE and evergreen FOREST.
4. I ADMIT that sometimes I’m not really a GOOD COMPANY, and maybe I do have a SELFISH STREAK in me, and yeah, sometimes I LOOSE MY TEMPER. IN ADDITION I’m not good at KEEPING SECRETS, and ON TOP OF THAT I HURT OTHERS' FEELINGS by being BRUTALLY HONEST all the time AND SO ON. But ON THE OTHER HAND I have GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR, I’m FIERCELY LOYAL to my friends, AS WELL AS being PAINFULLY SHY. I also tend to PUT OTHERS FIRST.
5. Hi, Sandra, my dearest pen friend! You always asked me to tell you about my family. So, in this letter I would like to tell you about my family members. I would like to start with my granddad, his name is Leon, he is in his eighties, he has a ROUND FACE, a STRAIGHT NOSE, he said that he used to have DARK HAIR, but recently he went grey. He used to work as a CAR DESIGNER, but now he stays at home, his is now retired. Moving on to my granny, her name is Sonya, she has CHUBBY CHEEKS and an UPTURNED NOSE. Her favorite thing to do is knitting, I have at least 5 sweaters from her which I wear only on Christmas. My father and brother are WELL-BUILT with BROAD SHOULDERS. My father has a DROOPY MOUSTACHE, a STRAIGHT NOSE. My brother also has a STRAIGHT NOSE which he most likely took after my father. My mother is one of those women who are always IMMACULATELY GROOMED, she doesn’t have a SLIM FIGURE, but it somehow suits her. She has SHOULDER-LENGTH JET-BLACK HAIR. She is a nanny, everyday she deals with a lot of TINY TOTS. So, that’s how my family looks like. Till next time. Love,Juli.

J.K. [63]

ECU 15, EVU 23, 24

1.Last summer my parents and I had a discussion about a place to go for holidays; they wanted to go to the SNOW-COVERED MOUNTAINS, but I preferred a PANORAMIC VIEW of BEACH STRETCHES covered with GOLDEN SAND.
3. ALTHOUGH at first I was not pleased with my surrounding at all OWING TO UNFAMILIAR LANDSCAPE, STEEP SLOPES and DENSE FORESTS, later, when we FOLLOWED A PATH upstream of a FAST-FLOWING RIVER, I just fell in love with this DRAMATIC SETTING COMING INTO VIEW. It was really WELL WORTH SEEING!

А.Я. [16]

EVU units 21,22; Collocations unit 14

WHILE waiting for his wife in the hall, Jim read some TRAVEL BROCHURES with details of CAMPING TRIPS. He really wanted to enjoy the untouched nature, to breath some fresh air. "No TIRING JOURNEYS", - thought Jim, but his wife had a different opinion. She chose a TRAVEL AGENT and decided to spend the whole week in Paris.

20 minutes later she appeared at the door.

- We discussed the trip with that nice guy and he recommended a LUXURY HOTEL in the center of Paris and I MADE A RESERVATION because this hotel is usually FULLY BOOKED DURING the autumn. I think we don't look for RUN-DOWN HOTELS and BUDGET ACCOMODATION, do we, darling? Just imagine! We are together getting a CHARTER FLIGHT, the pilot is anticipating a SMOOTH FLIGHT to Paris...
- Wait, wait! - Jim interrupted her, - UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES! It's now my say! Maybe you will let me to choose for myself?
- Of course! You can choose a WINDOW SEAT or an AISLE SEAT, darling!

