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  • Bold Type: active vocabulary words and collocations students have used
  • Underline: elements that have been corrected by the tutor
  • Italics: where appropriate, elements which explain the corrected mistakes
  • [numbers in brackets]: grades students have accumulated by the time of this post (include grades for word tests)

Group 553 (ВЫПУСК 2013 года)
EVU Advanced

Units 93, 94:

Being lost in thought, the man remained motionless and after few minutes he dozed off. He was awakened by someone's voice. He looked up and saw his old friend Richard.
    ‘Richard! Haven't seen you for ages!’
    ‘Matthew! What a surprise!’
The men shook hands and Richard sat at the table.
‘It's pelting down there, so I decided to come in here and eat something. Great that I've met you here.’
A conversation started and soon Matthew knew that his friend was planning to stand down from office.
    ‘So, when are you going to resign?’
    ‘Well, I'm fed up with my job but I'll try to stick it out until the end of this year.’
    'Yes, it's a good decision. Listen, pal. I know that you're a good man and that you've always been standing up for your principles. In addition, as I know, we share the same political views.’
    ‘So what?’
The man called Matthew lowered his voice.
‘You know, I've been in politics for quite a while. Haven't you ever thought of becoming a politician?’
Richard said that he has. To be continued.

The newly elected government promises to sort out all the nation’s social problems. Their first concern is dumbing down of education. They strongly believe that there should be no excuses for failure and they are ready to stand up for their principles.

Units 87, 93:

Take a dash of Italian charm and laid back Mediterranean hospitality, add a pinch of world history, a smattering of Arabic spice and a dollop of British design, and bake at 30 degrees in a bath of clear warm water. You've just cooked up the perfect holiday destination in the form of island nation Malta. Malta holidays will begin the minute your plane takes off to Malta International Airport.

He was successful. Yes. Undoubtedly he was successful. A stout man put down the newspaper he was reading, took off his glasses and looked around. There was only a smattering of people sitting at the tables. He was among those who could afford having lunch in such a restaurant. His annual income was somewhere in the region of $ and he felt more or less satisfied with it. Oodles of money! A broad grin appeared on the man’s face. He’s been working hard enough all these years. Now it’s time for him to stand down as president of the company. He’s too tired. But what will he do next? The man frowned. Perhaps he could stand for governor election next year. Yes, it is a good idea....
To be continued.

Unit 86:

It may not be fair, it may not be right, but people, especially children, with articulation disorders are often bullied by others as soon as they open their mouths. Bullies will focus on any perceived "weakness" or vulnerability or difference - be it a stammer, lisp, stutter, speech impediment, speech defect, accent or dialect - and use it as a specious justification for aggression. Although it may not seem like it, you may be able to get rid of or improve your speech impediment with a few speech-training practices such as reading aloud, raising your voice when speaking publicly or trying speech therapy. Despite going through strenuous therapy sessions, many people still remain tongue-tied.

Olga and her friend were going home from college, gossiping as usual. They had just stopped slagging off their classmates, when a man stopped them and spoke to them. He had a stammer but nevertheless they understood that he asked them the way to the Red Square. The girls decided to wind him up and they pointed in the opposite direction. But it didn’t work. The man looked at his map, scratched his head, muttered something and finally went in the right direction.

Units 84-85:

The thing is that students concentrate too hard on their grammar and forget all about their writing style. One of the most common mistakes when submitting a written assignment is formatting. Below are guidelines for the formatting of essays. Your essay should be word processed in 12-point Times New Roman fonts. The first line of each paragraph should be indented. Don’t forget that the names of the books you mention in the typescript should be italicised.

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