П.П. [21,2]

1. My friend and I wanted to spend our summer holidays together and she suggested to take a DAY TRIP to the wild forest of Tver region, in other words, it would be something like CAMPING TRIP or may be an OVERNIGHT JOURNEY.
2.But I wanted our holydays to be ideal and the most unforgetable days, so I said that I would make all our TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS, and JUST AS I said that, I realized what I would have to do, these were: to contact to TRAVEL AGENT, to look through TRAVEL BROCHURES, AFTERWARDS, to book plane tickets, choose ACCOMODATION and MAKE A RESERVATION, which was extremely important, as I knew on the basis of my PREVIOUS experience.
3.What is more, that year we could afford to stay not only in a cheap FAMILY-RUN HOTEL or a RUN-DOWN HOTEL or another kind of BUDGET ACCOMODATION, but in a SMART HOTEL, which got usually FULLY BOOKED during the summer. So, I had a lot of to do PRIOR TO having a rest.

А.Я. [8,5]

Н.Т. [30]

Ю.K. [11,2]

Group 253: EVU Upper-Intermediate/ Business VU Intermediate / ECU Intermediate

FALL 2014

EVU Unit 14-15

The other day I read a story written by an infamous DROPOUT about one TSAR and a BALLERINA. They were eating SPAGHETTI and MARAMALADE and WALTZING all night long, and everyone around them were extremly happy and were throwing CONFETTI. But it was a complete FIASCO beacause one MACHO didn't like being covered in confetti. His displeasure caused a VENDETTA, and because of that the SIESTA was cancelled that day. All BANDITS decided to go to one GHETTO which was famous for its BISTRO. They ate DELICATESSEN there and speculate about EMBARGOS. After that meeting everyone started to call them members of JUNTA, which pleased them very much. The macho forgave the tsar and invited him to vesit one SAUNA in remote TUNDRA. The story was met with great excitement and got huge FEEDBACK from its readers.

Unit 16 EVU

Once I turned on BBC and watched PM's ADVERT about the importance of BIKES. He said every bike rider should have an ID, or IRA, CIA, MI5 and KGB will arrest him. And these developments shold be made ASAP. That's why I stopped to watch TV.

Unit 17 EVU

Some people believe that CYBERSPACE can be extremly dangerous. I guess I can agree with this statement: all these JUNK E-MAILS and E-COMMERCE can drive you crazy. When you are simply SURFING THE NET, you don't want to spend your time on such things. Seeing so much unnecessary things can lead to INFORMATION FATIGUE SYNDROME. This is really bad because it can cause depression and EATING DISORDER which can make a MOUSE POTATO out of you. In order to distract yourself from the Internet you can listen to AUDIO BOOKS or go out and do some SNOWBOARDING in winter and IN-LINE SKATING in summer. And if you continue to do that regulary you will bacome a DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS even if you're having a BAD HAIR DAY.

Unit 18-19 EVU

Sometimes I just WANDER about my neighbourhood thinking about GRUMPY cat and SPRINKLE WATER. That helps me to PUT up with everyday life without WALKING into the TOMB early. No DOUBT it's a right thing to do in the evening, that is simple PSYCHOLOGY. I think I could write a book about it, but only using my PSEUDONYM, although I was never good at SCIENCE. Such thoughts make my FRIEND giggle, when I GO on and on about my not so INTERESTING non-existent book.

Unit 20 EVU

The imminent death of the king was flying in the AIR, and everyone was trying to please the HEIR. But the mother queen knew it was a WASTE of time, as the heir just GROANED and BROKE into tears when someone tried to talk to him.

А.К. [93,52]


I always had an INTENTION to become a WRITER. It was a HOPELESS dream since my CHILDHOOD. And the biggest IMPEDIMENT to fulfil my dream is my LAZINESS. So, I’ll never be SEDULOUS enough to write anything READABLE.


Unfortunately, I really like to have arguments with people I love. I prefer to DISAGREE with them rather than to accept the fact that I MISUNDERSTOOD them. I start to give PSEUDO-SCIENTIFIC proofs of my point of view and always look like an UNINTELLIGENT person. My friends and family usually advice me to REREAD some books on this subject and RECONSIDER my point of view.

М.С. [33,48]

Lately I have been having a bad luck, I’ve been FIRED from my previous job and I had an empty BANK ACCOUNT, I didn’t know what to do, until my PEN friend OFFERED me to try myself as a BABY-SITTER so I would have, at least, some POCKET MONEY. The only thing that I had to do was to take the kid to the BUS STOP, to set his ALARM CLOCK every night and not to allow him to eat any kind of JUNK FOOD. Easy, isn’t it, that what I thought myself too, but no, it turned out to be a complete mess, the kid got himself into a lot of trouble such as: FOOD POISONING, broken SUNGLASSES, scratched himself with KITCHEN SCISSORS and a high FEVER.

1) My dad used to RUN a huge company, there were 500 PEOPLE who were WORKING UNDER him. One of his many RESPONSIBILITIES was to DEAL WITH budget and distributing money among workers. I had very little time to spend with him, he had a FULL-TIME JOB, he was LEAVING FOR WORK at 7.30 a.m and getting back home at 10 p.m , but nevertheless I was very grateful for dad’s WORK.
2) My brother is an OFFICE WORKER in a law firm and he’s head over heels in love with his job, but the only pet peeve to him is to CLOCK IN and CLOCK OUT every day. My brother is also a student so he can work only on the NIGHT SHIFT. Dima says that his boss is very DEMANDING, TOUGH, CONTROLLING, and that sometimes he gets tired doing the same ROUTINE every day, but what makes up for it is his TEAM.
3) A few days ago I decided to APPLY FOR a job. I looked through the SITUATIONS VACANT pages on a website and I made an APPLICATION where I send in my CV. The SELECTION PROCESS was very long and I started to become anxious, but then I got a phone call in which they invited me for INTERVIEW and to write PSYCHOMETRIC TEST. Finally, they OFFERED me the job and I gladly ACCETPED it, soon they HIRED me saying that I was «THE RIGHT PERSON».
4) The main problem which GRADUATES face with is that they have no WORK EXPERIENCE. And no matter where they have GRADUATED FROM or how ORGANIZED, SELF-MOTIVATED, METHODICAL, SYSTEMATIC and SKILLED they are, the only thing that matters is their EXPERIENCE. Yeah, surely, there are some TRAININGS, but not everybody can afford them.

J.K. [46,8]

When I was 25 years old I was hired by a large company which produced automobiles. Before that I had applied for the job as a MARKETING DIRECTOR in the local newspaper and then I was given the post. So I became THE HEAD OF MARKETING. I worked with CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER John. He HEADED UP the FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT. Also I coordinated with MARKETING DIRECTOR, HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTOR, IT DIRECTOR, RESEARCH DIRECTOR. The BOSS of the research department is Oleg. I got on well with him. SALES MANAGER, CUSTOMER SERVICES MANAGER and LINE MANAGER worked under me. ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT MANAGER Mickle worked under John. The EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of our company was Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith was the CHAIRMAN. He ran our company. Every two months we conducted a BOARD. We met in the BOARDROOM.

Н.Т. [68,3]


THE BOARD is typically made up of NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS and CHIEF EXECUTIVES who are senior to TOP EXECUTIVES (CFO, MARKETING director, HUMAN RESOURCES director, IT director, RESEARCH director). They HEAD UP MIDDLE MANAGERS: ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT manager, SALES manager and CUSTOMER SERVICE manager. The lower LAYER are LINE managers.


ONOMATOPOEIC WORDS shall not be difficult to remember as they are easy to associate. For example, GROAN, GRUMBLE, GRUMPY, GRUNT and GROWL suggest some unpleasant and miserable sound production. CLANG, CLANK, CLASH, CLICK suggest that something metallic produces noises. SPLASH, SPIT, SPLUTTER, SPRAY, SPRINKLE, SPURT have associations with water or other liquids or powders. WHISTLE, WHIRR, WHIZZ, WHEEZE, WHIP suggest the movement of air. SMASH, DASH, CRASH, BASH, MASH, GASH mean something fast and violent, while TRICKLE, TINKLE, CRACKLE, GIGGLE, WRIGGLE, SIZZLE, DRIZZLE is something light and repeated. Onomatopoeic words often relate to the sounds made by animals, such as CLIP-CLOP when the hoarse goes, NEIGH when it "speaks", MOO for the cow and CROACK for the frog.

Д.К. [108,8]

BVU, unit 9; EVU, unit 19

Peter is a really GRUMPY MARKETING DIRECTOR. He never meets in the BOARDROOM with the others (he just ignores the FINANCE DIRECTOR, the IT DIRECTOR, the RESEARCH DIRECTOR). Also Peter is a very clumsy person. Last week he SMASHED 3 bowls, BASHED in the lid of a box with fragile china cups, somebody heard the TINKLE of falling glass - probably Peter broke it. Also he always makes strange noises: WHISTLING, WHEEZING, GIGGLING. So, nobody in the company likes Peter, even the SALES MANAGER.

П.П. [76,4]

ECU Unit 10 and BVU Unit 8

1. It was late, they wanted already to CLOSE their MEETING dedicated to things contributing to BAD WORKING ENVIRONMENT, such as lack of HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING, HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES, FIRE HAZARDS and DANGEROUS MACHINERY, but one of the workers BEGAN a DISCUSSION about some greater PROBLEMS to solve: SEXUAL HARASSMENT, SEX DISCRIMINATION and RACISM, which also took place in this company. 2. Jane couldn't bare it any longer, she wanted so much to say: "SHUT YOUR MOUTH!", - but she couldn't; she just stood up and left this OLD BUILDING, where her office was, it was a LONELY PLACE on the outskirts. 3. Jane STARTED her CAR and went home. On her way she saw an accident that had just happend; the SOLE SUVIVOR was a young man lying beside a DAMAGED CAR, he was INJURED and needed help. Jane was going to call somebody, but her PHONE wanted CHARGING, so she took him to the hospital herself.

А.Я. [123,3]

BVU, unit 8; ECU, unit 10

Kate was a victim of SEX DISCRIMINATION in the organization where she had worked before. She always complained to her friends about the GLASS CEILING. Once Kate decided to stop it forever. It was a BIG DECISION for her to sell all the ANTIQUE FURNITURE (even her DAMAGED SOFA), to START HER CAR and to go TRAVELLING ALONE around the world, trying to learn something about ANCIENT HISTORY and ANCIENT TIMES. Sometimes Kate felt herself DESPERATELY LONELY, but licking the wounds during the world trip was better than suffering from managers-BULLIES and BAD WORKING ENVIRONMENT: all the time PASSIVE SMOKING and DANGEROUS MACHINERY.

П.П. [36,2]


I'm SORRY I made you WORRY what has happened to this LORRY, but without any DOUBT it was very INTERESTING story. To be HONEST I think you SHOULD promise that you'll WHISTLE if you notice any of WORKERS. I SUSPECT some of them systematically hijack the lorries.

Ю.Г. [49,3]


Once SURFING THE NET in the CYBERCAFE I get acquainted with the VIDEO JOCKEY called Anna, who soon became my KEYPAL. I’ve never been a MOUSE POTATO, but now I spend a lot of time on-line, because we can only communicate in theCYBERSPACE. Anna always supports me, and even if I have a BAD HAIR DAY, she manages to make me feel DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS.

Ю.Г. [17,6]

My KEYPAL HAD A DREAM to TAKE A HOLIDAY in my city, so when he managed to HAVE A BREAK at his work, he decided to TAKE A CHANCE and TOOK A TRAIN to Tver. When he arrived it was a BAD HAIR DAY for me, but he PAID ME A COMPLIMENT, having said that I was DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS. We wanted to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF being with each other and started to decide where we could go to HAVE A GOOD TIME; we HAD AN ARGUMENT about it, because he wanted to go SNOWBOARDING to TAKE A RISK, but I had never done it and I didn’t want even to HAVE A TRY of it. In the end we went to the nearest CYBERCAFE to SURF THE NET and at the same time to have a snack, but the WAITPERSON was rather LADDISH and we went away. So we just went for a walk, TOOK a lot of PHOTOS, talked to each other, so we TOOK A LIKING TO our meeting.

А.Я. [59,8]

ECU units 9

My sister suffers from an EATING DISORDER very severely. It all started when she was SURFING THE NET and discovered some site which proposed to her to try a new diet, it said that it would make her look better and she would become DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS. So when it went way too far my mom took her to see DR. Sanford and the doctor said that my sister needs to gain some CONFIDENCE also she said that it is all part of my sister’s childhood trauma, and that my sister was BULLIED for being an overweight at school and it all reflected on her.

J.K. [3]

ECU units 9

Peter HAD A DREAM that night after which he HAD A FEELING that his friend would HAVE big PROBLEMS, but Peter didn't PAY any ATTENTION and didn't TAKE any INTEREST in it. Next day Peter's friend TOOK A HOLIDAY to TAKE A TRIP to the village to HAVE FUN. He wanted TO TAKE A TRAIN, but suddenly decided to go by car... He HAD an ACCIDENT that day and Peter didn't even PAY HIS LAST RESPECT to his friend at the funeral, because he was at thousand miles away from him.

П.П. [29,2]

1. My sister wanted to TAKE a CRUISE last year, but then she MADE SOME CHANGES and WENT ON a TOUR in Greece, and she didn't regret having MADE such DECISION, cause during this trip she MADE new FRIENDS, who DID HER A GOOD TURN EVERY DAY.
2. She lived in a fashionable hotel with a SAUNA, an ALL-NIGHT CASINO, a swimming pool, YACHTS and KAYAKS, a TATOO-salon and others facilities; her apartment was also not bad: there was a big bed with a soft MATTRESS and a DUVET, a cozy FUTON, a table with a CARAFE of wine, there was even a PIANO and MAMMOTH tusks hanging on the wall.
3. Also the meal was for every taste from different CUISINES, you could taste there DELICATESSEN, GATEAU, SPAGHETTI, FRANKFURTERS, SAUTE, AUBERGINE, SHERBET, MARMALADE, YOGHURTS and a great number of others dishes.

А.Я. [49,3]

ECU unit 7

Little Betsy ia always sad. While she is trying to DO HER BEST, she often MAKES MISTAKES in her tests. Every pretty day she promises to herself that she will MAKE AN EFFORT, but instead of it she MAKES AN EXCUSE and keeps doing nothing. Sometimes she DOES EXERCISES practising her English and she really MAKES PROGRESS but it's not for long, because laziness is more powerful than little Betsy. She is good at MAKING FRIENDS, but she can't MAKE A CONTRIBUTION TO the common studying and she is always afraid that her friends will leave her, like she did with lazy cheaters in her school years. Let's pray for little Betsy, maybe God will help her and she will MAKE AN IMPROVEMENT in DOING HER HOMEWORK.

Е.З. [44,5]


Some weeks ago the company changed the SITE of our HEAD OFFICE and now all the PERSONNEL carries out the work in an OPEN-PLAN OFFICE. We found the changes more convenient and pleasant from the OUTSET, but then DRAWBACKS appeared. The recent SHAKE-UP in our MANAGEMENT that had been caused by the BREAK-UP of the SUPPORT STAFF led to a WALK-OUT of the WORKFORCE.

Ю.Г. [14,1]

ECU units 6, 7

Kate was HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL at MAKING FRIENDS, DOING HER HAIR, DOING THE SHOPPING and MAKING SOME PHONE CALLS to her friends, but she never MADE PROGRESS with all her schoolwork and it DID HARM to her Mom, who was DEEPLY UNHAPPY and BITTERLY DISAPPOINTED that her daughter even didn't want to MAKE AN EFFORT to DO HER BEST. Nobody knew, that Kate was DEEPLY CONCERNED about such a situation. She REGRETTED DEEPLY and MADE A DECISION to MAKE SOME CHANGES in her life.

П.П. [23,7]

EVU Unit 13

I prefer fantasy books over SCIENCE FICTION, though I don't like when the protagonist is some kind of a magic creature. I like to read about HUMAN BEINGS. Also I find it interesting when the author tries to mix fairy tales and COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES. When I was a kid I used to spend all my POCKET MONEY on such books and treated them as if they were some kind of LUXURY GOODS. After I bought them I started to read immediatly on the BUS STOP near our local bookshop. To my dissapointment my sisters didn't like those books, maybe this is what they call GENERATION GAP. But I am not their BABY-SITTER, they are free to read whatever they want.

А.К. [18,9]

EVU Unit 12

I was interested in the description of Anna’s character. Susan explained to me she was HARD-HEADED, EASY-GOING, TWO-FACED, SELF-CENTRED, a little SINGLE-MINDED, LONG-SIGHTED, ABSENT-MINDED and HARD-HEARTED. Then she added some details of Anna’s appearance: she was RED-HAIRED, BLUE-EYED, ROSY-CHEEKED, LONG-LEGGED, SUN-TANNED and WELL-DRESSED 15-year-old girl. Then I decided that Susan is not HIGH-MINDED, FEEBLE-HEARTED and QUICK-WITTED, because she speaks of her friend in such bad way.
I was DESPERATELY WORRIED that very day. I had MADE A DECISION to ENROLL ON A COURSE of visage. I GAVE my sister A RING to ask her opinion on this matter. We HAD A CHAT and then she supported me in my decision. She knew I had STUDIED at College FOR A DEGREE. It had been done. Why couldn’t I study for skills I really wished? It was A WISE CHOICE. I TOOK AN EXAM and then DID THE COURSE completely. I SET UP my own BUSINEESS nowadays, which, I hope, will MEET THE REQUIREMENTS of modern society.

Н.Т. [24,4]

EVU Unit 13, ECU Unit 5 and 6

I had to question myself why I am always so nervous in the morning. My ALARM CLOCK shrills at seven o'clock, which is RIDICULOUSLY EARLY, and I almost have a HEART ATTACK every morning thinking I overslept. Then I eat my breakfast, check if I have my notebooks and CREDIT CARD and other important things like a TEA-BAG for drinking tea during breaks with myself and run to the BUS STOP. I think I BADLY NEED to change something in my morning routine as the fact I am stressed out in the morning already gets deeply frustrating.

А.К. [11,5]

2. If you have a lack of SKILLS which come through EXPERIENCE, you can attend special IN-HOUSE COURSES or receive MANAGMENT TRAINING to DEVELOP some of these SKILLS.
3. But not all the companies pay attention only to your QUALIFICATION, for some companies the APPEARANCE of an employee is extremely important and plays a crucial role: so, it's easier for you to get job if you are WELL-DRESSED, LONG-HAIRED, LONG-LEGGED pretty young woman, wearing BRAND-NEW, TIGHT-FITTING dress and HIGH-HEELED shoes.

А.Я. [36,3]


The WORLD-FAMOUS designer Anna Brack after LONG-STANDING relationship with James Oliver had decided to try herself in her own business and released the collection of HAND-MADE clothes. As all my dresses were too WORN-OUT, I was ought to buy any one from this collection to show off at the party of my colleague, my SO-CALLED friend. Being HARD-UP, I had took a PART-TIME job and after three weeks bought the CUT-PRICE dress.

Ю.Г. [6]


1. HARD-WORKING people usually suffer from other people's ENVY of their ACHIEVEMENTS. Those people may demonstrate AGRESSIVENESS and UNFRIENDLINESS. Sometimes, though, they create an ILLUSION of RECOGNITION and TENDERNESS while leading aside their COLLEAGUES to make them embrace CARELESSNESS and BOREDOM or feel DISCOURAGEMENT. HARD-WORKING PEOPLE need to keep up their PRODUCTIVITY and aim for IMPROVEMENT. It is a common BELIEF that WORK ADDICTS possess PRO SPECIAL and WELL-BEING. To my mind, they look forward to their RETIREMENT when they are free from the COMBINATION of ABSURDITY and TENSION and can experience HAPPINESS without any DISTURBANCE.


2. I don't fancy rather FAR-FETCHED descriptions so I'll do my best to tell you about my EASY-GOING, GOOD-TEMPERED, ABSENT-MINDED, WARM HEARTED and QUICK-WITTED friend Claudia FIRST-HAND. She is CURLY-HAIRED (and I'm STRAIGHT-HAIRED), RED-HAIRED (and I'm DARK-HAIRED), BLUE-EYED (and I'm DARK-EYED), LEFT-HANDED (and I'm RIGHT-HANDED), THIN-LIPPED, ROSY-CHEECKED and SUN-TANNED (me too!), and she is also the FIRST-BORN. But her brother is a total moron. He is BIG-HEADED, SELF-CENTRED and STUCK-UP. He's BIG-SHOULDERED, FAT-HIPPED, SHORT-LEGGED, FLAT-FOOTED and always wears shabby SHOCKING-PINK trousers instead of fashionable BRAND-NEW TIGHT-FITTING jeans which Claudia has bought for him.

Д.К. [29,4]

Paul was CURLY-HAIRED and BROAD-SCHOULDERED 18-year old boy and the word "CARELESSNESS" characterized him perfectly. He was extremely EASY-GOING and after LAST-MINUTE REVISION he failed his exam. THIN-LIPPED professor told him that his place was in the army. Then he passed a ALL-OUT medical examination and the doctor told him that he was FLAT-FOOTED. Thus, Paul was free from the army, but this situation was so impressing that he decided to make IMPROVEMENTS in his life. He became hard-working, WARM-HEARTED and QUICK-WITTED and the professor RECOGNIZED that Paul is the most progressive student he had ever seen.

Е.З. [10,5]

1. Last month my friend sought EMPLOYMENT by looking in the SITUATIONS VACANT web-pages of different sites; at last, he found suitable JOB, OFFERED by one of the RECRUITMENT AGENCIES, and APPLIED FOR it by having completed an APPLICATION FORM and sending the COVERING LETTER and the RESUME, where he indicated his QUALIFICATION, PERSONALITY and EXPERIENCE of his previous jobs - in other words - CURRICULUM VITAE (CV).
2. Althoug there were a lot of CANDIDATES, who had got REFERENCES, unlike him, but he coped with the INTERVIEW and the PSYCHOMETRIC TEST brilliantly and was SHORTLISTED with two other RECRUITS. 3. It was really unexpected for me, when after this painfully long SELECTION PROCESS, he was OFFERED THE JOB, but he didn't ACCEPT it, he just TURNED it DOWN without any reason.

А.Я. [16,5]

EVU units 11, 12

Finally, that was the end of MARTYRDOM and ABSURDITY, because after the RETIREMENT of that SELF-CENTRED, TWO-FACED and STUCK-UP governor the SITUATION in the KINGDOM greatly IMPROVED. The ADJUSTMENT of all conflicts, the REDUCTION of prices, the PROSPERITY in every sphere - such were the ACHIEVEMENTS, made by the new GOOD-TEMPERED, WARM-HEARTED, QUICK-WITTED king, who had a big COLLECTION of ORIGINAL IDEAS how to build a new kingdom. "FREEDOM, EQUALITY and BROTHERHOOD" - such was the new motto of that kingdom.

П.П. [13]

EVU units 11 and 12

To relief my BOREDOM in the subway I always look at the people around me trying to guess who they are and what their THOUGHTS are about. There are always a lot of different people: some CURLY-HAIRED and BLUE-EYED girls and THIN-LIPPED and LONG-LEGGED boys listening to their iPODs and showing their CARELESSNESS, also some ROSY-CHEEKED BRAND-NEW babies can be found there travelling with their mothers. Also sometimes I think about how all of those who are reading their e-ink books are really QUICK-WITTED and wonder if they are BIG-HEADED because of it.

А.К. [8]


Н.Т. [7,5]


My friend DISAPPROVEs of using MICROWAVE ovens, because she considers that all useful substances DISAPPEAR under hot temperature. I DISAGREE with her, it is really INCONVENIENT to use the usual stove, you can simply UNDERCOOK the food. So tomorrow I'm going in the store that sells MULTI-PURPOSE microwaves.

Ю.Г. [2]

BV units 1-2 and EUI unit 9

My mum is an ACCOUNTANT. Although the WORK is SATISFYING, it's far from being STIMULATING. It INVOLVES HUMAN CONTACT and TEAMWORK, but is nonetheless BORING and REPETITIVE. It can be quite TIRING as well, as she often has to WORK LONG HOURS. She CLOCKS IN every morning and CLOCKS OUT every evening because she WORKS FOR A PLANT where it is necessary to keep track of everything. I wish she had FLEXITIME but, in fact, I have a feeling as if she WORKS IN SHIFTS because often she returns home really late and exhausted. It may also seem that she DOES TELEWORKING because she takes parts of her work to be done at home. Of course it's nothing like TELECOMMUTING as she doesn't GET PAID for it and though she has to, this EXTRA WORK is considered as her free will. I wish she could spend more time with me.
Bessy used to think her husband was IRREPLACEABLE. The things changed after she'd UNVEILED he'd been DISLOYAL. At first she DISBELIEVED it and begged him to DISPROVE her suspicions. He nevertheless confessed his ANTISOCIAL behaviour and asked for her forgiveness but she claimed it was too painful for her to bear and their divorce would be IRREVERSIBLE.

Д.К. [13]

EVU units 9, 11; ECU unit 2

One EX-SMOKER had a big MISUNDERSTANDING with his EX-WIFE and once he decided to impress her and to change their RELATIONSHIP for the better. He took his BICYCLE and MADE HIS WAY to a shop to bye some products. At home he UNFOLDED all the products and removed them from the boxes to put into the MICROWAVE because he had OVERSLEPT that day and he was OVERTIRED, that's why he was afraid to UNDERCOOK his dish in the cooker. In the evening his ex-wife was IMPRESSED by his surprise and they decided to get married again.

П.П. [5,5]

Units 8-9

Recently I found in a bookstore a book written by a famous WRITER William Makepeace Thackeray called 'The Rose and The Ring', which is more than READABLE. Frankly speaking, it was one of my most favorite CHILDHOOD books, I even dare to say we've stricken up quite a FRIENDSHIP. It is impossible to DISLIKE books written by Thackeray, as he really knows how to BEAUTIFY the English language.

А.К. [3]

Mr. Smith was UP TO HIS EYES IN WORK. He was able to develop a plan for the company's investment of money, which was valued by foreign investors. For this his SUPERIORS awarded him a PROMOTION.

Н.Т. [1,5]

Last year my sister was UNEMPLOYED, but now she has a FULL-TIME PERMANENT JOB and WORKS FOR A BANK Tinkoff. She is an IRREPLACEABLE worker and one of her MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES is to consult people about different questions, CONNECTED WITH deposits at the bank. It's very difficult WORK, cause the clients are often DISLOYAL, INDISCREET, INTOLERANT and DISAGREEING with the workers of the bank, although they understand nothing in this scope of activity.

А.Я. [5]

М.С. [4,6]

Ю.K. [20,6]

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